windows 10 headphones not working

Fixing the windows 10 headphones not working

Many problems that could be fixed with issues that we face in our every days activities. You most likely would fulfill with this issue after Windows update or Windows-10 tweaks. For those who don’t have any sound with their windows 10 headphones not working, attempt to do this alternative fix that is being posted here then the issue should solve.

To fix headphones that are not working with windows 10

Top option 1: Set Headphone as a default device in your computer

Sometimes if a headphone not working in windows 10. It is usually set as a different device which means you should set your headphone as a default device

Follow these steps: 

1. Click Windows and Type “Control Panel”
2. Select Control Panel in the pop-up menu.

windows 10 headphones not working

  1. View by “Category” and click on Hardware & Sound.

headphones not working windows 10


  1. Click on Sound.

headphones not working on windows 10

  1. Select Headphones and click Set default button at the bottom.

headphones not working in windows 10

In some cases, there is no headphone option alone but Speakers/Headphone. If that’s your case, select that and click Set default button at the bottom.
windows 10 headset mic not working

  1. Click OK button.If this solution doesn’t work for you, proceed to Top solution 2.Top solution 2: Updating Audio Driver

So try upgrading the audio driver and see whether the issue continues. It’s possible for you to definitely go to your own Personal Computer producer’s web site to download the most recent driver.

The problem would cause if there is problem with the audio driver. In Device Manager, you may see a yellow mark next to the audio device like follows.



Usually, Top solution 1 and Top solution 2 would solve the headphone not working in Windows 10. But you also can try the following two solutions if the problem persists.

Change the Settings in Realtek HD Audio Manager (if you are using Realtek sound card and have installed Realtek HD Audio Manager)

1. Open Realtek HD Audio Manager.
2. Click the small folder icon in upper right corner.


  1. Tick the box next to “Disable front panel jack detection“.
  2. Click OK button.Uninstall IDT Audio Device (if you have installed IDT audio device)1. Go to Device Manager.
    2. Select Control Panel in the pop-up menu.
    3. View by Large icons and click on Programs and Features.
  1. Uninstall IDT Audio Driver from the program list.
  2. Reboot your PC.


Another Alternative guide by


If this doesn’t work, you may want to try to roll back the driver for your headphones.

  1. Right click the sound icon on the bottom right corner of the taskbar and select “Playback devices”.
  2. Rightclick “Headphone” and select “Properties”.
  3. In the General tab, you should see a section labeled “Controller Information”. Click the “Properties” button.
  4. A new box with some driver information should pop up. Click the “Change Settings” button under the General tab.
  5. Switch to the Driver tab and click “Roll Back Driver”.

Also make sure that your headphone is set to the Default in the Sound window.



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