Why Riders Love Wearing a Good Motorcycle Headphone?

If you are looking to ride safely, you need the right safety accessories. If you love riding on quiet, desolate highways with no destination in mind and the wind roaring behind you, a Bluetooth headphone might just be what you need, along with a good helmet, of course.

Investing in the right accessories will help you be safe and comfortable no matter where you are going.


How Do You Make the Right Accessory Choice?

Making The right choiceAs a motorcycle lover, you have several accessories to choose from today. From the leather jacket to a helmet and even gloves, the list is endless, but one important accessory that no rider should ever miss out on is a good motorcycle headphone.


What is a motorcycle headphone?

While you’re riding, there are several things that might happen; you might want to make or answer a call, listen to favorite music and also get help with navigation. If that’s not all, bikers are always up to try out new things to eliminate the noise that the wind makes. A headphone helps you achieve all these objectives while giving you one of the best moments on your bike.

The market has several different kinds of headphones that boast of a long battery life, excellent design, Bluetooth connectivity and universal compatibility with most of the helmets. They are available in different budgets as well, so you will definitely find one that suits your needs.

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Why Do You Need Bluetooth?

Whether it is handling those urgent calls or communicating with other riders, you need a reliable way to communicate. Bluetooth technology does just that. With a handy headset that is wireless, it allows you hands-free answering and talking – just the way you need. Expect your bike rides to get more comfortable.



Why do you need to minimize noise?

minimize noiseVery loud noises can make you deaf. Talking to bikers while they are riding their beasts can get very troublesome and inconvenient for the biker as well as the person calling them up. Moreover, motorcycles are very loud machines.

While riding bikes on the highways, wind noises can exceed 115 dB, even if you are wearing a full-face helmet. This can cause stress on the delicate ears, thereby leading to hearing loss, but in addition to that, it can also increase your overall stress level and tire you out very fast. Headphones can help minimize these noises, that is why it is recommended that you try them out.


Why will you love a good motorcycle headphone?

If you haven’t got one and are wondering if it is worth your money, then let us tell you that it is worth the investment. There are several benefits of a good motorcycle headphone.


#1 Bluetooth headsets:

While the wired headphones had good quality sound, the wires cause unnecessary inconvenience. Thus the wireless ones came into existence and had improved in several areas, including a better connectivity over a longer distance and superior voice quality as well. In fact, this is one of the most searched products on Google, which shows how popular Bluetooth headphones are.


#2 Connecting more than one rider:

When you’re riding with your friends, having hands-free communication with the others is important as it makes the ride much more fun and everyone can keep track of the others. Good motorcycle headphones have multiple intercom facilities, thereby connecting you to your riding companion as you all enjoy the journey.


#3 The advanced noise control technology:

The good and reliable motorcycle headphones come updated with the latest advanced noise control technology. This technology ensures that background noise is minimized while making or receiving calls which make conversations easier and is also suitable for areas with high traffic which can interfere in your conversations and also while you are listening to music.


#4 Good Battery life:

One of the biggest advantages of investing in a good pair of motorcycle headphone is excellent battery life. Most of the headphones in the market have a standard battery life of 8+ hours and have different kinds of charging options as well. Look at battery life when getting one for yourself as you don’t want them to die when you need them the most.

Some great Features You Can Get From a Good Motorcycle Headphone

Here is a look at few of the things that you can expect from a good motorcycle headphone.

Waterproof and sweat proof.

Some even sport a wire clip design, so that you would not have to worry about the neckband bouncing too much or falling off.

  • IntercomEnables Hands-free calling.
  • A good many hours of music and talk time. It can be fully charged in less than an hour too.
  • It is compact and flexible.
  • Most of them can be bent in all shapes to fit in bags or pockets.
  • At least a Bluetooth version V4.1 delivering stereo sound quality with a stable signal transmission.
  • Supporting mute function during calls.
  • Some even sport enhanced echo cancellation and noise suppression.
  • Look for the ones with 180°adjustable earbud fits perfectly for your left or right ear.
  • Multifunctional button helps in handling calls along with a good standby time and calling time.
  • The ability to connect two devices simultaneously allowing two Bluetooth smartphones to connect at the same time. Now, there is no worry about missing any calls!


What Comes Included?

Most of them will have the following

  • The Bluetooth Headphones or earbuds
  • USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual
  • Some sets of earbuds (Large, Medium, Small)
  • Wire clips

Bottom line:

Headphones are an essential accessory that makes your journey all the more worthwhile, but, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind when purchasing one. You must pick the pair that suits your ears the most and also check the compatibility with your helmet.

Another important feature is the microphone, while some may have it, others may not. The fit and feel of the earphones are also important. While some are attached to the inside of the helmet, the others hold on to it from the outside.



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