Review: Ultrasone HFI-780 S-Logic Surround Sound

Ultrasone HFI-780 S-Logic Review Score


The exclusive design of the closed-back Ultrasone HFI-780 is accentuated by the polar-silver color. The HFI-780 contains all Ultrasone technologies such as S-Logic Plus, ULE and safer hearing. The HFI-780 is developed from the studio sector and is distinguished by a frequency response that is specifically tuned for DVD and gaming.

Lets dig in the review
Ultrasone HFI-780Ultrasone hfi 780 is definitely a model that should be taken into account by most people. It looks like this manufacturer tried to make headphones that will be liked by all users. Ultrasone hfi 780 s logic is not extremely pricey, but they still come with most of the features average and above average user will need. The combination of the materials, design and loud sound is the priority with these headphones.

The first part of the Ultrasone hfi 780 review is the build quality. They are well-made and they are of perfect size. This means that they fit most people perfectly, and they are not too massive, which may be an advantage to people who are going to carry these headphones. The materials are standard for this brand. They are well balanced between the cost and the quality. Earpads share the same features. They are not massive, but they are just right. The 3.5 mm connector is gold plated and it is paired with 3 foot long cable. In addition, they are also foldable, so it is possible to fold them inside the headphones and make a ball-like gadget.

Ultrasone 780 hfi is the first model that comes with improved SPL reduction design. It is reduced by 40%, making them suitable for longer usages. The level of loudness is still the same, but they cause far less ear drum fatigue. One of the reasons for this is the gold-plated drivers. Thanks to them, using the hfi 780 ultrasone on a stage or in a studio is more than just possible.

Explaining the sound quality the Ultrasone hfi 780 headphones produce is more complicated than you may believe. First, we have different bass levels. In simple words, the bass isn’t as powerful as hfi 580 has, but it is definitely more precise. This creates a more refined sound quality, which is especially pronounced when listening more refined type of music. These headphones actually produce a precise and accurate sound that is worth of professional musicians.

What is a S-logic surround headphones
Ultrasone HFI-780 reviewConnecting and driving the Ultrasone hfi 780 headphones is standard. It doesn’t require any additions nor special knowledge. They will run perfectly on most smartphones ad most computers. As such, Ultrasone hfi 780 gaming preference must be mentioned. This model is very popular for gamers, and due to a reason. They create a high level of the seal between the earpads and the ears. Add a strong and realistic sound, and we get perfect headphones for most games.

ULE-technology is supported, but it has been slightly modified. Nevertheless, the radiation is still reduced by 98% and it is possible to feel the difference. This technology has been used by surveillance organizations simply because they use headphones most of the time. Ultrasone is the first brand to implement this technology into headphones that can be bought by ordinary people. A lower radiation reduces the risk of hearing damage when they are worn for an extended period of time.

Should You Buy Them?
S-Logic Natural Surround Sound and S-Logic Plus have supported features as well. They actually can make a difference and they are more than just needed. During our Ultrasone hfi-780 s-logic review, we discovered that these systems make the sound better even at lower volumes, but also more precise and more accurate. It is easy to make a difference between the tones, vocals, and all the instruments.

What We Liked The Most:

  • The price is reasonable.
  • The design is classic.
  • S-Logic Natural Surround Sound and S-Logic Plus technologies.
  • Radiations reduced by 98%.
  • Hearing damage reduction features.
  • Foldable earpads.
  • Gold-plated
  • Spare parts will be available for a long period of time.
  • Come with a transportation bag and CD.
  • Alomodded version is still available.
  • Cozy
  • Earpads are perfect for most users.


  • Treble is too strong to some individuals.
  • The cable hasn’t been upgraded.
  • Transportation bag design.

Should you buy these headphones?

The bottom-line of the Ultrasonehfi 780 headphones review is very simple. These are advanced headphones that have a lot to offer, especially if we add the fact that the price is reasonable. Each user will get the latest features, modern design and a sound that matters. The bass, treble, and the accuracy, during all frequencies, are more than just average. Each user can get the mentioned accuracy with all music genres. It is also possible to detect all the instruments used in a song, thanks to this feature. The Alomodded Ultrasone hfi-780 version is available as well. It is definitely made for music lovers who want to have something extraordinary.



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