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Worlds first All in ONE(BEST) Bose Product Reviews

  • Worlds first All in ONE(BEST) Bose Product Reviews
  • Worlds first All in ONE(BEST) Bose Product Reviews
  • Worlds first All in ONE(BEST) Bose Product Reviews
  • Worlds first All in ONE(BEST) Bose Product Reviews
  • Worlds first All in ONE(BEST) Bose Product Reviews
  • Worlds first All in ONE(BEST) Bose Product Reviews
  • Worlds first All in ONE(BEST) Bose Product Reviews
  • Worlds first All in ONE(BEST) Bose Product Reviews
  • Worlds first All in ONE(BEST) Bose Product Reviews

The best, since inception!

It all began in the year 1964, where one of the most renowned audio system companies was established by an MIT student graduate. The man behind the launch of the reputed brand ‘Bose’ was Dr. Amar G. Bose. He was born in the year 1929 to an Indian political refugee. His mother was a Philadelphia school teacher. When Dr.Bose’s father’s import business was undergoing a loss due to World War II, Amar_Bose_india_timesit was Dr.Bose who came up with the idea of starting a radio repair centre.

Eventually, Bose began to work as a repairman in his father’s shop. The key reason behind the creation of Bose Corporation was his dissatisfaction towards a pair of speakers that he had bought for his home stereo system in 1965. Since Dr.Bose had acquired a doctoral degree in electrical engineering, he used his own expertise to engineer a speaker that would change the way sound was experienced. The company began with the assistance of Dr.Bose’s professor from MIT professor who lent him $10,000.

It was in the year 1968 that the company introduced its first 901 direct/reflecting loudspeaker. The company’s initial customers were secured via contracts with the NASA and military.


Why has Bose been an exceptional brand over the decades?

bose Logo

Popularly known for developing, manufacturing and marketing of an array of audio devices for both commercial and residential use, Bose acquired a manufacturing ranking of 220th on Fortune’s Private 500 list. Bose is not just for manufacturing high-end audio devices, but is also known for its positive automobile sound systems reviews, computer simulation software and noise cancelling technology for the aviation industry. Initially Bose began with its production of amplifiers for the US Defence Department, and then launched its flagship speaker, Bose 901 Direct/Reflecting speaker. The brand is highly popular for its industry inventions and superior quality of its products. It widely manufactures sound equipment that is popular among not just daily consumers, but also corporate clients. Talking about Bose’s automobile audio device manufacturing, it has been serving some of the renowned automobile brands such as DaimlerChrysler AG, Honda Motor Co., Ltd., General Motors Corporation, Nissan Motor Co., and others.

The company’s production facilities are maintained in not just the United States but also Mexico, Canada and Ireland.  Currently, Bose’s equipments are sold through various retailers with over 60 company-owned Bose outlets in the United States alone.

Bose has been one of the most popular and trusted brands among consumers when it comes to their headphones and audio speakers. Bose uses superior technology with splendid production standards that ultimately result in great value. However, apart from manufacturing impeccable sounds systems and headphones, Bose has also consistently employed an excellent marketing strategy.

bose 901 SOnce the brand had a steadfast hold in the market with its speakers, it launched its sets of Bose 501s and 301s that were appropriately suitable for different room sizes of a home. Furthermore, Bose launched its noise-cancelling headphones which were so successful that innumerable military and commercial flyers adopted those products for their personal use. Apart from its audio devices, Bose pioneered its unique software program that made its acoustic engineers to reproduce the sound that is heard from any point in a wide concert hall. This technology has in turn allowed the acoustic engineers to devise sound systems for varied number of places; from churches to mosques.

bose-551-spatial-controlMaking the brand even more popular was the fact that high-end automobile brands such as Porsche and Mercedes-Benz opted to install Bose sound systems in their plush vehicles, in the 1980s. Another reason for Bose to be a favourite brand of most of the high-end automobile brands was its price range. However, in order to make their automobile devices ideal, Bose replaced its old-styled automotive shock absorbers with ultrafast linear electric motors that can further balance the car’s suspension in conjunction with the computer chips.

Over the decades Bose has been one of the top favourites due to the following reasons;

  • The sound quality in all of the Bose products is impeccable, unlike most other brands.
  • The brand often comes up with innovative, attractive designs.
  • They are easy to use
  • Most of their designs are small and compact
  • They are priced economically in comparison
  • Their headphones are designed ergonomically to make it easier for the user to wear.

Bose’s range of products:

Bose primarily manufactures speakers and headphones that not are not only excellently designed, but also have superlative sound quality.

Bose’s speaker range includes;

Wireless speakers: Bose’s wireless speakers are designed for easy access and functioning. Not only can one stream music with just one touch, they can also connect the device to the Wi-Fi speakers both at home and office. Most Bose speaker review pages state that the wireless speakers include Bose Bluetooth speakers that are designed in a compact manner and are easy to carry anywhere. The wireless speakers are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The majority of the speakers are compact in design and are black.

Specifications of Bose’s wireless speakers:

  • All the devices will connect with ease to your smart phone, Bluetooth device or tablet.
  • The voice prompt feature in the wireless devices makes pairing easier to other devices.
  • The devices have rechargeable batteries
  • Most devices have more than 70W channel amplifiers that easily connect wirelessly to the home network
  • The devices have an option of adding more SoundTouch system that lets one to stream music through the home, or even different music tracks in various rooms.
  • Although their mini Bluetooth speakers are compact in size, they display big sound with deep bass.
  • The mini speakers have built-in speakerphone that lets one to easily take calls.
  • The voice prompt feature in the wireless Bluetooth speakers lets one to talk hands-free
  • The outdoor speakers deliver clear sound performance in large outdoor areas.
  • The outdoor speakers are sturdily designed to withstand extreme temperatures, from snow to rain.

 Home speakers: Bose’s home speakers are equipped with the latest sound technology that helps in discovering full potential of home cinema with loud sounds. The speaker’s sound bars and surround sound promise to make the difference to one’s entertainment. Bose’s home speakers come with certain specifications such as:

  • 5-speaker surround
  • soundbar/single speaker
  • music streaming feature and receiver feature.


The home speakers are both designed in a sturdy as well as sleek manner.

Specifications of the Home speakers:


  • All the home speakers use the Acoustimass technology that delivers spacious surround sound for a vast area.
  • The home cinema speakers are available in Redesigned Direct and Reflecting Series II editions. They are comparatively slimmer and can be easily mounted indoors.
  • Most home speakers have powerful low-note effects that are derived from the Acoustimass technology, and are equipped with two high-performance drivers.
  • The home speakers come with adjustable volume controls and low-frequency effects
  • The cables and connectors are prominently marked for easy setup. Most home speaker packages come with the Onkyo receivers.
  • The cinema speaker comes with an easy-to-use universal remote that can control not just the cable box, but also the TV and more.

The cinema speakers are available with multiple audio inputs that allow one to choose digital optical, analogue and coaxial options.

Stereo Speakers: Bose’s stereo speakers are fashioned in different ways, ranging from the bookshelf type to computer, floor standing, marine, outdoor and in-wall ceiling. Each stereo speaker is designed to bring out the best in the music. The elegantly designed stereo speakers are fashioned for both indoor and outdoor use.

Specifications of the stereo speakers:

  • All the stereo speakers are weather resistant
  • Most stereo speakers have ported enclosure for steady high-fidelity audio performance
  • The stereo speakers come with helical voice coils that help in producing more consistent sound field with enhanced sound clarity.
  • The Bose environmental testing simulates exposure to harsh weather conditions, thereby delivering long-lasting performance.
  • The stereo speakers’ compact design not just simplifies installation, but also fits the pre-cut speaker holes on a boat.
  • Most of the stereo speakers come with the Syncom computer technology that ensures highest levels of quality and reliability.

Docking speakers: Currently, there are two types of docking speakers available from Bose. One can easily connect their iPhone or iPod to Bose’s docking speakers. The docking speakers are available with the Apple Lightning technology. Their auxiliary feature allows one to play other audio devices. They also have a convenient volume control option.

 CD/Radio: Bose’s CD/Radio devices come with both Bluetooth and radio options. Elegantly designed, they provide rich sound, and are available in black, while and silver. Although they are compact in design, they offer high-performance sound. One can easily connect these devices to their smart phone, tablet or computer and play music wirelessly. These devices also come with an advanced tuner with radio text display and two different wake-up times with independent alarms.

Portable PA: Bose’s portable PA’s are aptly designed to cater to the desired number of audience. The portable PA’s can cater to an audience of up to 100 to 500. Each of these devices comes with an audio preset. Most portable PA devices are available in 4 unique shapes that allow one to easily choose the coverage pattern. The devices contain more than 5 drivers to deliver wide, consistent coverage. They can also be paired with the F1 subwoofer for an enhanced bass response. Having more than one input channel, the devices can be independently controlled in terms of volume.

Bose Bluetooth headphone/general headphone range includes;

Bose earphones: Available in an array of options, Bose’s noise cancelling Earbuds are designed to snugly fit in the user’s ears. Bose in-ear headphone and noise cancelling earphones use various technologies to give the best. The Bose noise cancelling earphones come with an aware mode that lets the user to control it in just a touch. They make use of the Active EQ and the TriPort technology for enhanced sound output and the StayHeart technology for safe and secure hearing of music for hours.

Bose over-ear headphones: Bose sound true headphones come with options of mic/remote for Apple, noise cancelling feature, wireless and mic/remote for Android. Unlike before, Bose’s over the ear headphones and Bose Bluetooth headsets are now available in sleek designs with the Triple Black edition. The Bose wireless headphones are lightweight and snugly fit around the ear. One can control the music and calls with the inline mic/remote for various devices.

Bose Aviation Headsets: Bose made it so perfect that it has the only active noise reduction headsets since 20 years ago with a quality focus comfort that the audio is rich and clear as crystal.

The aviation sets have 1% increased active noise reduction and 30% less clamping force. The aviation headphones exhibit clear audio with active equalisation.

Know all Bose Headphones
All Bose headphones are softly padded with memory-foam cushions for long-term comfort. Users have reviewed these headphones as being very portable, and seem to be in love with this product.
Some of the best Bose noise cancelling as well as general earphones and headphones equipped with Bose wireless Earbuds that are apt for listening to music, gaming or watching movies are:


One can choose a Bose product as per their needs and choose something based on plenty of reviews of both tech writers as well as users. If enhanced sound is what you’re looking for, Bose devices are the apt choice for you. And if you’re looking for compact outdoor speakers, choose from an array of Bose speakers from Best buy Bose headphones section.

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