Ultrasone Tribute 7 Review: An Anniversary Series Headphone

Ultrasone Tribute 7 Review Score


Ultrasone was the first manufacturer in the dynamic headphone segment to combine luxury and professional sound at the highest level. The sound reproduction of the Tribute 7 is identical to that of the earlier Edition 7. Accordingly, every Tribute 7 has an accompanying measurement report. Individual serial numbers emphasise the uniqueness of each individual Tribute 7. Highly polished, metal-coated brass logo plaques adorn the aluminium ear cups, which are milled from a single block of the highest-quality aircraft aluminium and then carefully anodised in the colour “mystic blue”.

Lets dig in the review
Of all headphones, available on the market today, the Ultrasone tribute 7 has to be the most original and the most specific. In a matter of fact, there isn’t anything ordinary with this model. Even the price is different than you may expect. However, you will pay for exclusivity and for something that is rare, specific, different and stunning. There are so many reasons why these headphones are different, so let’s discover them.

The Tribute term means a lot, at least in this case. This is a limited model, handcrafted in the Ultrasone factory in Germany. There are no copies nor ‘’more affordable’’ versions. You get what you buy, if you can afford it. There are 777 units made, and the company won’t make the same model ever again. It is wonderful being the owner of something so rare and so unique. In simple words, the price is perfectly justified with all of the claims we just mentioned.

The package isn’t standard either. It is made from cherry wood and it features an extraordinary finish. In recent years, we had an opportunity to see a lot of different cases, but all of them were similar in some way. This one simply isn’t! Beside it, in the package is included a cable 1.2 m (3.5mm jack) and a longer version, 3 m (3.5 mm connector). Both cables are B- lock models. The cleaning cloth is standard as well.

The ear cups are another element of these headphones that will make you get an even higher desire. They are made from aircraft aluminum, a highly durable type of this metal. Then, the manufacturer polished them and painted with mystic blue color. There is the logo as well. The bottom line, at least when it comes to ear cups is that they are first of a kind, and due to the fact this is a limited version, they will be only of a kind. Only these elements have a higher value than average headphones!

What is it about this Headphone?
Ultrasone tribute 7 headphonesThe headband is covered by the Alcantara material. This is an expensive material, commonly used in the car industry. If we know that Porsche and Audi use it for high-end car models, we can deduce that it has to be good. It definitely is. It is soft, strong and it looks like no other material used in headphone industry. Ear paddles are made from sheep’s skin. However, this is standard material, Ultrasone uses for premium models. It has been proved as the perfect type of skin for high-end headphones.

As you would expect, all standard (premium) features this brand has to offer are included. Each user will be able to experience ULE-technology, S LogicPlus and Natural surround sound system. What these systems do, in simple terms is adjust the sound on the smallest levels, making it sound natural and perfectly balanced. The sound is also decentralized from the inner ear, allowing you to hear louder melodies without the risk of damaging your hearing. The Ultrasone tribute 7 price may be high, but the features list is long as well. All other, standard features such as foldability, comfort and a lot of basses are included.

Should You Buy Them?
The Ultrasone tribute 7 headphones are not designed for average people, who just want to get their hands on some headphones. They are developed and made for professional, advanced audiophiles who want to get headphones that will stay in their possession forever. Which will make an amazing sound no matter which sound source is used, nor which genre of music is chosen.When their lifespan is over, they will still be valuable and look like a perfect trophy.

What We Liked The Most

  • Exclusive model, only 777 units made.
  • Ear cups made from aircraft aluminum.
  • Alcantara headband.
  • All standard and advanced features are included.
  • Outstanding design.
  • Designed for professional audiophiles.
  • Foldable
  • Cherry wood case.


  • Very expensive.
  • The cables look cheaper than the rest of the headphones.
  • They are not designed to be used in different locations.

Should you buy this model?

The Ultrasone tribute 7 review just confirmed what we believed. This is an extraordinary set that is made to be the best. It is exclusive, rare, expensive and the sound it produces shares the same advantages. If you can afford them, buying them is definitely something you should take into consideration. Not only you will get amazing headphones, but you will also get a piece of the legacy. Chances are high, this model will be far more expensive in the near future, so we can even say that they are an investment.



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