The Importance Of Volume Limiting Headphones For Kids

kids wants funLet’s face it. While we love our kids and hope that they will act responsibly as often as possible, the truth is that they will make some really bad choices. Whether it is to decide to start smoking, to throw a rock at a window, or to hang out past curfew, there will be times in the life of your child where he or she will choose to make some choices that you simply shake your head at and wonder what possessed them to be so silly.

The biggest concern that many parents have is related to issues where the child’s health is at stake. Kids like to live on the edge, because they think that they are nearly invincible. They are worried about what the effects could be on them when they are 40 or 50; no, all they worry about is what they can do today. That leads them to make some choices that can have long-term consequences.


They Truly Need to Protect Their Hearing

hearing protectionOne of the biggest concerns that parents are having these days is in relation to the hearing of their child. Kids are spending so much time listening to music and talking on the phone through their headphones that they are greatly endangering their sense of hearing. It’s not just the frequency of use, that the volume as well and this is why so many parents are getting concerned.

While many are doing quite well without the ability to hear, the truth is that an inability to hear well can be a serious handicap to success in most aspects of life. You might shut out from an entire world, simply because you are unable to enjoy to the fullest the many wonders that this planet offers you. This means that you are denied the ability to listen to music, enjoy the sounds of nature, or to hear the beautiful words that someone you love so much is sharing with you. This is what having destroyed or damaged hearing can do.

However, there is much more at stake than simply enjoying the benefits of life. If you are unable to hear very well, that means you are denying yourself some kinds of jobs. You are putting yourself behind in your classes because you may not understand what the instructor is saying, and you are putting yourself at risk when you are traveling out and about. This is why protecting the hearing of your child is necessary.


Protect Their Hearing

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Volume Limiting Headphones Is the Solution

One way that parents can take an active role in helping to protect the hearing of their children is by buying them volume limiting headphones. It’s true that your child may absolutely hate that you did this, but the fact of the matter is that you may need to step out and take some kind of action to protect your child’s hearing.

How these work is simple. Either through a mechanism on the headphones themselves or through a software package that is associated with the headphones, the parent can choose a maximum volume that the headphones will produce while your child is listening to music, watching videos, or talking on the phone. By setting the maximum volume that is permissible, you ensure that the headphones do not go beyond a certain decibel level, meaning that there is a great decrease in the amount of potential damage that can be caused to your child’s hearing.

Volume Limiting Headphones Is the Solution

For those who were wondering if this really works, you should be aware that several studies have determined that this can be a successful way in helping to keep your child’s hearing safe.


Not All Headphones Are Alike

If you are a parent who is thinking that this is a great idea, consider for a moment that not all headphones you would find for your child are made the same. There are some that are clearly better in terms of the manner in which they limit the amount of volume that can be produced. Some simply offer a switch on the side of the headphones, which your child can turn back to a higher setting. If you have doubts about your child’s integrity then maybe this isn’t the option for you.

However, there are other things to be concerned about in terms of a set of headphones be on the ability to control the volume. Most children think of their headphones as an extension of their style as much as a functional piece of equipment to assist them in listening to music or talking on the phone. They want something that looks good, feels comfortable, and fits in their ensemble for them to use them. This poses some particular challenges for many parents out there.

If you are not buying a set of headphones that your child will use, then your ability to limit the amount of volume they are receiving becomes limited. They may either borrow a set from a friend, or may go out and try to purchase their own. This may defeat your goal of trying to protect your child’s hearing long term.

Before making a decision on any volume limiting headphones that you would buy for your child, consult them about what they would like to wear. You want them to be in these headphones as much as possible and, while they may not like having the volume reduced, if they like the look they are more likely to wear them.

Different Headphones for Kids

You Need to Do More

While getting a pair of volume reducing headphones is a great start, there are also other measures that you need to take to ensure that your child’s hearing is protected. One of the most essential of these is the amount of time that your child is using the headphones each day.

Many pediatricians are now pushing for parents to not allow their child to use their headphones more than two hours a day. That is not two hours at one time; it is two hours total in any 24 hour period. What they are finding is that prolonged use, even at lower volumes, can be just as dangerous as wearing the headphones for a short period of time at a louder volume. You need to make sure that you are being proactive and not allowing your child to use their headphones more than a couple of hours each day.

There is no doubt that this is going to be met with some stiff opposition. Virtually every kid on the planet has their headphones either in their ears or around their neck practically all day long. This means that you are going to face some serious resistance to this rule, but if you are going to have any success in having a child grow with the best possible hearing that they can, then you are going to have to make the tough parental decision to stop your child from using their headphones beyond this amount each day. It’s for their long-term health, and this is part of each parent’s responsibility.

Also, while headphones styles like earbuds are becoming ever increasingly popular, there are some concerns about the impact this can have on your child’s hearing as well. This style of headphones puts the sound waves directly into the ear canal and up against the eardrum. There is no escape for that sound whatsoever, which can be quite dangerous for the long-term health of your child’s hearing. These are becoming ever more popular, but are also quite dangerous. You may want to not allow your child to use the style of headphones if you find that you have concerns about how it could damage your child’s hearing.

child’s hearing is protected

It’s a Smart Decision

You would like to trust your child. All parents would. However, the reality is that your child will press his or her limits in virtually everything that they do. If you are honest about it, they are likely no different than you were when you were their age. You were probably just as much of a maverick, and so you should expect your child to be so as well.

Getting voice limiting headphones is a great first step in trying to help your child to have the most healthy hearing that he or she can have. We live in an age where children are bombarded with an ever-increasing technological world. A world where they are able to watch, listen to, and view electronic devices at an ever-increasing rate. This means that they are finding themselves using headphones to be able to listen to their tablet, smart phone, PC, or other electronic device. Heck, even many high schools and colleges are setting classes so that students review materials on their computer or tablet. This is only adding to the demand for headphone use.

Smart Decision

If you do not take a proactive stance in helping to protect your child’s hearing, then the consequences can be quite severe. The last thing you want is for your child to be 30 years old and in need of a hearing aid because of the volume that they have been using.

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