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Sound Intone CX-05 Headphone Review (2019) – Be Sure To Read This Before Buying

The SOUND INTONE CX-05 is not flashy. If you are one who is not attracted to things that do not offer a visual appeal then you may not give this headphone a second glance. However, read the SOUND INTONE CX-05 REVIEW to understand why, even if the headphone does not look attractive, it does stand out from the other generic headphone.

The headphone has an ear cup that has a matt finish and is the only place where you can see plastic. The hardware is made using zinc alloy that is solid and the hardware is impressive. The headbands are made using stainless steel that is adjustable. It also offers a fabric that is patterned and it comes in many different colours. Braided pet nylon is used in the cable included and in the inline mic and the music controls. This is something that is hard to find at this price.

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The SOUND INTONE CX-05 is a complete value for money

When looking to buy a headphone, the first thing that should come to your mind is whether the headphone is portable. The good news is that the SOUND INTONE CX-05 offers a moderate amount of portability. They fold up easily and take less space. This allows you to fit it seamlessly in a handbag or in a backpack.

The benefit of using the SOUND INTONE CX-05 is that it comes with a 40mm driver that lets you enjoy a clear sound and deep bass. The leather cushion gives you extra comfort. It is easy to carry the headband because of the foldable design. The headphone comes with a built-in microphone that is operated using a remote control. The cable is braided which makes it tangle-free and durable. The ear cup is made using metals and the headband has a grid pattern that makes the wearer look fashionable.

Product review of the SOUND INTONE CX-05

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I was particularly looking for a headphone that offers a decent and stable fit. This is when I read the SOUND INTONE CX-05 REVIEW. This headphone offers a great fit. It can be used to listen to music casually and you can go jogging wearing it. It may not be the best when you are doing a workout of high intensity. However, these are great for a jog or a slow run.

The OneOdio Adapter-Free Closed-Back Over-Ear DJ Stereo Monitor Headphones is another product from the category of the SOUND INTONE CX-05 headphones. However, the price of the OneOdio Adapter headphone is slightly higher.

The SOUND INTONE CX-05 comes with a user’s manual. You also get one original audio cable that comes with a microphone, a PET nylon cable that is professional and on buying the product, you get 12-months of customer service.

Design and durability

The SOUND INTONE CX-05 can be folded to store easily. The metal hinges are solid. The cable with the headphone can be removed so in case it gets damaged then it can be replaced without having to purchase a new headphone. The ear cups come with memory foam and it has a protein leather cover. The headband, however, has a little padding. The headphone is comfortable to wear and it stays adjusted securely.

The design of this headset is stretchable and foldable. The folding parts are connected using metal and this can tolerate folding of more than 20000 times. The headband is stretchable which means that it can be worn by any head size.


The SOUND INTONE CX-05 headphone is comfortable. The extra padding provided on the earcup makes it convenient for prolonged use. The padding on the headband could be a little more to make the experience even better.


The cable has a smart design. The cable is built in omnidirectional 360-degree high sensitivity which keeps the call and the speech clear. There is also an inline remote, which lets you control the music and place a call.

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If you are looking to purchase a wired headphone but are on a budget then you should consider the features of the SOUND INTONE CX-05. The performance of the audio is comparable to the other budget headphones but the features are much more upscale than the others. The construction is durable and the fit comfortable. The price and the quality make the SOUND INTONE CX-05 a value for money. If you, however, are very particular about the quality of audio then you should not consider buying the SOUND INTONE CX-05. This is because the sound of the SOUND INTONE CX-05 headphone, though not bad, does lack a bit on sound quality when you hear the sound of high frequency.

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