Ultrasone Pro 900 Review: Dynamic Principle: Closed-back

Ultrasone PRO 900 S-Logic Surround Sound Professional Review Score

  • S-Logic Natural Surround Sound Plus
  • Dynamic principle, closed
  • Frequency range 6-42,000Hz
  • Impedance 40 ohm
  • Sound pressure level 96 dB
  • New 40 mm Titanium drivers
  • S-Logic PLUS technology
  • Ultra Low Emission MU-Metal shielding
  • Ultra Soft Cable (USC-cable)
  • Neutrik connectors
Lets dig in the review
Ultrasone pro 900 saleUltrasone pro 900 is another affordable model made by the manufacturer in question. It is affordable but it isn’t cheap, there is a difference! For this amount of money, it is more than just suitable and it is a great choice for amateurs and semi-professional musicians. However, those with sensitive hearing will be thrilled as well. With Ultrasone pro 900 headphones, you can actually feel the difference in the music you listen.

The package is more than just sufficient. You get a hard case, with different ear paddles and cables, paired with a CD. On the CD, you get a different type of music, different sound effects and different genres. All of this is important if a user wants to test the headphones with different melodies.

Now we have come to the comfort. Thanks to the gentle plastic and the comfortable earpads, wearing these headphones even for a long period of time won’t be an issue. Ultrasone pro 900 sale price is more than just lower if we compare it to similar models. However, the quality is outstanding.

What is a S-logic surround headphones
Is the sound relevant to you? Obviously, it is. The main point to know here is that the sound is accurate. You can hear all the differences in the melody and even the smallest variations will be detected. The Ultrasone pro 900 balanced sound distribution system makes them an even better choice if you are in the mood for listening soft and gentle music. On the other hand, we have Ultrasone pro 900 bass power. In general, the bass is strong, but not too much, which may be an issue to some people. No matter what type of music you listen, the bass will boost the effect.Ultrasone pro 900 balanced

The model here has been recently updated. Now you get a completely new drivers (40mm) made of titanium. This makes them extremely durable, efficient and improves the sound distribution. S-Logic PLUS is supported as well. This is a standard feature for this manufacturer, but it is finally available with more affordable models. The Ultrasone pro 900 cheapest feature here involves the impedance of 40 ohms. The Ultrasone pro 900 cable is based on the 3.5 mm jack, meaning that plugging in or out is simple and fast.

Using them for games and for soft music is simply the perfect application. They will perform perfectly in both cases. The situation is the same when it comes to movies. Connecting them directly to a smartphone is another advantage. Bass and treble are aggressive at higher volumes, but they are very soft in the mid ranges. Adding the fact that the insulation is perfect (people close to you cannot hear you) and we get a decent model, with many purposes.

These are closed headphones, meaning that the back is closed. Some models of this type may cause the claustrophobic effect, but not this one! A user gets a high level of the seal between the ears and ear pads. Thanks to this feature, there is no distortion of the music. You will hear what you wanted to hear and that’s it. All the instruments can be easily detected and vocals are, thanks to the aggressive bass, very pronounced.

Should You Buy Them?
The last but not least is the clamp that holds the earpads together, simply describe. It is more than just strong, so once you put them on, you won’t like to take them off. The entire world becomes a calm place without any sounds, except the ones you want to hear.

What We Liked The Most:

  • More than just affordable, for these features.
  • Well-made.
  • The level of comfort is stunning (you get additional ear paddles).
  • Bass is astonishing.
  • All types of music can listen without an issue.
  • Headphone amp for Ultrasone pro 900 is high.
  • Using with the EDM will make them even better.
  • Package


  • Treble may be more than you want.
  • Mids aren’t as good as you may believe.
  • May be discomfortable to you.

Should you buy them?

Ultrasone pro 900 Amazon price is more than just affordable. Keep in mind that you will get excellent headphones with a lot of great features. The sound quality is simply the best in this class, so is the quality. At the first sight, it is possible to see the quality of all materials and the construction. Nevertheless, the bass is the peach of this model. It is more than just powerful, accurate and rich in details. People who prefer bass in all genres of music will definitely think this is the best model ever.



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