Best Wireless Earbuds of 2018 – a Buyer’s Guide and Facts

Finding the perfect pair of earbuds can be quite a struggle, especially with so many options available on the market today. However, finding the perfect fit to go with your new pair of earphones is even more difficult since wires get easily tangled and it will be quite a struggle until you finally get to listen to your first track.

Not to mention non-fitted earbuds have the tendency of easily fall down from your ears, especially when you are hurrying up your pace, workout or perform other physical activities. Under these circumstances is there a pair of good earbuds that will do the work perfectly?

The answer is, of course,wireless earbuds. Say goodbye to tangled wires and enjoy the perfect sound quality with our top selections of the Best Wireless Bluetooth earbuds on the market:

Comparison Table

Comparison table of the Best Wireless Earbuds 2018

ProductMain HighlightsOur Expert’s Review ScorePrice and Review
 Beats Powerbeats 3 Amazon

1. Beats Powerbeats 3

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  • Super Brand
  • Well-Rounded Performance
  • Affordable
  • Highly Popular
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Jaybird X3 Sport Bluetooth headphones

2. Jaybird X3 Sport Bluetooth headphones

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  • Super Brand
  • Amazing Sound Performance
  • Affordable
  • Highly Popular
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BlueAnt Pump Price

3. BlueAnt Pump – wireless HD sportbuds

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  • Classic Brand
  • Good Sound Performance
  • Affordable

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Plantronics BackBeat Fit

4. Plantronics BackBeat fit Bluetooth headphones

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  • Super Brand
  • Well-Rounded Performance
  • Slightly Expensive
  • Popular

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OUR PICK FOR 2018's Best Wireless Earbuds

1. Beats Powerbeats 3

Beats Powerbeats 3Ever since the launching of the company, back in 2008, beats by Dre has been one of the most successful companies of listening accessories in the industry. With an exclusive design, top prices and perfect marketing through the most successful singers and music bands in America, the company has easily become everyone’s favorite.

Powerbeats 3 comes in five different colors to choose from and can be connected via Bluetooth with your smart device for full wireless freedom. The main benefit is the Fast Fuel system which allows you to charge the earbuds in just 5 minutes to enjoy a full hour of phone calls or favorite tracks while on the run. The universal USB charger makes it easy to charge your earbuds through any other device, whether Apple, Samsung or others. Purchase them on Amazon for around $170.

Take your workout to the next level with Powerbeats3 Wireless earphones, featuring up to 12 hours of battery life to last through multiple workouts and secure-fit earhooks to maximize comfort and stability. With Fast Fuel, a 5-minute charge gives you 1 hour of playback. Sweat and water resistance provides trusted durability and dual-driver acoustics deliver dynamic sound to power your workout.

  • Connect via Class 1 Bluetooth with your device for wireless workout freedom
  • Up to 12 hours of battery life to power through multiple workouts
  • With Fast Fuel, a 5-minute charge gives you 1 hour of playback when battery is low
  • Sweat and water resistance to handle tough training
  • What’s in the box: Powerbeats3 Wireless earphones, eartips with four (4) size options, carrying case, universal USB charging cable (USB-A to USB Micro-B, Quick Start Guide, warranty card

Verdict Reviews: I spent a lot of time researching bluetooth headsets specifically for running and working out and even more specifically for use with the apple watch, series 2.

If you’re like me and you’ve spent any amount of time researching bluetooth earbuds, you know that it seems impossible to find the perfect pair. The feedback from end users is so varied for each model that it seems like they all are terrible. With these in particular, I was worried based on the few reviews that I had read. Some complained that they were too bassy. Others complained that they weren’t comfortable. Yet others said that they weren’t worth the $200 price tag. I was also worried that the BT connection my drop sporadically based on reviews of other products in this category.

After owning these for a week, I am happy to say that I made the right purchase. I’ve been pleasantly pleased with the performance of these.

PROS: Pairing is easy. I have an iphone 7 plus, an iPad pro 9.7, and and apple watch, series 2. I paired this with my phone, and much to my surprise, the watch and iPad worked with the iPad and watch without having to do any extra steps. The audio does not skip. This was a concern, but after a couple of workouts listening to music from my apple watch, these haven’t skipped or lost connection once. They are comfortable. They come with several sizes of plugs for your ears so I would think that most would find a size that works. They may not be great for wearing for long durations, but for a half hour workout they’ve been great.

They do have a lot of bass. But I didn’t find it over powering. I am not an audiophile, but the added bass certainly makes the music sound more full than the headphones that came with my phone. Long battery life. At 12 hours, these will easily outlast any device they are paired to.

CONS: They are a little pricey. However, I’m willing to spend a little more on something that works well and doesn’t give me issues.




2. Jaybird X3 Sport Bluetooth headphones

Jaybird X3 Sport Bluetooth headphones PriceWhat we love about these headphones is that they can be safely worn while working out or during intense exercising sessions, no matter the weather. They offer full 8 hours of use between charges or can last you then entire week during your training sessions. The micro design fits perfectly in your ears and is suitable to wear during rain showers or excessive sweat.

They can be used with any music device or smart device and you have the possibility of personalizing your sound, bass and volume settings via a smart app. The sound is excellent and the amazing shape of the X3 allows you to wear them in the under ear or over the ear as you please.

Go all out with the Jaybird X3 Wireless Headphones! These earbuds are designed to be tiny, but packed to the brim with functionality, unbeatable comfort, and incredible sound quality.

  • MINI WIRELESS BUDS – The X3 Headphones by Jaybird are designed to be as small as possible without sacrificing performance and looks
  • UNIVERSAL SECURE FIT –The patented silicone ear fins securely attach to the top and back/lower surface areas of the ear for a snug fit, locking the earbuds in during workouts and intense physical activities
  • SWEAT-PROOF – Built to last with a sleek yet rugged design, the X3 Headphones are great for sports, workouts, and all weather conditions. Their hydrophobic nano-coating will keep moisture away, whether it’s sweat, rain, or snow
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE – Don’t let a low battery interrupt your day. The X3 has an 8-hour battery life. 15 minutes of charging gives you a full hour of playtime, so you’ll always be ready for anything
  • PERSONALIZED SOUNDS – The MySound App allows you to tweak and customize the sound of your X3 headphones for a personalized experience, and save them for later as a profile

Verdict Reviews:

These headphones are sweet. I’m a major audiophile and listen to everything from Between the Buried and Me and Animals as Leaders to Sara Bareilles or Lana Del Rey. These headphones cover the spectrum from clean, deep bass to sharp shredding highs. No they won’t replicate the bass you’ll find in powerful over-the-ear headphones but they have better bass than my Creative, HTC and Apple ear buds (not the new Airpods) and even better than my JVC on-ear headphones. Far better, actually.

The various adapters for ear types are extremely helpful as well. I’m fortunate in that I have “medium” ears all around, but these buds come with three sets of foam surrounds, three silicon surrounds and three sets of wings that fit in your ear for sport use (in conjunction with the surrounds).

The cord clips that hold the cord together and keep it tight against the back of your head are awesome. When worn over the top of the ear (ideal for the overall shape of the buds), the cord wraps snugly against the back of your head with the on/off and volume buttons readily accessible just behind your right ear. I did a ton of yardwork and use them daily at my work desk and have no issues with them staying in my ear, cutting in/out, etc. they provide excellent audio quality, amazing battery life and an unobtrusive profile with no battery packs hanging around your neck or getting in the way during use. Strongly recommend.





3. BlueAnt Pump – wireless HD sportbuds

BlueAnt Pump DesignFor those who love to stay active but don’t want to spend a fortune on a pair of headphones, BlueAnt Pump is the perfect solution. At only $28 you get to receive an amazing pair of wireless earbuds perfect for when you want to stay active.

The secure fit is suitable for intense activities and the sound is quite clear. You will benefit from independent audio controls to switch through tracks and adjust volume. The earbuds are easily chargeable through a micro-USB device and you can choose from three color schemes to best fit your style.

Train, play and live unleashed with Pump, the ultimate multi-sport wireless headphone. A rugged, military-grade design keeps water and debris out, protecting the premium audio components tuned to let the beat set the pace.

No matter how hard you go or how tough the conditions, move with freedom and confidence and let nothing limit where the music takes you.

  • Watertight mesh
  • Secure fit for intense activity
  • Independent audio controls
  • Teflon and Kevlar moisture guard
  • Micro-USB charging

Verdict Reviewers Says:

I have been searching for a perfect pair of Bluetooth ear plugs for my workouts and running. I tried the Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 Earbuds, Jabra Wireless + and the JayBird Blue Bird Ear plugs. All of these three are in-ear phones and the best in music quality are the JayBird. They are pretty neat, but the only hitch is that they are on the very high end of the price tag at $169.

Just before I gave up, I saw another one on the rack – The PUMP HD Sports Buds from BlueAnts. These are priced at $129.95 and on the higher end, but you will not regret the investment. These Sports Buds sit around your ear giving them a firm grip and never to fall away from your ear.

The other highlight of these SportsBuds are that these are 100% waterproof. So, you can wear them when swimming too..

They feel very light on the ear, if there is no music playing, I am sure you will forget that there is something on your ear. I wear glass’s and even with my glass on, I do not find them irritating at all.

I would not call them noice cancelling, but the moment you put them in your ears, you will be cut out from all the noise outside. I will not compare them to noice cancelling headphones, but I am sure you will close away from all the noise outside and just enjoy only your music.

The voice quality is just awesome. Crisp and Clear.

I can confidently say this after trying quite a few Bluetooth ear plugs, you can go with the PUMP HD SportsBuds. Worth every cent you pay for them.




4. Plantronics BackBeat fit Bluetooth headphones

Plantronics BackBeat Fit

One of the best wireless earbuds you will find on the market for a budget, this pair of Plantronics can easily become your all time favorite. Suitable for intense workouts and sports routines, the flexible design will stay securely in your ears no matter your choice of physical activity. These headphones are both waterproof and sweat proof meaning you can securely use them even while diving or swimming. Enjoy up to 8 full hours of battery life to spend on important phone calls or listening to your favorite tracks.

Easily control music and calls through Bluetooth technology and stay active without using your hands or worrying about having the cords tangled. Choose from four different colors and purchase these headphones for $79.

Push yourself with wireless sports headphones as unstoppable as you are: BackBeat FIT. Flexible, durable, and waterproof, they stay comfortably in place through your most intense workouts. Engineered for sport Ready to go the extra mile or ten? Flexible and durable, BackBeat FIT pushes you further, withstanding the rain or a rinse under the tap with a waterproof design that meets the IP57 rating and an additional sweatproof nano-coating. And whether you wear them running roadside or on the trail, the open eartip design lets you hear the sounds around you.

  • Behind-the-neck designStays put even during heavy exercise.
  • Stereo Bluetooth 3.0-enabled with A2DP availableFor wireless connection and audio streaming.
  • P2i coatingProtects against damage from sweat and splashing water.
  • DeepSleep hibernation modeActivates when you’re out of range of your mobile device for up to 6 months of standby time.

Verdict Reviewers Says:

I’ve tried numerous models(Yurbuds Inspire LE BT, JayBird BlueBuds X, Plantronics Back Beat GO 2, Audio 66 BTS+) and simply could not find any that would perform well enough, and fit properly at the same time. I’m very picky about the fit and don’t want to be distracted by it while working out, and previously Yurbuds Inspire(wired) were the only ones that fit my ears properly(the Yurbuds Inspire LE BT were bulky and the sound quality was awful). I cannot use in ear canal earbuds, as they just never fit and irritate me to no end. I’ve tried all the different tips that come with each, and simply cannot find any that get a proper seal and stay in my ears. So I was stoked when I found these, as the shape and porting of the sound is very similar to the Yurbuds Inspire wired.

Fit – Great, stays in ears, don’t notice bouncing around, behind the head wire is flexible and not distracting. I’ve used these during squats and benchpressing, and have not had an issue with the wire behind my head.

Range – I walked all around my gym and left these in my bag, probably at least 40 to 50 feet and never had it cut out once(paired with Samsung Galaxy S4)

Sound – The sound is much better than expected. Higher quality than I noticed on the others I’ve tried(The Audio 66 BTS were great, but they were over the ear headphones and cumbersome). Two minor things though. Because there isn’t a perfect seal and the port is a little short, the bass is a little washed out, and the trebel is a little tinny. Also the volume is a little less than what I wished for, but it’s not that bad(I like it LOUD). BUT WAIT! I FOUND A FIX FOR IT!

So, I loved the Yurbuds Inspire earbud covers so much; how it ported the audio right into my ear canal, and made for a perfect secure fit, that I decided to take those covers, make a small slit in them for the support piece to pull through, and put them on the BackBeat Fits(see attached photo)… It really kicked these up a notch! The fit got even better, the volume increased, the bass was much more thumping. NOW I think I have the perfect bluetooth earbuds.





The aforementioned products are easily wearable no matter your lifestyle and have the main ability of sticking to your ears even during intense workout sessions or practicing sports. Whether you want to choose amazing sound clarity for a price by opting for the Beats earbuds or simply want a cheap design that will still deliver good sound and allow you perform your duties hands free, there is a design for everyone. You can easily connect your wireless headphones via Bluetooth technology to allow making or taking important calls while on the run or simply switch through your favorite tracks and always listen to the music that motivates you.


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Best Wireless Earbuds of 2018 - a Buyer's Guide and Facts
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