Ultrasone hfi 580 Review: A bang for the buck headphone!

Ultrasone HFI-580 Heapdhones Review Score


The HFI-580 headphones from Ultrasone provide crystal clear audio with exceptional bass response in a compact and comfortable package. Ideal for use by bass players and drummers and perfect for tracking, the HFI-580 is designed for high power input with efficient 50mm drivers.

Lets dig in the review
Ultrasone hfi 580Chances are high that when you look Ultrasonehfi 580 for the first time, you are going to like them. This model has been upgraded several times, so the final version has a lot to offer. An interesting fact is that they are the best headphones in this price range, compared to rival models. They are equipped with the latest features and they are well-made.

If you are planning to buy Ultrasonehfi 580 make sure you are planning to use them all the time. The earpads are massive and comfortable. The cable is thick and looks durable. In essence, the entire headphones are massive and extremely comfortable. As such, the seal earpads make around your ears is simply amazing. The weight is 10 ounces, so they are not the lightest model out there, but the weight doesn’t have a negative effect on the comfort or practicality.

Ultrasone hfi-580 specifications suggest that they are slightly more powerful than equivalent models. In addition, they are also suitable for all music genres and they provide a 10 KHz boost in higher frequencies. The subwoofer delivers a smooth and clear boost that is available in all ranges, but it is especially present in mid and high frequencies.

One of the biggest upgrades this model has to offer is the S Logic Natural Surround Sound system. It was reserved for more expensive models, but now you have an opportunity to get it with these, affordable headphones. What it does is make the headphones sound like a stereo. The bass is strong and desirable and you don’t even have to adjust it. Ultrasone hfi-580 s-logic surround sound is equally impressive. Keep in mind that this feature makes them a great value for money and it is responsible for countless recommendations by the current owners. During our Ultrasonehfi 580 review, we noticed that the loudness is available at lower volumes. This is possible thanks to the aforementioned feature and the earpads. It is highly preferable due to the fact it reduces the risk of hearing damage.

What is about its magic?
Ultrasone hfi 580The cable is one of the features that make the Ultrasone hfi-580 s-logic surround sound professional headphones and it is permanently attached, just to mention. You get 3.5 mm mini-adapter and another one, 6.3mm to 3.5 mm. Both adapters are well-made and they look durable. The situation is the same when it comes to the cable.

Our Ultrasone hfi-580 s-logic surround sound professional headphones review must include the carry bag that comes with the headphones. Pairing the foldable headphones with the bag in question, make this model suitable for carrying on your travel trips or whenever you want. The bag itself shares the same level of quality as the headphones and it is more than just good.

Ultrasonehfi 580 s logic is different than other, rival models thanks to the closed-back. As the result, you get a more isolated sound quality that is suitable when you want to distance yourself from the actual world. Perfect for gamers and hardcore movie fans.

Should You Buy Them?
MU metal buffer-board is present as well. This feature has the main goal of reducing the electromagnetic emissions. The results are equivalent to more expensive models this manufacturer has to offer. It means that the electromagnetic emissions will be reduced by 98%, which is simply impressive.

Thanks to the specific sound quality this model produces, we can determine that they are perfect for drummers and for bass players. Alternative models with this application may cost two times more, so this is a wise investment.

What We Liked The Most:

  • Very affordable.
  • The design is modern and practical.
  • They can be folded.
  • S-logic surround sound.
  • Electromagnetic emissions are reduced by 98%.
  • ULE
  • Very high level of bass.
  • Crystal sound quality.
  • Fully adjustable.
  • Comes with a carry bag.


  • The weight may be an issue.
  • Cable is permanently attached.
  • Too much of bass may be an issue for some individuals.

Should you buy Ultrasone hfi-580?

Ultrasone hfi-580 for sale is available right now and it will draw your attention. Why? This is an affordable model that is simply better than most rival headphones. You get an impressive quality (for the money) and you get a perfect sound quality. If you like high levels of bass, the Ultrasone hfi-580 Amazon page should be your next destination. Simply said, the bass these headphones produce is much higher than models from this price range have to offer. It is available at all frequencies and ranges, making these headphones suitable for bass-boosted song lovers.



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