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Treblab XR500 Review – A 2019 Must Read Before Buying This Earbuds

The struggle to find a good pair of in-ear headphones/earbuds is real.

Either the earbuds don’t stay put, or their sound quality is terrible — that’s the usual dilemma I face. What’s more, some earphones are of such poor quality that they give me a headache when I use them. So, you can imagine how exasperated I am with these things.

After all, all I was hoping for was to be able to listen to the high-quality sound, without worrying about my earbuds falling out every 15 minutes, especially when I am in the middle of a workout.

That was when I came across the Treblab xr500 earbuds — a game changer. I was finally able to wear earbuds during intense workout sessions AND enjoy high-quality sound without worrying about battery life!

These earbuds have many other features as well; for example, they are compatible with all kinds of Bluetooth devices. Owing to all of their awesome features, I decided to write my own Treblab xr500 review. Hopefully, this should tell you everything you need to know about them and help you decide if you ought to buy a pair.

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A Quick Guide On Bluetooth Earbuds


Why Should You Switch to Bluetooth Earbuds?

If you’re still using a wired pair of in-ear headphones/earbuds, you might be wondering what’s so special about Bluetooth earbuds.

If you have Bluetooth earbuds, you won’t have to waste several minutes every day just to detangle the cables. In addition, devices that use wireless communication technologies such as Bluetooth earbuds are energy-saving and won’t use up too much battery power.

Finally, investing in Bluetooth technology is something everyone will have to do at some point. Many manufacturers are now switching to Bluetooth, making it a universal standard. So, if you’re still using a wired pair of headphones, you might want an upgrade.

Signs of good Bluetooth earbuds


In order to see whether they are worth the money, you should first check how comfortable the earbuds feel in your ears. Of course, you won’t be able to try them without buying them first. That is why you should read as Treblab xr500 Featuresmany trusted reviews as possible before you go ahead with the purchase.

Usually, most earbuds slip out during exercise or any kind of movement. That could be very annoying, especially if you’re someone who listens to music while working out. Besides, there are different types of earbuds; for example, some come with an open back while others fit over the ears. If you want to decide which type would suit you best, you’ll have to do your research before you go to the store.

Battery Life

Another feature to pay attention to is the battery life of the earbuds. Obviously, longer battery life is more impressive than the cheaper earbuds that don’t last longer than a few months.

Noise-Canceling — An Extra Feature

I prefer earbuds with a noise-canceling feature because that improves the sound experience. Sometimes, it could even be a great way to shut out unnecessary noise when you want to focus. However, the problem with noise-canceling is that it could make the earbuds slightly more expensive. But that’s something I as a consumer am willing to pay for.

Sound Quality

Finally, and most importantly, you should consider the sound quality. At the end of the day, you’re looking for earbuds so that you can listen to high-quality audio. So, don’t ever compromise on the quality of the sound. Typically, when the sound quality is low, you can expect even the product quality to be quite poor.

The Treblab xr500 Bluetooth earbuds are the best I have come across so far. They cover all of those features I just stated, which is why I decided to write this Treblab xr500 review. I’ll explain those features in detail down below.

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All You Need To Know About The Treblab xr500

Why Did I Buy The XR500?

Treblab xr500 Review

I usually enjoy listening to music while working out, especially because certain types of music motivate me. Playing music out loud is definitely an option, but unfortunately, it disturbs the others around me.

Also, I used to find it very annoying when my headphones kept slipping out of my ears during my morning jogs. So, when I was hunting for a new pair of Bluetooth in-ear headphones, I was looking for two distinct features:

  • High-quality sound
  • Comfort

As you keep reading this Treblab xr500 review, you’ll see why these earbuds have quickly become my favorite pair.

What Makes This Treblab Product Different From Other Earbuds?

Every product has its own USP (Unique Selling Point). For example, some earbuds have extraordinary sound quality while others have average sound quality but are long-lasting and waterproof.

But, with the Treblab xr500 earbuds, the USP is a combination of all of the features we are looking for as consumers. These are water-resistant and have the good sound quality, a long battery life, and many more features. Before I came across these, a single pair of earbuds had never provided me with this many benefits.

Moreover, these earbuds have unique silicone ear tips that ensure that they are comfortably secure inside the ears. They don’t cause an earache nor do they feel too tight while inside. That’s why I think they’re a great choice, whether you want to use them for workouts or while running errands on a daily basis.

Are they Sweat-Proof?

In this Treblab xr500 review, I’ve mentioned several times that the product is water-resistant. But, sweat is acidic, unlike water. In fact, that is why the earbuds we wear during workouts get damaged fast.

Fortunately, this pair isn’t like that. It is sweat-proof, which is why I think it’s ideal for workouts. That being said, I don’t encourage using earbuds (or headphones) for too long at a stretch. If it is necessary, then make sure you take them off for a few minutes every hour.

Can You Use Them To Make Calls?

The Treblab xr500 earbuds have a built-in mic system, so they can be used to make phone calls as well. In fact, their noise-canceling technology works perfectly during calls, so you can enjoy more crisp volume. However, if you want to mute the conversation, you’ll have to do that using your phone, as the earbuds don’t have a mute option.

Are They Compatible With Android Devices?

These earbuds detect signals from both Android and IOS devices, as well as Smart TVs. All you need is a Bluetooth-enabled device.

Also, they use Bluetooth 4.1 technology and have a signal range of up to 33 ft. So, if you’re going to a place within that range, you won’t even need to have your phone on you to use these earbuds.

Here Are Some Short Comparison of Our Favorite Treblab Earbuds:

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Treblab xr500 Review — Pros, Cons, Features, and Benefits

Treblab xr500

Why I Decided To Write This Treblab XR500 Review

I am always on the go because my job requires me to travel a lot. Even when I am not working, I usually travel for leisure. Plus, I take fitness very seriously, so I work out every night and walk whenever it is possible. In fact, on my best days, I even walk to work.

Somehow, it became part of my routine to listen to the news while walking and motivational music while working out. Clearly, to do this, I needed a good pair of earbuds. I’ve tried countless pairs in the past, and as I said, I was looking for quality sound and comfort.

The features of the Treblab xr500 Bluetooth earbuds instantly captured my attention. I knew that if this product was true to its claims, this could be the one that finally fulfills my requirements. So, I was excited to try these earbuds out and write my own (honest) Treblab xr500 review.

What’s In The Box?

treblab xr500 HeadphonesAlong with the black and red-colored Treblab xr500 earbuds, the manufacturer also provides three sizes of silicone ear tips. If you’re wondering why there are three different sizes, it is so that you (as the consumer) can use the pair that fits your ears best. Also, in my case, I usually misplace my earbuds, so having extra tips is always a benefit.

In addition, the box also contains a USB/Micro USB charging cable and a cable clip. Accessories such as a cable clip are not necessarily items that we look for; however, having them can definitely be time-saving, especially when we are in a hurry. Therefore, I personally find it fascinating when manufacturers take even such small needs into consideration.

Finally, the earbuds come with a user manual and a carrying case. Having a carrying case will ensure that the earbuds don’t get damaged when we put them in our pocket or any makeshift case. Plus, the case is small enough to be carried around easily, which is great too.

First Impression — Upon Arrival

These earbuds have a sleek appearance that instantly catches the eye. The black and red color combination definitely add to that. They are also available in other colors — pink, white, purple, black and silver.

Impression #2 — After Trying Them

The earbuds have foam ear tips and ear hooks that ensure they are tightly secured on the ears. In addition, the ear hooks are made of soft silicone, which makes them quite flexible and comfortable.

However, these can get rather slippery because of sweat. If that happens, all you need to do is remove the earbuds, wipe them and put them back on.

The cord that connects the two earbuds is light. As some of you already know, heavy cords become uncomfortable after a few hours. In my case, I develop a skin rash when thick/heavy earbud cords rub against my nape for too long.

The Awesome Features And Benefits Of The Treblab XR500 Earbuds

TREBLAB XR500 - Ultimate Cordless Bluetooth Running...
  • TRUE HD SOUND AND HIGH OUTPUT SPEAKERS – Our best sport wireless earbuds; latest Bluetooth 4.1 EDR...
  • ULTIMATE HEADPHONES FOR SPORTS - eXtra comfortable, ipx7 bluetooth headphones - never fall off, thanks to...
  • BLOCKS OUT THE NOISE - our passive noise-cancelling earbuds come with expandable foam ear-tips that block...
  • ENHANCED CONNECTIVITY AND PAIRING - Pair bluetooth running headphones to an iPhone, iPad or Android device...
  • Make everything you do more fun with XR500 Bluetooth earphones! For California Residents Only: Warning -...

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This part of my Treblab xr500 review might get a little technical. But don’t worry — I will make sure to explain everything in detail so that you don’t get confused.

Noise-Canceling Technology

Noise-canceling technology improves the listening experience, whether you’re listening to music or having an important phone conversation.

Convenience And Comfort

The cord for these earbuds is light and short, so it does not affect movement whatsoever. I find that very helpful during workouts. Furthermore, the silicone ear tips and ear hooks allow me to wear these earbuds whenever I want. I once suffered from an intense earache after wearing a pair of earbuds that were too hard on my ears. So, I loved how comfortable the xr500’s silicone ear tips felt.

Treblab xr500 SpecsLong Battery Life

These earbuds have 8 hours of battery life and take only 2 hours to charge. You can easily charge them before work and use them for the rest of the day.

In addition, these earbuds feature a small LED light on the side that informs you of how much battery life you have left. That way, you’ll never find yourself in a situation where your earbuds die without warning.

IPX7 Water-Resistance

The Treblab xr500 earbuds come with IPX7 water-resistance technology. That means they will work even if you drop them 3 ft deep into the water. Thus, whether you’re in the middle of an intense workout or you get stuck in heavy rain, you can still continue listening to music without any trouble whatsoever.

20 Hz–20,000 HZ Frequency Range

The frequency that these earbuds respond to is between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz. Since that is the average sound frequency range of humans, it is more than enough for everyday use.

CVC 6.0 Noise Cancellation Technology

These Treblab earbuds use the CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology, which works exceptionally well during phone calls. However, it wasn’t that great when listening to music. That said, the earbuds stay firm inside the ears and block out all other external sounds. As such, the listening experience is great nonetheless.

Easy User Control

Unfortunately, these earbuds don’t come with a mute option despite having a built-in mic. However, on the top side of the earphone housing, you’ll find button controls for volume and music playback.

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The Bottom Line

The Treblab xr500 earbuds are quite the game changer on the sports earbuds market. I’ve used plenty of other earbuds, and these have been the most outstanding of all for several reasons. One of them is the affordability. You would expect something with that many extraordinary features to be quite expensive. Fortunately, it isn’t.

The noise-canceling technology definitely improves the listening experience, whether I am on a call or listening to music. I’ve noticed that these earbuds work best with EDM and rap music. Nonetheless, even acoustic music has a concert-like sound quality through these.

However, I wasn’t happy with the earbuds’ exterior because it is made of plastic. But, I figured if I manage to use them carefully, that shouldn’t be a problem. Moreover, the manufacturer provides a protective case for the earbuds, which reduces the chances of damage.

Hopefully, this Treblab xr500 review has been useful. They are indeed among the best sports headphones I’ve used, and I definitely won’t hesitate to recommend this product to other people.

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