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Ultrasone Pro 550 Review: a Quality Audio in a lightweight & design

Ultrasone PRO 550 S-Logic Surround Sound Review Score


The PRO 550 headphones from Ultrasone provide professional-quality audio in a lightweight and comfortable design. The headphones can fold down into the included hard case, which also has room for storing accessories. The headphones are fully adjustable, and have comfortable around-ear speed-switch earpads. A spare pair of earpads are included.

Lets dig in the review
Ultrasone Pro 550 designUltrasone is one of those brands that make the best things. In this case, they make some of the best headphones on the planet. In the sea of similar headphones, with similar or even identical features, finding the right ones may be extremely complicated. The Ultrasone pro 550 look like they may be the answer.

First of all, this model is very affordable, meaning that even ordinary gamers or ordinary people can afford it. If we know that headphones made by this manufacturer are usually reserved for more, specific buyers, we can say that the model in question is a very desirable. Our Ultrasone pro 550 review should help you understand why these headphones are so recommended. And yes, they are something that should be on the list. They are high-end headphones on a budget, so this may be one of the most important reasons to buy Ultrasone pro 550.

Drivers inside these headphones are 50 mm in diameter. They are paired with speed-switch earpads, one of preferable feature Ultrasone offers. In the package you get additional earpads, so switching them when you want it a matter of time. The comfort is suitable for the extended period of use and the foldability is available as well. One, the more interesting fact is that this model comes in a hard case. Usually, Ultrasone headphones come in a soft case, but this one is different. In addition, the case also offers additional space.

Ultrasone PRO 550 S-Logic Surround Sound Professional
Ultrasone PRO 550 S-Logic Surround Sound Professional
What is a S-logic surround headphones
Choosing the Ultrasone pro 550 for gaming is definitely recommended. The main benefit is the S Logic Surround system. It is a well-known feature that is standard on all models made by this manufacturer.  Thanks to it, a gamer will get an impression he is listening to the sound from speakers, rather than from headphones. In general, this is what all gamers want, so we highly recommend paying attention to these headphones, if you are a gamer. During our Ultrasone 550 pro review we tested it with several, different games and the results were the same. Each time, headphones delivered crystal clear sound, without any distortion. Even when the volume was set to the max, the results were the same. Even more importantly is that there is no ‘’boxy’’ sound side effect!Ultrasone Pro 550

One of the advantages that most people like is the bass. The Ultrasone pro 550 bass quality is a separate story. It isn’t violent like some, equivalent models have. It is gentle, direct and low-end. What this means is that each owner will enjoy in bass more than ever before. These headphones are known as ‘’bass monster’’, so you can get an idea. A great advantage is a system that allows you to listen to the higher volumes without risking your hearing. Pair it with bass, and we have some impressive headphones to use.

Ultrasone s-logic pro 550 are highly portable. They are foldable and they come in the aforementioned case. All of this means that they are perfect for carrying on trips and journeys. The design is something that makes this feature even better. It is specially developed so stay comfortable while using them on a plane or in a car. Even when a person sleeps, the headphones won’t cause fatigue. The headband and the earpads are also tweaked so they withstand a higher pressure, which may occur during the traveling.

Ultrasone PRO 550 S-Logic Surround Sound Professional
Ultrasone PRO 550 S-Logic Surround Sound Professional
Should You Buy Them?
Ultrasone s logic hfi-550 is more affordable than you may believe, but they still come with a long warranty. In a matter of fact, the manufacturer offers a 5 year warranty. It is a standard warranty from this brand and it is highly rated. Tip: The registration on the official website is mandatory in order to get a prolonged warranty.

What We Liked The Most:

  • Affordable
  • Foldable
  • Come in a large package.
  • CD, additional ear pads and cables are included.
  • High-end sound quality.
  • Lightweight and strong.
  • Offer the same features as more expensive models made by Ultrasone.
  • 5 year


  • The design isn’t exactly the latest.
  • The headband is different, so it requires time to get used to it.

Should you buy this model?

Explaining why these are great headphones is very simple. They are affordable versions of more expensive headphones made by one of the best manufacturers in the business. They have all the features you may need and something even more. Comparing them to similar, rival models doesn’t have a point. These are simply far better headphones. The sound quality is more than just good as well. It is clear, accurate and with a powerful bass, it is an adrenaline-rising thing.

Ultrasone PRO 550 S-Logic Surround Sound Professional
Ultrasone PRO 550 S-Logic Surround Sound Professional



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