8 Things on What to Look for When Buying Earbuds

When you buy phones, it usually comes with free earphones or earbuds. However, freebies like this aren’t often the best of the bunch, and some are even low-quality. Thus, you end up having to buy separate earbuds.

However, with all the choices of earbuds in the market, how can you find the best that’s better than what you already have?

Most customers these days tend to have only three factors they consider when buying earbuds. This includes brand, design, and price – though not usually in that order. Some find earbuds that are the cheapest money can buy, but that won’t guarantee long time use and excellent sound quality.

When it comes to choosing earbuds based on design or brand name, these tend to be a bit pricey, but still won’t guarantee the best quality of sound. So, if you’re one out of many who are having trouble buying earbuds, then look no further.

To help you choose the best earbuds possible, here are eight things you have to look into each earbud choices you might already have on your list.

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Here are our 8 Tips to consider before buying your next earbuds!

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1. Earbud Specs

Why are you buying better earbuds than what you currently have? You are most probably going to want to listen to music or audio without the uncomfortable and unnecessary cackling in your earbuds whenever you have to turn the volume up. That is why the specs are necessary when choosing earbuds. Here are some technical earbuds’ specs you should look into.

  • Drivers

Earbuds should come with great drivers since it’s the one responsible for creating and producing sound in the device. The drivers are also responsible for the bass boost as well as for better mids and trebles. The larger or stronger the driver, the better overall sound you get from your earbuds.

  • Sensitivity

This tech spec will determine how loud your earbuds can go. However, you should avoid choosing earbuds that have very high sensitivity since its deafening sound levels can be quite dangerous to your ears.

  • Impedance

Impedance is the measurement of the opposition provided by the circuit to the current that the voltage applied. The higher the impedance of your earbuds, there will be a lesser current that will flow. There should be a balanced impedance of the earbuds and the source to provide the best sound quality.

  • Frequency Response

It is the measurement of the audio frequency range that the earbuds can repeat. Choosing the frequency response of the earbuds will mainly depend on the type of music you want to listen to.

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2. Right Fit

Staying alive with sound of music. Portrait of relaxed joyful good-looking woman in glasses, closing eyes from pleasure, dancing, listening songs in earphones, holding smartphone and singingThere is no one size fits all when it comes to earbuds. People have different sizes and shapes of ear canals which makes the fit of a particular earbud vary from person to person. You can only judge if a pair of earbuds will be the best fit for your ears if you try it on.

When you do try on a few earbud choices that you have, find something that can offer excellent seal but without being too tight that it hurts your ears.

3. Comfort

Comfort comes hand in hand with the perfect fit of earbuds. It should be fit enough but still extremely comfortable, especially if you going to use the earbuds for long listening sessions.

You need to have a device that can still be comfortable even after hours of use. No one really wants to have read and overworked ears after a few hours because your earbuds are too tight on your ear canals.

4. Wired vs. Bluetooth Wireless

When you look for earbuds, you are most likely going to choose between getting the standard wired earbuds or one that has a Bluetooth wireless function.

Wired earbuds are the cheaper option. However, it comes with the common ball of a tangled mess because of its cable. The wires can also be a bit uncomfortable, especially if you are using the earbuds during a run or a work out since it can get in your way.

Bluetooth wireless earbuds, on the other hand, doesn’t have any cables that can tangle around or get in your way during a workout. However, they tend to be a bit pricier than the traditional earbuds. There is also the battery life that you have to consider.

Choosing between wired and Bluetooth wireless will mainly depend on your preference as both, depending on their quality, can be great earbuds.

5. Sound Quality

What good can a pair of earbuds be if they can’t give you good sound quality? When choosing earbuds, the sound quality should never be taken for granted.

When it comes to sound quality, check out the drivers of the earbuds as that will determine how good it can be for listening to music, videos, or playing video games.

6. Sound Isolation

Sound isolation is an important factor to consider when buying earbuds, especially if you are going to use it when you ride in a crowded and noisy public transport, use it in your workplace, when you study, or when you simply want to enjoy good music without the noise of your background bothering you.

7. Ear Tips Material and Quality

The fit is an important feature, especially when it comes to how great the sound isolation will be. When it comes to long listening sessions, comfort is another feature that is important for a pair of earbuds to have.

For both fit and comfort, you have to look for the ear tips’ material and quality which can either be rubber, silicone, or foam. Foam ear tips are the most comfortable for the ears, but they can be a bit expensive. If the budget is important, then a good pair of silicone ear tips should do.

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8. Type and Specialization

With the different types and shapes of earbuds, it also comes with different specialization to fit a particular purpose. There are additional features you might want to consider when choosing earbuds depending on where you plan on using it.

For one, if you want to have a pair of earbuds for working out, you might want to have earbuds with sweat resistant features.

Now, with this guide on the things you have to consider when buying earbuds, you can make an informed decision and choose the best that will fit your needs.



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