Ultrasone Performance 880: An Indepth Review

Ultrasone Performance 880 Review Score


Sound specialists Ultrasone have combined highest-quality sound, unique technology and state-of-the-art design in these newly developed headphones.

Lets dig in the review
The top of the new class, Performance, from the Ultrasone is the latest Ultrasone performance 880. What this means is that the manufacturer borrowed all the best features and systems from more expensive models they make and implemented them into this, more affordable model. Now, users can get high-quality audio at a decent price. Despite a lower price, the sound output is above average. In our Ultrasone performance 880 review, we will try to reveal all the features, pros and cons of this model.

An elegant color combination (gunmetal and black) makes the performance 880 Ultrasone look more expensive than they actually are. There are components made from titanium, which is another advantage of this version. The earpads are masterpieces. They are made from soft materials and they include memory foam. What it does is adjusting the earpads to each ear separately, so we can deduce that they will fit perfectly to most users. After all, professional musicians demand and need a high-quality comfort.

Adjusting the headband is simple and it takes a few seconds. Headphones are folded and they come with a bag, therefore you can use them while traveling or in remote locations. No matter where you are, all of the aforementioned features and the connectivity benefits we will mention below are going to make these headphones suitable for 99% of potential buyers.

The package should be mentioned as well. Each user will get a 3 foot cable, paired with a remote control and a microphone. The 3.5 mm jack is gold-plated, another similarity to more expensive models. Let’s just add that in the package, you get another set of earpads. They are made from memory foam as well.

Ultrasone Performance 880 S-Logic Plus
Ultrasone Performance 880 S-Logic Plus
What is a S-logic surround headphones
Ultrasone performance 880 headphones are designed for people who want a great sound, as we already mentioned, but they will be a perfect choice for people who just want to enjoy a movie or listen to the ordinary music on their smartphone/iPod. In both cases, the headphones will meet their expectations. The sound quality is simply better than competitor models offer, thanks to the S Logic and surround sound systems. This makes the sound more natural and more suitable for professionals.

More expensive Ultrasone models have the ability to play louder sounds at lower volumes. The model here shares the same possibility. It is simply magnificent when listening to soft and gentle music. You can hear every single detail and every distortion if there are any.

Now the sound itself. It is more than just appealing and most users will probably listen to the music for a longer period of time, just due to the quality. Bass is strong but safe. Tremble is in reasonable amounts present during all ranges. When we are in the range facts, low and mid ranges are loud and precise. High ranges are a little bit richer with bass, which is actually an advantage if we take into consideration younger audiophiles. The clarity is much better that rival models have to offer. It is also present at the highest volumes, and it comes literally without distortion.

The weight is 274 grams, slightly lower than other Performance models weight. The headband has been completely redesigned when these headphones were developed, so it is more comfortable as well. The manufacturer claims that they will fit perfectly for people with big or small ears.

Ultrasone Performance 880 S-Logic Plus
Ultrasone Performance 880 S-Logic Plus
Should You Buy Them?
The Test Ultrasone performance 880 we conducted included several different music genres and different soundtracks. In every single case, the sound quality was more than just good and it definitely justifies the price tag. Some, more expensive models cannot meet the quality these headphones have.

What We Liked The Most:

  • Some elements are made from titanium.
  • Gold-plated
  • New and different design.
  • Lightweight
  • Sound quality.
  • Better sound at lower volumes.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Come with a bag.
  • All standard features from Ultrasone are supported.


  • Maybe too big for some users.
  • Some owners claim that more bass would be recommended.
  • Headband adjusting values may disappear after a short period of time.

Should you buy them?

If you are satisfied with the Ultrasone performance 880 price, you should definitely buy them. These headphones are made by professionals for average users, for those who simply want a great sound without a lot of annoying complications. The design is probably something that will make you want them even more. In the sea of headphones that look the same, 880 model is a real surprise. The bottom line is that in the mid-range, these headphones are exceptional.

Ultrasone Performance 880 S-Logic Plus
Ultrasone Performance 880 S-Logic Plus



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