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Sony: A Popular and Diversified Brand in the World of Consumer Electronics


Sony is certainly one of the most esteemed brands in the world of consumer electronics. The popularity is such that several households have one of its products in use to boost the overall multimedia experience.

Abiding by its promise of offering the technologically advanced headphones, Sony is perhaps the preference of many tech fans. While ensuring quality and style, the headphones made for the professionals always attract engineers and DJs.

Right from regular ear buds to full-sized over the head models, Sony is consistent in giving only the best. According to many buyers and critics, its headphones are reliable in terms of durability, although sound quality differs, with some offering better than the others. Still, assurance of fair sound quality is always there even if you buy a cheaper model.

Is Sony just like any other brand?

Just like every other reputed audio device brands, Sony also has both wired and wireless headphones. The specifications in all of the Sony headphones vary; from noise cancelling features to extra bass, Bluetooth integrated and splash-proof in-ear headphones.

The noise cancelling Sony headphones ensure to remove up to 95% of the ambient noise in order to give the user the comfort of unperturbed listening. Adding on to it, the noise cancelling Sony headphones offer big bass sound with wide frequency response. Furthermore, their noise cancelling feature automatically chooses the optimal feature based on the surrounding environment. The inner and outer feedback microphones situated on the noise cancelling Sony headphones’ ear cups reduce almost all of the outer noise.

Making it more travel friendly, one can fold it flat for easy storage in the pouch provided. The noise cancelling Sony headphones are smart phone-friendly, and come with an in-line remote headphone cord, that allows the user to attend hands-free calls. Its battery life exceeds up to 20 hours with DNC activation.

Similarly, the extra bass Sony headphones are smart phone-friendly and come with an in-line remote and microphone. The extra bass Sony headphones sport a metal headband along with soft ear pads for comfortable usage. Currently, Sony has just one noise cancelling headphone, i.e. “10RNC Noise Cancelling Headphones”.

Just like the headphones, the in-ear Sony earphones come with similar features such as, noise cancellation, Bluetooth and extra bass feature along with the splash-proof feature. Although designed mostly for professional use, each Sony earphone is creatively designed to offer the best sound quality. The noise cancelling Sony earphones use ultra-clear digital noise cancelling technology and sport silicone earbuds. The lightweight Sony earphones come with dual sided cord. Another variant of Sony earphones are the “h.ear” earphones that come with high-resolution audio compatibility, easy Bluetooth connectivity, digital noise cancelling technology, tight bass with beat response control, the Y-cord design, tangle-free cords and smart phone compatibility.

A Historic Overview


Sony established itself as a small venture of eight employees during the World War II by Masaru Ibuka in 1946. In this year, he started an electronics shop in Tokyo too.

In 1947, he and his associate Akio Morita established a small company named Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo or Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation that introduced the country’s first tape recorder. It was in 1958 the company was renamed as Sony.

While there are many milestones of Sony in the past 70 years, the introduction of its portable music player was symbolic of a fundamental change in the music hearing habits. In 1979, the brand introduced the Walkman, the world’s first portable music player.

This player allowed carrying music and listening to the same via a lightweight pair of headphones. Originally referring to portable cassette player, the Walkman series now encompasses portable audio and video players along with mobile phones.

Although these light headphones rocked, the evolution of Sony’s headphones has a remarkable history. In 1968, Sony released the noise-isolating stereo headphones, which was the first of its kind.

During the 1980s, it came up with its first in-ear headphones. During the 90s, it introduced first headphones with noise canceling ability well as its first neckband headphones.

In 2008, the world saw the brand’s first digital canceling headphones. The next stunning release was in 2011 – the first digital surround headphones for reproducing the sounding field.

Currently, Sony has made a revolutionary comeback with its Concept N band that works by sitting around your neck and routing the sound toward your ears. This happens without disrupting anyone else around.

Headphones from Sony
Sony headphones are best for home entertainment, DJs, and sports use. For home entertainment, Sony offers over-the-head models providing high quality surround sound or wireless functionality. Most sports need lightweight, in-ear headphones, and not over-the-head or ear bud models, to ensure comfort. Sony offers both of them.


Sony headphones for DJs feature reversible, swiveling earphones for easy switch from listening with both ears to one of them without compromising high power output.

The salient features of Sony headphones include active noise cancellation, surround sound, and wireless and Bluetooth technology.

Right from ear buds to headphones, there is a pair of headphones from Sony for almost anyone. Its earphones might appear somewhat expensive but are strong as well as highly performing.



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