Turtle Beach P11 Review

Turtle Beach P11 Review


Turtle Beach P11


Turtle Beach headsets have always been reputable when it comes to gaming, so I was sure that I would be in safe hands when I purchased the Turtle Beach P11 for my PS3. It’s actually become pretty difficult to find high quality accessories for the older games consoles, so I was really intrigued when I came across this Turtle Beach headset.  As soon as I tried it out I was happy with my choice, and I can definitely say that this particular Turtle Beach headset is great value for money.


  • I don’t have to worry at all about my mic losing power halfway through a game because it’s powered by the PS3.
  • The sound has great depth and I can finally hear all the great background noises from the game.
  • Although the headset isn’t wireless like some of the other models on the market the cable is over 3m so there is no problem with placement of the TV and console. I can be literally anywhere in the room and still be connected.
  • The fit is really comfortable and sits snug around my ears.
  • The embedded chat system is really good and voices can be heard clearly.



  • Not all of the necessary wires come with the headset. I realised after searching the empty box a few times that I needed the Play Station default display cables which came with my console.
  • The headset itself is made from plastic and it does feel a little flimsy especially compared to the more expensive models.
  • I found that the volume controls tend to stick, and sometimes they don’t do exactly what I want them to do.
  • The wires do feel quite loose and like they would separate easily from the headset. This model in particular definitely needs to be treated with care.

Overall, considering the low price of the product the service offered is definitely worth it. The headset is a little flimsy, so it probably won’t last if it’s being used for long hours every day, but for a little gaming a few times a week it’s definitely a good option. I like the fact that this headset can also be used with a PC, although I haven’t personally used it with a PC myself, it’s definitely nice to have the option. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for an affordable PS3 headset.



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