Best Ultrasone Headphone of 2019: A Buyer’s Guide and Review

What Makes Ultrasone Stand Apart from Other Headphones Brands

An audiophile is a devotee of great music. Keeping this in mind, many brands have come up with different audiophile headphones. These headphones cater to the diverse requirements of audiophiles through a so-called luxurious listening experience and an ultra-high-fidelity playback.

Ultrasone Headphone Review

There are many top and popular brands that produce the best audio quality headphones featuring some good sealed or closed cans to keep sound leakage away. However, most of them are quite inconsistent while making a technological shift from one model to the next.

While this is good, the repercussion is that the model that you choose usually discontinues in some time and the same process of choosing another model starts again. Well, this is irritating! Mostly, such moves are due to marketing motives, and not a part of the quality improvement process.

Well, in short, an audiophile should choose a brand that consistently releases sound headphones, right from the bottom to top of the line. This makes it straightforward to recommend just anything the brand makes and sells.

Well, so is Ultrasone one such audiophile brand producing headphones with highest sound quality? Let’s find out!

Trying to Know about Ultrasone: An Overview in Terms of Price and Technology
Founded in 1991, Ultrasone is a German brand with a chief objective of making the most musical headphones. In terms of value, it is admired for its medium and upscale ranges of headphones for the audiophiles. So, the Ultrasone headphones price range is medium to high.

Ultrasone History

Ultrasone History

Similarly, in terms of technology, the brand is known for its advanced headphones targeting the pro-audio market. This combination of price and technology gives you high-quality headphones. In other words, an Ultrasone headphone with highest audio quality is always at your disposal. The company is the leader of some of the most unique and diversely effective technologies in the audio market.

Trying to Know about Ultrasone Headphones: An Overview in Terms of Uses
According to any online Ultrasone headphones review, the headphones cater to the needs of various professional applications, including DJs, home recording, and sound engineering. Their output is powerful, natural, exact, immaculate, and highly musical, while enjoying the plush comfort of soft and silky earpads for a long time without fatigue.

Due to luxurious makeup and high risk of damage, these headphones are not for use on the passage way. Rather, they are ideal for use in homes where a hi-fi system facilitates the first-time experience even if you are hearing for the 10th time or in a live concert film where your much beloved band mesmerizes you. Watching a movie or playing a game with the Top rated Ultrasone Headphone tends to reveal every detail; you are likely to appreciate the new acoustic sound design.

While the portable earbuds or in-ear monitors still dominate the iPods, this headphone company with its full-size, high-fidelity headphones geared towards the i-world products continues to be in the breaking news under the entertainment category. No longer is a full-size headphone the domain of vocal audiophiles.

The Best Ultrasone headphones for iPod continue to make a statement, which is the Edition 8.

Okay, That’s Interesting! What Makes It Unique? Is Ultrasone a Good Brand?
Is Ultrasone a good brand?
Unlike many other brands, This Headphone Company has its own distinctiveness to maintain. This is regardless of whether you choose the best Ultrasone headphone for bass or just the best expensive headphone. Here are the factors that dedicate to this distinctiveness factor.

Ultrasone DJ

  • Better Listening + Health Experience: The company has developed and registered over 60 patents for its ground-breaking technology that not only takes care of music experience but also of your health. The number of patents might not stun you but the combination of music and health is of utmost significance, which is enough to amaze you. Two of its patents are for the S-Logic technology with a dispersed transducer that renders a highly distinct and uplifted listening experience and decentralized driver positioning that produces better sound.
  • Special Editions: The brand offers very special Editions range of headphones, of which many are limited editions. The salient features of this range are selected natural materials, skillful handcrafted, and vigorously tested to deliver only the highest quality headphones. The strategy of keeping limited editions itself indicates the uniqueness of their making.
  • Versatile: this brand is a well-established name for a variety of headphones such as open, wireless, closed, studio, DJ, and portable. No matter which one you choose, the sound quality, bass, and clarity are at its best.
    • Open: Allow sound to escape in both directions and are non-isolating due to which sound can leak. So, this type of open headphones are not for recording studio applications but for general listening without fatiguing the ears.
    • Closed: Come with great quality for rendering more detailed and fuller sound than what is heard from other equivalents. They overcome the leakage limitation of open headphones due to which they are used in homes or in public, in places where other noises are likely to disturb the listening, and in recording venues where sound leakage is unbearable.
    • Studio: Are ideal for recording a full band and come with a built-in amplifier for catering to the home or studio projects. The popular Ultrasone series are Performance, HFI, PRO, and Signature Pro. The HFI series delivers better sound to a standard listener, while the PRO series fulfills all the needs of an avid musician with some cool extras such as good cases, spare pads, and detachable coiled cords. The PRO series is also famous for its balanced, double cable headphones. A balanced model with a balanced amplifier is better than a standard, single cable model. This is because it offers increased audio performance by boosting the voltage swing power, removing crosstalk, and alleviating distortion.

This assortment reflects a great degree of customization and comfort for the audiophiles. Any audiophile is bound to get the desired pair of headphones quickly.

Still, Why Should I Choose Ultrasone?
If you do not mind shelling out some more money and know which type of headphones to buy as an audiophile, just two reasons are enough to convince yourself to choose this brand.

Ultrasone Headphones

1st: Minimized Risk of Ear Damage

Ear DamageIt is common to hear cases of ear damages due to the use of earphones or headphones. To make such cases rare and even nil, German headphones has taken an innovative step. It has implemented the surround-sound simulacrum technology, which is commonly known as the S-Logic that imitates the sound heard over speakers.

Instead of directing the audio directly into the inner ear, the technology drives it around your head (outer year) by utilizing the decentralized driver positioning feature. It uses the outer ear for decoding and grasping the Three-Dimensional (3D) soundscape, which then helps in outlining the direction and distance from where the sound comes.

In most headphones, the ear cup holds the drivers that target straight into the hearing channel, for hitting the eardrum directly with sound. However, the listener does not hear directly, as it is absorbed by the outer ear’s curves. This is significantly why it is possible to perceive directional sound or hear 3D.

However, it has refined this mechanism further for a more natural-sounding system by positioning the drivers away from the middle of the eardrums and in a way that utilizes the outer ear. Many audio professionals have tried the this branded headphones. They agree that what is first heard is incredible; it is a totally new audio acoustic sound.

The sound coming from the headphones reflects from the outer ear’s surface, which differs from one person to another. In simple words, a pair of normal headphones makes one feel that the music is played in the head. However, with the S-Logic technology, the impression is of a natural 3D sound.

The sound signals are reflected off the outer ear surface in different directions before reaching the auditory canal for forming a natural 3D sound. S-Logic is the only technological system to include the whole sense of hearing to generate a natural surround sound sensation and alleviate sound pressure levels by up to 40%, which is 3-4 decibels (dB) at the eardrum. This reduces the probability of hearing damage.

This benefit is perceptible when you use a pair of proseries headphones with the S-Logic cans along with one of those high-end ones. You are genuinely protecting your ears.

2nd: Least Ear Fatigue

This most wanted benefit comes from the blend of S-Logic and Ultra Low Emission (ULE) technologies. The latter one has a shielding of nickel-iron magnetic alloy that is soft.

Most headphone drivers generate magnetic fields of low frequency, as they transform an electrical signal into an acoustical one, which a listener hears as sound or music. This radiation is the cause of ear or listening fatigue. However, the ULE technology is known for its ability to reduce this magnetic radiation by 98%, as compared to other standard headphones.

This technology has passed the international review test and is admired and recommended by several technical surveillance bodies. While the brand originally established the technology for professionals, its increasing demand has now made it available in the majority of its consumer electronics.

The less fatiguing experience is also due to the driver positioning, as the position does not flood the eardrum with the pressure of sound. It continues even if you are listening to music for several continuous hours.

3rd: Natural Sound from All Directions

Natural SoundThe Ultrasone S-Logic is an alternative surround system, which makes the brand fall apart from the rest. The position of the speaker driver is the essence of this system. Because it is not located in the earpad’s center, it does not send the sound directly to your inner ear but a bit off-center. Just compare the driver position with the more traditional headphones to find this out.

By placing the driver in an unconventional position, the sound first reaches the outer ear structure. From here, it then passes into the middle and inner ears in a natural way. In simple words, you hear the sound as it would be in nature or while using the speakers.

Such an approach works quite effectively. It ensures an increased vastness and guiding perception of the soundstage. Rather than coming from left or right, the stage now opens from all directions and goes beyond the earpad limits.

4th:Compatible with Any Amplifier/Receiver

The S-Logic technology creates a surround sound environment with any receiver or an amplifier, regardless of whether it is equipped with the dedicated Digital Sound Processing (DSP) technology or not.

This is where it beats the famous audio systems such as those from Dolby, Yamaha, DTS, and SRS/DTS. They all render an enveloping sound by placing the sound field in the side and in the front space around the head, which is analogous to a standard surround sound system featuring a speaker. While they work with any headphones, they rely on the amplifier or receiver that must have a built-in surround sound technology.

However, this is not the case with the S-Logic headphones, as they can access a sound surround environment from any receiver or amplifier. This is because the sound tends to originate from a bit behind the ears, a bit above the ears, and a bit from the front.

Well, this approach is simple yet innovative for headphone listening, which is suitable for playing a music CD or DVD/Blu-ray track. There is no need of any other equipment. The effect is obtainable with any receiver with a headphone connection.

5th: Livelier and Clearer Perception of Instruments and Voices

 This benefit is due to the advanced version of S-Logic, which is S-Logic™ Plus. It is implemented in the selected headphones of the brand’s HFI and DJ models featuring more streamlined ear cups. The technology blends precision dampening with micro-acoustic fortification. In other words, the driver and spatial factors optimally complement each another allowing the acoustically redesigned cups to contribute to a neutral sound and livelier perception of instruments and voices.

So, is Ultrasone a good brand? Well, definitely yes! For over 25 years, the brand is renowned for its innovative headphones technologies delivering the superb sound of high fidelity. You can easily find a consumer or professional pair of headphones, which can be closed, open, or in-ear.

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