Ultrasone Signature Pro Review: W/ a Comprehensive Technology

Ultrasone Signature Pro Review Score


Hand-crafted in Germany. Equipped with comprehensive Ultrasone technology. The comfortable ear pads and the new headband make it possible to work and listen stress-free for long periods of time. It get’s better… these new Signature PRO headphones may have a minimalist design, but can handle hard work and are a sheer pleasure to wear! The name plates made of finely polished toughened safety glass emphasize its professional focus.

Knowing the difference
Ultrasone Signature Pro S-Logic is top of the range model, made by one of the best manufacturers in the business. As you may believe, there are a lot of great features and the build quality. This model is also rated as one of the most professionally made by this German manufacturer. As such, the sound quality is outstanding and it simply reflects the level of quality.

Ultrasone signature pro can withstand drops from 10 feet height many times, without any damage. This is confirmed by the manufacturer and we actually checked it. The secret is in the build quality and the materials the manufacturer used. All of them are top of the range, the same as the headphones in question.

User replaceable cables are the next best thing. They are widely available on the market and they come in a variety of features. You can get those that have a built-in microphone and those with smartphone controls. As standard, each user gets two cables. The first one is 5 foot long with a 3.5 mm jack at the end and the second one is 10 foot long with a 6.3 mm jack at the end. Ultrasone signature pro headphones are equipped with the special socket support, which eliminates the risk of ripping the cable, no matter how hard it may happen.

Ultrasone Signature PRO Headphones
Ultrasone Signature PRO Headphones
What is a S-logic surround headphones
During the Ultrasone signature pro headphones review, we were extremely satisfied with the MU Metal shielding. It reduces radiation up to 98% and you can actually notice the difference. The independence is also impressive and it is 32 ohms.

All users will want to get an impressive quality of these headphones. Luckily, on our Ultrasone signature pro review, we discovered that the sound quality is simply impressive. Ultrasone signature pro bass is astonishing, especially in mid and high frequencies. The vivid clarity is the next thing that should be mentioned. All frequencies are perfectly played and there are no differences between them. These headphones simply play all sounds and basses on the same way, without putting an accent on a specific one. The bottom line when it comes to the quality is that it is simply impressive. It is even better than high-end headphones made by other manufacturers. Just try to remember that bass isn’t especially pronounced.

The warranty makes the Ultrasone signature pro best price affordable. Yes, it is still one of the more expensive models, but keep in mind that it comes with a 5 year warranty. In order to get it, an owner will have to register on the official website and to enter the serial number. It is one of the longest warranties available and it protects your investment completely. With this warranty, you will be protected from the defects and normal use, but the company claims that abuse headphones won’t be covered by the warranty.

Ultrasone Signature PRO Headphones
Ultrasone Signature PRO Headphones
Should You Buy Them?
Environmental noise and leakage are at a high level as well. This means that while you are watching a movie, a person next to you won’t hear a thing. The situation is the same with environmental noise. Closed back make it impossible to other sounds to get into the listening area. As such, this model is perfect for gamers and for people who want to watch a movie or a TV show without disturbing.

Other things you should know of are the earpads that are simply impressive. They are made from sheep’s skin of the Ethiopian ship and they are very comfortable. Storing the headphones is simple as well because they can be folded. In general, all elements of the headphones are well-made and durable.

What We Liked The Most

  • Great design.
  • Lightweight 300g.
  • Easy to store.
  • MU Metal shielding.
  • Earpads
  • User replaceable cables.
  • ULE technology.
  • S plus feature.
  • Impedance is 32 ohms.


  • The price is slightly higher than competitor models.
  • The bass isn’t extremely pronounced.
  • The definition isn’t at the highest level.

Should you buy these headphones?

The bottom line when it comes to these headphones is very simple. You get amazing headphones that are well-made, come with an impressive warranty and they are rich in features. You can use them every day, for every single application you have in mind and they will function perfectly. If you don’t care about the high price tag, there won’t be a better model to find on the market. After all, these are professional headphones, so all the features they have, is a must. If we add a great level of comfort, we can deduce that this model is more than just recommended.

Ultrasone Signature PRO Headphones
Ultrasone Signature PRO Headphones



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