Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Buying Guide

Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Buying Guide

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers are ideal for those who prefer listening to music while under a shower, scuba diving in ocean water, and while swimming. So, they are ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use. However, if you need for indoor use amidst water, then you need the best shower speaker.

Waterproof portable speakers are reliable outdoor companions with a rugged design to stand well beside the pool, beach, shower, or during an adventure, thus eliminating the risk of damage. Such models are also shockproof to withstand occasional droppings. So, you can even go for portable construction, although those big waterproof models are likely to give you better sound quality.

However, you will also find water resistant speakers encompassing the Bluetooth technology. However, these are different from the waterproof ones.

Waterproof versus Water Resistant Speakers
A waterproof speaker is fully safe while functioning amidst the water and survives even if it is submerged in water. On the other hand, a water resistant model only resists some splashes, for example, besides a pool, in misty bathroom, or during light rain. In no way it can survive if it is kept submerged in water or wet for long.
Factors to Consider while Buying the Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Not all waterproof models are equal, even if they seem to be. When it comes to buying Bluetooth speakers waterproof shower, there is one unique feature you need to look for. This is the IP Code or Ingress Protection (IPX) Rating, which indicates the extent to which the model can survive under water exposure.

You can find this rating expressed as β€˜IP’ followed by β€˜X’ and a number or two digits. The last number shows the moisture resistance level. For instance, IPX1 means that the product is protected against drizzly water, which is analogous to 3-5mm rainfall for 10 minutes.

Similarly, IPX8 means the product is designed to tolerate continual submersion under the specified conditions. For a Bluetooth speaker, IPX4 is sufficient for most uses against splashes from all angles. This prevents damage in a rainstorm but is not ideal for being submerged in water.

The best waterproof Bluetooth speaker with water submersion capability will be labeled IPX7. This means that it thrives in up to 1m of water for half an hour. Less waterproof models might only be IPX4 rated, meaning they can only handle being splashed.

Another unique factor/feature to consider is the ability to float. Many Bluetooth speakers tend to flat in water, which is good for those with kids who can throw the product into the pool and boaters. Sound muffling is an issue but it is fun to see upward sprays by drivers during the deep bass notes.

Here are some more factors to look for:


  • √ Sound quality
  • √ Function; should let you take phone calls and make proper pairing for stereo sound in two different rooms
  • √ Range (up to 300 feet supported)
  • √ Pairing with two Bluetooth devices simultaneously (not all models offer this feature)
  • √ Battery life (at least 10 hours of playtime; even 20 hours from high-end models)
  • √ USB recharging

You need to know what you need and read the description properly. Wishing for a waterproof model and getting a water resistant model can really invite a quick disaster.

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