4 Reasons Why Mix Audio With Open Back Headphones Is The Future

Do you know someone who never listens to any music? I bet most people can’t resist hearing music.  Regardless if it’s a happy, sad, classical, or simply loud music, people have their taste.

We can never tell others to stop listening to what we don’t find interesting because we have our ways of appreciating what we hear.

I will always admit the fact that I cannot live without music. Silence is just way too much to handle that’s why my ears yearn for sounds. With music, everything seems to be balanced.

I always feel relieved every time I have music, even just a little bit of it.

This Article Information is inspired by (https://music.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-mix-and-monitor-with-headphones–audio-16563)

We have been trying to find the right headphones for our “mini stag party + mixing” and we found out that there are a few tips out there and that let us start writing about this topic.


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1. Determining What Headphone Mixes Well With Mixed Audios

Dj mixes the track in the nightclub.Music has always been there with me since day one. To whatever kind of music each person loves listening to, it inevitably finds its way to fit with one’s lifestyle.

Even people in tribes have their ways of enjoying classical or traditional vibe even though they are not influenced by technology.

You don’t have to mind how they listen to music because they create their music as they listen to it, which is more of like an everyday live band.

Of course, a majority of people across the globe move along with the progressing technology where their beloved source of music comes from their devices.

Just imagine, people used to listen to big radios way back. From radios, technology evolved into a Walkman. From a Walkman, technology was able to make it more portable; hence, MP3 players are introduced.

Now, as technology continuously developed, new devices that are suitable for music are introduced in the market. Despite the emerging technology and devices, there’s a common denominator for all – everyone uses earphones or a headphone.

Headphones were the first to be invented, right before earphones came into the picture. I used to have a vintage headphone and Walkman, and despite numerous earphone brands being recognized, I still find myself using a headphone while listening to my playlist because it gives me a better vibe.

Moreover, I get a legit feeling of being a music lover every time I wear my headphones.

As for headphones, it’s a good thing that some companies still manage to develop these from time to time. Now, people are switching back to using it for their listening because of its improved versions which can be classified as open-back and closed-back headphones.


2. Distinguishing Open-Back and Close-Back Headphones

Earphones may be handy, but when it comes to great listening quality, I’d definitely take the headphone at any time of the day. Using headphones actually gives my ears pleasure because of the way it distributes the sounds. While earphones can fill 99% of my music vibe, I’m telling you, Disc jockey playing music with electro light effects and lightsheadphones can fill your vibe by a 100%.

Headphones may look the same, but these are built differently, especially when it comes to the features. The big-sized earbuds are what makes it common with the rest of its kind.

However, there’s just more to it than how it looks. I didn’t even know that they were completely different because they just look the same.

The kinds of headphones vary not only by its structure, rather by how it distributes the sound from the devices to my ears. To save you from getting confused, the most recognized kinds of headphone that you need to take note are the open-back and the closed-back headphones.

The open-back headphone is easily distinguished because of its open ear cup. This is the type of headphone where I can listen to my music, and at the same time, I can also hear surrounding noises. It gives a balance listening vibe to listeners who don’t really feel like they want to be left out of the real world.

I can also tell that a person is using an open-back one when I can hear the sound leaking. From there, it’s the easiest way to determine this kind of headphone.

Earphones would normally leak sounds in an unattractive and uncomfortable way, especially when the volume is at its maximum level. Yet, this kind of headphone can still provide its listeners the pleasure of hearing loud music without any discomfort.

On the other hand, the closed-back headphone is built with a hard-enclosed ear cup, which keeps my ears cupped for a deeper music vibe. This type of headphone can give the effect as if the music is really playing inside my head.

Moreover, this type can certainly eliminate background noises as it’s recognized for its isolation effect.

If you’re like me who doesn’t like sharing music or doesn’t want surrounding noises to mess with the music, I would highly suggest that you buy a closed-back type because I can guarantee that there’s definitely no sound leakage.

Plus, you won’t hear any surrounding noises at all. I can assure you that you won’t be disturbing anyone and no one can disturb you as well.

So, open-back headphones are for those who want to hear balanced music-and-noises while close-back headphones are for those who prefer music isolation.


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3. When Do You Pick One From the Other?

I prefer using the open-back headphone because my ears love hearing how the music and background noises mix well. It gives me a more realistic feeling. Of course, I want to hear good music, but at the same time, I still want to be aware of what’s happening in my surroundings. My ears don’t Young DJ playing on turntables with color light effectsreally tire that much despite listening for long periods because I enjoy the comfort of its headband.

Sometimes, I find closed-back headphones handy, too. I prefer using it when I want to listen to something while studying inside the library or sometimes when everyone in the house is fast-asleep already, and I still want to watch a movie or listen to music.

However, when I use it a little bit longer, my ears feel suffocated, and it’s totally uncomfortable.

Again, the choice between an open-back and a closed-back headphone depends on your use.

For listening when I’m alone, and in an isolated environment, then I’d opt for open-back headphones.

On the other hand, I’d choose a closed-back headphone if I need to block out the noise from where I am – such as in a packed classroom or a subway. Also, it’s the best headphone to wear if I need to intense focus on a task at hand because it completely blocks distractions.


4. Highly-Recommended Headphone for Listening to Mixed Audios

For some music enthusiasts, it doesn’t really matter how a headphone is designed, what materials were used, and if it leaks sound or not. The real deal for some listeners is this: “Does this headphone produce a good listening sound for mixed audios?”

Music makers don’t settle on earphones because it will be difficult for them to determine what’s wrong or what’s right about the sound that they Dj mixer with headphonesare hearing. This leads a lot of people to the question: “Which kind of headphone suits my ears in listening to mixed audios?”

Closed-back headphones stand a great chance in winning this part. The fact that it has enclosed ear cups guarantees a deep and isolated sound effect, which is what most artists want.

It’s undeniably a great kind of headphone for certain sounds except for the fact that it’s not that great for mixing audios.

Don’t frown if you’re a supporter of closed-back headphones because this kind is definitely recommended for recording voices.

In recording vocals, you would need a headphone that doesn’t leak the sound in order for you to hear your tune clearly.

If the closed-back headphone is ideal for recordings, then the open-back headphone is the best kind of headphone for mixing tracks.  

When it comes to mixing tracks, isolation isn’t always the best option. I tried to mix tracks and used a closed-back headphone, believing that it will provide me a better sound but I was wrong.

I had some struggles in tuning and concealing frequency clashes. When I tried to listen to the mixed audio I created, it was no good at all.

The open-back headphone’s open ear cup is what makes it very suitable for mixing audios. The natural sound it gives as the music plays make everything balanced.

Listening to Mixed Audios

Video Reference – Click to Play

When I tried switching to this kind of headphone, I didn’t have a hard time adjusting to the right tune.  

Music enthusiasts are now using open-back headphones whenever they have to work in their studio and mix tracks.

With a great set of monitors, an open-back headphone will surely provide an exceptional output.

Whether you prefer to use a closed-back or an open-back kind of headphone, you don’t have to think which is better. These two kinds of headphones have their use. It will just depend on where you have to use it.

I admire how closed-back headphone isolates music because I have certain music that complements with the sound that this kind creates.  However, I just use open-back headphones more often because of its overall performance.

Furthermore, if you’re an aspiring music maker and you’re trying to practice mixing tracks, you have to get yourself an open-back headphone (Here is our buying guide on the best open back headphones of 2018) instead of the closed-back because the isolated sound will undoubtedly give you difficulty in working on your tunes.



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