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Ultrasone Pro 750 Review: The Old and Legendary Fan Guy

Utrasone PRO 750 Headphones Review Score

  • Dynamic, closed back headphones with 40mm titanium plated drivers
  • S-Logic PLUS technology for an realistic stereo field, decreased ear fatigue, and safer listening
  • Impedance 40 ohm/Frequency range: 8 – 35000 Hz
  • 2 detachable cables & replacement ear pads included
  • Transportation case included
Lets dig in the review
Ultrasone Pro 750One of the more interesting models, made by Ultrasone has to be the Ultrasone pro 750. The manufacturer promises a lot of unique and original features and a great design (standard for this brand). But, In reality, there are a lot more headphones must deliver than just design and unique capabilities. Here, we will try to explain how it looks like when you own these headphones.

Ultrasone proline 750 is different, as we already mentioned and here is why. The earpads are made from foam, and they are massive. Simply said, when you put the headphones on, you will notice how massive they look and you will notice that ears are deeply located into them. Drivers are still far away from the ears. However, this has a purpose. The manufacturer says that this model also comes with the S-Logic Natural Surround. The feature stands for drivers that send waves not directly into the inner ear, but rather around the ear. This creates a well-known surround effect. In reality, this actually works. Another benefit of this feature is that it allows you to listen to higher volumes without damaging your hearing.

What is a S-logic surround headphones
The Ultrasone pro 750i comes in a standard package for this brand. You get additional ear paddles and two cables. One may be too short and it features a mini-jack, while the other is much longer and it comes with a connector. Obviously, the headphones have detachable cables. Add the hard case and this model is suitable for people who want to carry them around and try them with different sound sources.Ultrasonepro 750 headphones review

They are comfortable. Both ear paddles, the one fitted as standard and the additional ones are simply magnificent. They are incredibly comfortable and they are soft, allowing people to wear them for hours and hours.

One of the main aspects of every single headphone is the bass. The Ultrasone pro 750 bass is specifically more powerful than other headphones have. The rhythm is sufficient as well. The details of the music are at a higher level. All of this suggests that Ultrasone pro 750 headphones will boost listening capabilities and make a lot of people happy (those who like to listen to a powerful, bass-rich and detail-full music). The bottom line, when it comes to the sound at least is that this model simulates the loudspeaker sound production.

A must be mentioned fact is that the Ultrasone pro 750 closed-back professional headphones have above the range environment noise reduction. No matter where you are, and what people around you are doing, you won’t hear them. There are a lot of different systems and features that make this possible, but the main one is the ear paddles that we mentioned earlier.

During the Ultrasonepro 750 headphones review, we liked the weight and the practicality. These headphones are very gentle to wear and they are pleasant to keep on your head. Nevertheless, all the elements are made from durable materials, so you get titanium driver plates, aluminum back covers, high-quality plastic frame and foam ear pads. A full customization is supported as well. They will fit perfectly for most people, no matter the size of the head or ears.

Should You Buy Them?
Listening to the Ultrasone pro 750 mixing sounds is more than just possible. The drivers are accurate and the sound is warm, meaning that every single irregularity can be detected in a matter of seconds. Let’s not forget the Ultrasone pro 750 frequency response which is also above the range.

What We Liked The Most:


  • Ultrasone pro 750 Amazon price is very affordable.
  • They can be used by most people (comfortable).
  • Offer warm tones.
  • Bass is powerful.
  • Made from high-quality materials.
  • Titanium drivers.
  • Excellent environmental noise reduction.
  • Rhythm is powerful as well.
  • Fully adjustable.
  • Come with a standard package (hard case, cables, and ear paddles).


  • Yu will need some time to get used to it.
  • The S-Logic Natural Surround may affect the sound quality.
  • One cable is too
  • The design may be obsolete.

Should you buy them?

These headphones are above the range, in their own class. They have a lot to offer and they are designed for longer usages. The bass, rhythm and the sound quality, in general, are impressive. S-Logic Natural Surround is supported, which will probably be an advantage for you if we know the fact that most users appreciate this feature. The best part of this model is the environment noise reduction. It is absolute, so you can listen to very loud music, even in the school library.



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