Treblab X11 Earphones Review – A (2019) Must Read Before Buying

In the last two to three years, wireless earphones have gone from being a yuppie fashion accessory to becoming one of the most popular types of earphones available. With the current advancements in Bluetooth sound transmission and battery developments, we’re finally able to listen to music on our earphones without being tethered to our phone, computer or any other sound source.

You can finally say goodbye to tangled earphone cables in your pocket. As a matter of fact, most smartphone manufacturers nowadays don’t even bother with a headphone jack in their newest models. The old 3.5mm connector is dying out, with Bluetooth audio taking over its place. Wireless speakers, headphones, and earphones have stopped being the future and are slowly becoming the present. As such, there are many different options available.

There’s a revolutionary new pair of earphones that utilizes all of the latest technologies — the Treblab X11. You can find out more about them if you keep reading this Treblab X11 earphones review. But first, I’ll tell you more about wireless headphones and how they came to be.

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What Are The Advantages Of Wireless Earphones?

Wireless EarphonesFor starters, wireless earphones have one major advantage over their counterpart — they have no wires.

It might seem like an irrelevant thing at first. However, going wireless really does give you that level of freedom you just don’t have while using wired earphones.

Leaving your phone on the table while you go to the bathroom, listening to music the entire time? Priceless. But the greatest joy of using wireless earphones is that you don’t have to untangle that ungodly mess of cables every time you want to use them.

When you switch to wireless headphones, you’ll realize how many compromises you had to make while listening to music before. In addition, going wireless can do some real wonders outdoors, especially for nature lovers and runners. You can finally lose the tether pulling on you every step of the run.

In fact, enjoying your music and your exercise at the same time has never been easier. There are even a few water-resistant models of wireless earphones that can make those hard laps in the pool way more fun. Swimmers can now follow in the footsteps of gym goers and runners, listening to their favorite tunes while exercising.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Wireless Earphones?

Young woman with wireless earphonesYet, even when it comes to new technology, there are a couple of drawbacks. The first and most noticeable disadvantage is the price. You can expect to pay 50–100% more on wireless headphones than on wired earbuds with similar specs.

That’s not just the cost of being new and popular. Wireless headphones have a lot more components than their wired counterparts. Batteries, Bluetooth modules — all of those add up to the hefty price of wireless earbuds.

Notice how I mentioned batteries? That’s the second drawback of wireless headphones. You see, wireless earphones require battery power to operate. So, there’s another device for you to charge every day — and let’s not even get started on constantly having to worry about running out of juice!

Still, a decent pair of wireless earbuds will last you more than 5 hours of runtime, which is enough for a day of use. In addition, they charge up very quickly; the batteries are small, so they don’t need a lot of battery power.

Finally, there’s the issue of compressed Bluetooth audio, which is typically lower in quality in comparison to wired audio. Yet, while that may be a problem with earlier models, new Bluetooth technologies such as aptX have made that gap smaller than ever. If you’re not in a music studio listening to high-bitrate audio files, you probably won’t even notice a difference.

What Kinds Of Wireless Earphones Can I Buy?

Ranging from small and barely noticeable to big and bulky, there is a multitude of flavors in the wireless headphone industry.

The first type of wireless earphones were the iconic mono Bluetooth earbuds, which were all the rage in the late 2000s and early 2010s. People mostly used them for phone calls while driving, which gave them a popular nickname — handsfree earbuds. However, since then, they haven’t improved much, or at all, to be honest.

A stepping stone between handsfree earbuds and Bluetooth headphones were the desktop wireless headphone sets. They were on-ear/over-ear headphones that came with a wireless transmitter, which you could connect to your TV or PC. They allowed wireless audio but did not use Bluetooth, relying on manufacturer-specific RF transmissions.

Nevertheless, since 2012, wireless headphones have been exponentially evolving. It all began with the over-ear and on-ear Bluetooth headphones that started the boom and were made popular by the Beats brand of headphones. Soon after, wireless earbuds came into production.

The original style of earbuds with a cable has recently been upgraded to truly wireless earphones. True wireless means you only get two earbuds, with no wires connecting them to your phone, or even to each other for that matter.

Types of Wireless Earphones

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How Do I Choose The Best Wireless Earphones For Me?

Most of these headphones will work perfectly outdoors, but rain might pose a problem for certain models. In any case, choosing your perfect style of wireless earbuds depends mostly on your lifestyle.

Big wireless headsets will work best for gamers and other indoor users. Also, on-ear or over-ear wireless headsets are better suited for audiophiles; the sound quality is outstanding, with bigger drivers and stronger amplifiers.
Great for Exercise

On the other hand, wireless earbuds will work better for people who are constantly on the go, such as athletes, travelers, or even regular people who like to enjoy music while walking.

You see, wireless earbuds have a much smaller footprint, so they’re easy to put on and off. Most of them have some level of water and sweat resistance too, so they’re the perfect match for athletes who enjoy music while they’re exercising.

With a comfortable, snug fit, but no cable to yank them out of your ears while running — wireless earbuds will make your running routine a pleasure instead of a hassle. Besides, their form-fitting, ergonomic design makes them unnoticeable to others.

What Makes Treblab X11 Earphones So Special?

Treblab X11Treblab X11 earbuds belong to a whole different category — truly wireless earbuds.

True wireless earbuds are a new and fresh form of the standard wireless earphones. While the majority of wireless earbuds have a wire connecting the two earbuds, these are truly wireless, as the name suggests. That means you get two separate earbuds, with no cable whatsoever.

Most of the time, you also get a carrying case that doubles as a charger, giving you an additional charge or two without needing external power.

They were first popularized by Apple, with their AirPods, launched in late 2016. After that, a lot of new products have been released, with the Treblab X11 being released in 2017.

For some time, only the top-tier manufacturers made truly wireless earbuds, with prices ranging in hundreds of dollars. However, Treblab X11 earphones are some of the first true wireless earphones you can buy on a budget, without compromising comfort or sound quality.

Now let’s dive into the full Treblab X11 earbuds review, where I’ll give you my first, as well as second impressions of them.

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Treblab X11 Earphones Review

Treblab X11

How Did I Find Treblab X11 Earphones?

Treblab X11 ReviewOnce the world went crazy over Apple’s new AirPods, I became interested in wireless earbuds and what they had to offer. After searching online for cheaper alternatives, I found myself at a loss. However, only a couple of months later, I found these, with a lot of positive reviews.

Since they weren’t expensive, I felt I should give them a go. In this Treblab X11 earphones review, I hope you’ll see why great sound and fit don’t have to come with an insane price tag.

First Impressions

When I first received my headphones, I didn’t know what to think before I opened the box. While there were a ton of color options available, most of them looked aggressive and flashy. I chose the black and orange option.

Once I got the earphones, I was surprised to find that they were really subtle and unobtrusive. The majority of the design was black, with orange ear tips. In addition, the rubber fins used to keep them in were also orange, as was the Treblab decal, and the logo was silver and gray.

The earbuds themselves were triangular with rounded edges and made from shiny ABS plastic and soft rubber. However, believe it or not, the plastic did not feel cheap or brittle at all.

Every Treblab X11 earbuds review I read complimented them on their size. While I couldn’t really perceive how big they were in the pictures, they felt really small and light in my hand. So, I still can’t wrap my head around how Treblab managed to cram an earphone, battery, and microchip into such a small housing, especially at that price point.

With the earphones, you also get a hardshell carrying case, a charging cable, the obligatory instruction manual, as well as some extra ear tips. The ear tips come in three sizes to ensure a perfect fit.

Features And Benefits

The Fit:

Treblab X11 Bluetooth Earbuds ReviewAs mentioned, every Treblab X11 earphones review praised them on their size and fit. The earbuds are unbelievably small and light, which makes them great for active use.

The biggest concern I had with truly wireless earbuds is the fit. With no cable connecting them to the phone, or even to each other, they must be firmly secured to the ear. Otherwise, they’ll fall out often, which is really annoying, not to mention dangerous. You could easily lose your investment somewhere in the grass and never find it again (or maybe even step on it).

I’m glad to say that the folks who designed the X11s really knew what they were doing. Once you choose an ear tip that best fits your ear canal, you can rest assured that the earbuds won’t fall out.

You won’t feel any discomfort while running or walking. Also, the earphones are water and sweat-resistant, so you can exercise without any worries.

The Sound:

To ensure perfect sound while using Bluetooth technology, the Treblab X11s use a feature called Bluetooth EDR (Extended Data Rate). That means you don’t get the horribly compressed audio, as you do with some of the cheaper and older Bluetooth earphones. The sound is very bright and open, uncharacteristic of wireless earbuds.

The lows are pronounced, but not wobbly or overbearing, with punchy bass while listening to techno or EDM. The mids are controlled, really coming to life when listening to rock and jazz music. What’s more, the highs are clear and crisp — never hissy or fizzy.

One Treblab X11 earphones review said that they didn’t like the treble because it was too strong. However, I think they did this intentionally so that the bass would not drown them out.

Overall, the headphones’ EQ seems to be slightly V-shaped, which is great for listening to more modern music. In addition, the audio tracks don’t skip thanks to an internal buffer that loads the next couple of seconds of audio.

Ease Of Use And Battery Life:

Treblab X11 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds ReviewAfter using Treblab X11s for a while, I came upon a few outstanding features that I hadn’t noticed before. For example, the silver logo on each earbud serves as a capacitive touch button, allowing you to answer your call immediately by just touching your earbud. The same goes for pausing your audio track.

Another great feature is that you can use your earbuds in the mono setting, like the old yuppie Bluetooth handset. Unfortunately, you can only use the left earbud by itself, which is probably the only complaint I can make in this Treblab X11 earphones review. The earbuds should be able to operate independently of each other.

While the battery doesn’t last more than 5 hours (like they advertised), it’s still pretty decent. Most of the time, I didn’t have to charge them every day.

However, if I’m using them non-stop (at home or at work), I tend to get the audible low battery warning after about three hours of use. After the warning, I usually get between half an hour and an hour of use. Therefore, it seems that extended constant use somehow drains their battery faster.

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Final thoughts

In this Treblab X11 earphones review, I gave you my honest opinion on this new wireless technology. While they might not be perfect, the features they provide, combined with a really fair price point, really let them stand out on the current market. Thus, they’re a great choice for first-timers who want to delve into the world of truly wireless technology.

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