Westone UM Pro 10 and W10 Review A high performance single driver

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Westone specializes in everything from manufacturing hearing healthcare products, to hearing protection devices, to communication products, and you might wonder why you should try out their high-quality in-ear monitors?

For one, unlike many of the other mainstream choices on offer, these are designed for professional musicians and audiophiles, helping you experience true sound as is. You don’t get in that extra bass effect.

You don’t have any tinkering with the low surround sound. And you don’t have to worry about music not having its true tones.

As an artist, you sure want to hear others live than listening to an album – and the Westone UM Pro 10 strives to achieve just that for being the best Bluetooth headset for motorcycle. Does it succeed? Let us take a look at this Westone UM Pro 10 Review to fund out.

Earphones, nowadays, are one of the absolute necessities of daily lives. No matter what age group you belong, earphones are your best buddies. Often, not everyone appreciates your choice of music because people have different preferences.

Thanks to the invention of earphones, music can be enjoyed without other people sneering at you for their utter dislike of your choice in music.

Earphones are also valuable to use for taking or making calls so that you can hear well the other person on the line, especially when you’re in the buzzing busy city. So, practically everyone is in search of the perfect-fit earphones.



  • Crisp frequency response
  • High level of comfort
  • Hard shell protective case included
  • Detachable cable
  • It comes with a cleaning tool, unlike most others out there.

  • No microphone or remote controls included
  • Cables easily get tangled
  • Slightly distorted deep bass

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  • In the 1880s, the very first headphones were not designed for music, but telephone operators used them.
  • It was in the year 1895 when people started listening to the beats of opera house through Electrophone system, which relayed live music shows and church sermons. The headphones in this era resembled stethoscopes.
  • In 1910, Nathaniel Baldwin manufactured the first “modern” headphones and they were sold to US Navy.
  • By the year 1937, dynamic headphones were available on the market. To this day, these headphones are the favorite type. DT-48 was produced, one way or another, until the year 2012.
  • John C. Koss created the well-known stereo headphones in 1958.
  • After a year, electrostatic headphones debuted at a show in Japan.
  • A decade after the release of first stereo headphones, Koss created his electrostatic version, the US-made headphones.
  • Sony released Walkman in 1979.
  • Sony created neckband headphones in 1997.
  • As Steve Jobs promised his daughter years before, he created iPod in 2001. Thus, the birth also of the matching white earphones

The brand banks on exclusivity and offers high priced products. That doesn’t take anything away from what they have to offer though.

The UM Pro series promises to reach out to the listeners with music and sounds closely resembling the original, if not an exact replica. It boasts of providing the best sensory and listening experience to any audiophile who wishes for it. Is the Westone UM Pro 10 everything it promises to be and more? Or does it not quite live up to expectations? That is what we will analyse in our review.

Balanced armature – full array driver that considerably is more solid and efficient than traditional vibrant drivers.

  • All of their W series have innovative in-ear technologies with chic crossover networks.
  • This Westone W10 feature provides terrific sound reproduction and clarity.
  • When listening to music, practically any type, the melody feels alive and sensational. Hence, the user’s experience is an incredible listening.

True-Fit Technology – this is the feature that gives assurance to every user that customized fit ear tips are achievable.

  • There are five pairs of tips and five sets of silicone sleeves provided. With these varieties of sizes and choices, it makes up for their promise to every listener that they can have tailored-fit earphones for them. Finding the correct size of tips will adapt to listener’s ears and block annoying ambient background sound.

Faceplates that are interchangeable – W10 earphones’ faceplates are substitutable, so users have the choice which “look” they prefer for their earphones, personalized aesthetically.

  • Colors of faceplates are red, blue, and black which come with a secure connection. This ‘secure linking’ makes users’ customization easy-peasy and quick.

Replaceable cables – W10 comes with two cable choices: one is braided EPIC and the other is MFi G2.

  • EPIC cable – is made of flexible, stretchy wire which is braided so it is durable and the noise is isolated.
  • MFi cable – has three-way purpose control for Apple gadgets and this comprises of volume adjustments, phone answering with play and pause controls.

USA design – Westone staff meticulously crafted the W10 earphones in the USA. They are artisans who are based in Colorado Springs, CO.

Two-year warranty – Westone is generous to provide not just one year but two years warranty to protect their customers’ investment in their W10 earphones.

What Should You Expect?

1. Great Sound With Flat Response

With 114 dB sound, expect clear music on the go. The UM Pro 10 also features a balanced armature driver which can help meet all your needs. If you are looking for extraordinary music clarity, this is what you should be looking for whether you are a guitarist, singer or have a worship band.

2. Ear Tips To Choose From

With each purchase, you get as many as five sizes of premium True-Fit comfort foam ear tips.

3. Helps You When It Comes to In-Ear Monitoring

If you are looking for earphones that can help you manage your band better, these are the ones that you should take a look at. Once you can put in these earphones to your ears properly, you have nothing to worry about.

4. A Sturdy Cable

The cable is very tough, and workout and heavy use is something that it takes to wonderfully. The earphones were my companion during my entire morning workout: running, skipping and even a bit of weight-lifting, and amazingly enough, the earphones did not slip or get re-positioned even once.

Westone W10 earphones outshine other earphones available on the market. The high vocal notes of Celine Dion and Mariah Carey sound so crisp and with precise details as they belt their songs, individually. The high notes are colorful and presented with accuracy and may be way too emphasized. In fact, the mentioned famous singers sounded like they are just standing nearby. So, it would feel like you are standing next to your favorite music icons.

5. Treble

It isn’t the expected crashing audio like other in-ears listening device because the treble of W10 is reasonably good. W10’s treble is not over the top, which is preferable so that listening doesn’t exhaust your ears.

6. Mids

There’s a slight prominence on W10’s mids. It has a decent organic sound. This sound distinction is especially real when you play and listen to alternative rock music.

7. Bass

The Westone W10 earphones are not the “bassy” pairs. You can still enjoy the “lowered” bass when comparing to either mids or highs. When listening to W10, you will discover the bass isn’t as prolonged when compared to other in-ear devices.


Westone Has Been Delivering Quality Earphones Since 1959

Established the same time as electrostatic headphones, Westone was well-known as the maker of custom earphones. Their earphones were the choice of the big names in music industry and the US Air Force fighter pilots for the noise-cancellation, two-way communication and hearing communication.

What’s in the Box of Westone W10 Single-Driver True-Fit Earphones?

Most earphones or headphones sold in the market have nothing else in the box but the earphones only. On the other hand, Westone box is not just looking elegant; its contents are equally sophisticated.

When you purchase the Westone W10 single-driver true-fit earphones, the box will include the following items:

  1. One (1) pair of Westone W10
  2. 3-button cable (MFi) with a microphone. It has function control designed for Apple gadgets.
  3. MMCX Audio Cable (twisted).
  4. Five (5) pairs of ear tips (labeled as TRUE-FIT Comfort-Foam).
  5. Five (5) pairs of silicone ear tips (patented STAR).
  6. Three (3) faceplates in red, black, and blue with secure attachment and come with replacement or removal tool.
  7. Cleaning tool.
  8. Impact-resistant vault (a case to keep earphones safe when not in use). It is designed with a high-impact polymer; interior has protective foam and design is weather resistant.
  9. Plus two (2) years warranty.

As you can see, upon opening the Westone W10 box, you are greeted with a warm welcome to the Westone family and a thoughtful invitation to send them a question or simply chat! This message from Westone is something unusually seen when buying a pair of earphones.

So, the Westone W10 box itself and presentation is impressive

Best thing about this earbuds

The Other Factors

The UM Pro 10 does ensure that you wouldn’t have to miss out on listening to the full extent of what your favorite music.

The noise attenuation, which is the measure of loss of sound during transmission, is around 25 dB in these earphones. It isn’t ideal if you compare it with some of the priciest competitors out there, but it is not that bad, either.

Plus, the UM Pro 10 comes with an EPIC replaceable cable with Up and Over cable routing. You wouldn’t have to worry about the cable length – it stands at a good 128 cm (i.e 50 inches) long.

With a weight of around at 0.445 oz (or 12.7 gm), it’s pretty portable. You can just put it around in your pockets or bag, and use them when you need.

The performance is great just like the best open back headphones list of products that we have reviewed, but the deep bass gets a little distorted when you listen to it at higher volumes, so I will give it a 4.5 out of 5.

W10 Earphones’ Weight

These earphones are quite lightweight, and when you find your most comfortable fitting (with the choices of ear tips), you will hardly notice that they are attached to your earlobes.

How to Choose These Westone W10 Earphones?

When you order this specific listening device, you must mention to the audio shop or indicate on your online shopping app the following details:

  • Brand: Westone
  • Product Model: W10

About the Design

The balanced driver system is efficient and compact. It comes with a normal EPIC braided double cable, which is very sturdy, but the lack of volume-control buttons or any control through the cable, in fact, was a bit of a disappointment. Looks-wise, the earphones are very plain. The clear model is a bit attractive, but not very much so.

Interestingly, there were color choices before, and you could choose red, blue or clear colors. However, the current model doesn’t support any colors, and Westone discontinued the earlier versions for some reason.

So if you’re looking for something that simply looks extravagant, well, these earphones may not be meant for you. I loved the comfort and feel of the earphones, and who cares about looks when you can hear amazing music?

My experience with other earphones has never been as good. However good or expensive they may be, they couldn’t withstand my workout. In fact, I can say that the most expensive ones were the most disappointing in this regard, but not this one. The cable is amazing for durability, and these earphones have spoiled me enough that this is the level of flexibility I will hope for whenever I buy earphones again.

Despite everything, it’s not the fanciest set of earphones that you would find out there. However, it is light-weight and features are packed into a compact size, so I will give it a 4 out of 5.

What About the Comfort Level?

The earphones come with their fair share of variety when it comes to the size of patented star silicone ear tips. They also come with the same in premium comfort foam ear tips. When they say that their earphones are “Universal Fit”, they truly mean what they say.

These in-ear earphones fit my ears like they were made for me. I had to try out more than one size to find the perfect fit, but that didn’t take me much time at all. The earphones fit into my ear like they were custom made, but I wanted to test them out a bit further, so I had a couple of my friends try them out, too.

The earphones fit my friends, too, and they had the same opinion as I did about the comfort and the fit. The conclusion? The earphones truly can fit anyone.

Another thing that makes these earphones so appealing is the fact that I can have them on for hours together without feeling even a little uncomfortable. You can’t sleep while wearing them, and you won’t forget you have them on or anything, but they are extremely comfortable, especially because they have such a great fit.

These earphones are not at all lacking in comfort. The perfect fit and lack of discomfort after long use is a testament to this fact. I can give this a 5 out of 5.

What About the Sound Performance?

When it comes to audio devices, performance is what counts. The earbuds were tested using an ear-test comparing Free Lossless Audio Codec (or FLAC) audio versus other available earbuds in the same price range. Other audio tests, using the audio check, were done too which entails frequency response, quality, dynamic range, driver matching and the wiring.

  • The audio sensitivity recorded at: 122 dB SPL @ 1 milliwatt (mW).
  • The range of frequency was at 20 Hz to 16 kHz.
  • The reduction of passive noise is at 25 dB.

Full-Range Driver, Balanced Armature

Westone W10 earphones use a full-range driver, which is somewhat rare amongst earbuds within the same price range.

This full-range driver termed as “balanced armature,” is a sound design which mainly intended to heighten the electrical competence of the element by eradicating the pressure on the diaphragm of other magnetic audio systems.

The sound coming through these earphones is incredibly clear and detailed. I could listen to country, classical and light bass with no problems at all. The only hitch came when I tried blasting off deep bass at a high volume, which came out slightly distorted.

Also, the earphones demand a pretty tight seal if you really want to enjoy the bass, but that’s not a very big problem because the silicone ear tips come in enough variety of sizes for you to pick the best.

The sound is pretty balanced, which is quite impressive, because you can hear the vocals clearly, with the instrumentals at just the right volume.

The way my favorite tunes sounded through these earphones changed my view completely about them.

In fact, I even started to like some of the songs I had disliked previously due to the extreme accuracy of these earphones. The best part is that these earphones are quite a bit more affordable than some of Westone’s other models while still providing amazing quality.

WHO Recommends to Limit Earphone Time

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cranking up tunes the whole day with the use of either earphones or headphones may eventually lead to the loss of hearing. Most millennials turn up their volume way too high on their cell phone devices, as well as attending loud concerts. WHO’s recent statement said that over 1.1 billion people from the ages of 12 to 35 now at risk of losing their hearing ability.

Studies showed that the number of millennials with impaired hearing has increased over the past decade. This impaired hearing is most likely because of frequent use of Apple’s iPods and Android’s smartphones playing intensely loud music.

3.5 percent of young Americans experienced a loss of hearing in the year 1994. This number of people rose to 5 percent by the year 2006. To fight the statistics increase, the WHO endorses everyone, not just the young generation of Americans, to limit their listening to music with the earphones up to one hour a day only. They also strictly recommend keeping the level of volume up to 60 percent.

Lowering the volume is WHO’s recommendation to minimize dangerous listening practices by practically everyone. This unsafe listening habit depends on two factors:

  1. How long you listen to your music device using earphones?
  2. How loud is the volume of the music?



We can say that the Westone UM Pro 10 high-performance single driver earphones are excellent. They provide decent clarity and accuracy in sound, incomparable comfort levels, and great durability and flexibility.

They are the best if you listen to country or classical music and good enough if you don’t go into a too-deep bass. The balanced driver system makes it extremely special because the technology is new and enhances the sound to a great extent.

All-in-all, though expensive, these earphones are worth going for, especially if you’re passionate about the music you listen to.

I would say these earphones are worth the price we pay for them, but they are pretty expensive. They may not be as expensive as some of Westone’s other models, but then, that is reflected in the performance, too.

Also, if we are ready to sacrifice on a bit of the quality, we can find earphones at much lower rates, though it’s not very easy to find perfect value for money. However, it has good quality and is definitely less pricey than its counterparts, so I’ll give it 4.5 out of 5.

Overall, I would say that the earphones are pretty decent, and I will give them a 4 out of 5.

W10 Is Created for Music Enthusiasts!

As mentioned earlier, using the Westone W10 universal fit earphones, the music comes alive and almost dream-like because of the clarity and crisp of sound. These earphones are designed primarily for listening to recorded and mastered music. The advanced technology they use in these earphones accurately delivers astonishing detail.

It almost sounded like the music icons were standing close by. So it is indeed a great listening experience for all music enthusiasts! Westone has lived to their claim of being the best in the industry of earphones. It truly unlocks the potential of the music app or device, either Android or Apple.

When, at last, you have decided to purchase this Westone W10 True-Fit Earphones, make sure to look for the Westone W10 on the box, like in the image shown above. Upon opening the box of your trendy earphones, check all the contents are there, as listed above.

If some parts are missing or the earphones themselves aren’t working, which is hardly likely, return it at once, and your Westone W10 supplier will gladly replace them for you.

Lastly, enjoy your True-Fit earphones!



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