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Sony XB950BT Wireless Over the Ear Headphones a 2019 Review

Sony XB950BT Wireless Over the Ear Headphones is best known for their sleek and stylish design plus an extra boost in electronic bass functionality.

The primary goal of this Sony Bluetooth headphones is to give listeners something worth their money in terms of sound quality.

Here are definitive headphones buying guide along with a detailed Sony XB950BT wireless headphones review. So, be sure to check out its specs and features.

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Buying Guide: What to Consider When Buying Headphones?

Sony XB950BT Wireless Over the Ear Headphones Review


Before rushing out and buying what most people consider as top headphones in the market, it is best recommended that you take a few minutes to consider several components and specs. Here are some of the key considerations to make sure that you purchase the best headphones that fit you.

Wired or Wireless?

Wireless Bluetooth headphones are becoming more and more popular. These kinds of headphones offer extreme flexibility, getting rid of having that tangled cords like the typical headphones. However, the best wireless headphones usually come at a bit higher price.

If you are to choose wireless over wired headphones, you’ll have to consider that its affordable price does not compromise the sound quality if you are on a budget. Also, consider its battery life and how many hours of listening you can get from a fully charged battery.

If you are digital and technology savvy, then wired headphones are much easier to use since you don’t have to remember to charge it. Thus, getting a good wireless headphone is great.


Headphones come in different styles, designs, and sizes. You can find them in small, medium, large, and even more obnoxiously huge sizes. The best headphones should be able to give you the perfect fit and comfort, especially if you are prone to using it for long periods, it shouldn’t leave your ears red at the end.

When it comes to headphones, the cushioning is very important. It has to have a considerable amount of padding in both the earpieces and the headband to be super comfortable.

Build Quality

Great headphones can be quite expensive. Since it can be quite a pricey investment, you normally would want to buy something that can last. Its build quality mainly determines the durability of the headphones.

Steel frames in headphones are extremely sturdy and built to last. However, if you are buying ones mainly made of plastic, it has to be high-quality and sturdy enough to withstand daily use.

Sound Quality

By far, the most important factor to consider when buying headphones is its sound quality. If you want to keep having the ultimate experience when using headphones, it should be able to provide top-notch sound.

Sony XB950BT


Special and Additional Features

Some headphones will feature a microphone. While that isn’t a must-buy, getting a headphone with an attached mic can be a great idea.

Other special features to consider when buying headphones are active noise canceling technology and extensive controls.

After considering this factors, you should be able to buy headphones that would best fit your needs confidently.

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Sony XB950BT Wireless Headphones Review

  • Heavy in bass but doesn’t get muddy
  • Reasonably durable
  • Excellent battery life
  • Fantastic detail

  • Bass boost tends to drown out other frequencies

What’s Inside the Box?

Upon opening the box, you’ll get the Sony XB950BT Wireless Over the Ear Headphones plus a micro USB cable for charging the headphones. That’s it. Unlike other Sony headphones, this one doesn’t come with a carrying case or even a pouch.

It would have been a great added perk, especially if you need to carry around the headphones, as a case or even a soft pouch can help avoid scratches in its sleek matte surface.

Design and Build Quality

At first glance, you’ll most probably already love the Sony XB950BT headphones. It is extremely eye-catching with its either sleek black or bright red metallic paint and angular and oversized, bulky shape.

The XB950BT headphones boast the classic Sony design that a lot of users have loved over the years, but with an added contemporary for a cooler look. The main body and frame of the headphones are made of a combination of metal and plastic.

The Sony XB950BT is designed with a metal headband, a durable and springy material that allows you to wear the headphones comfortably. The rest of the body of the headphones is made of plastic but is still quite made of sturdy plastic material.

The look of the Sony XB950BT headphone is quite similar to the Sony MDR headphones line except for the ear pads. The ear pads that comes with XB950BT are more comfortable and more recessed compared to other MDR headphones. Underside, there isn’t a lot of padding but the little cushioning it has enough for having an excellent fit and comfort.

With the limited mobility that the ear cups have, it is easier for you to stow them flat. However, if you are thinking of folding it similar to other Sony headphones, that’s not a feature that the XB950BT is made with. Of course, it’s not really a major loss.

At the edge of the ear cups, there are several buttons and ports which are all easy to manage and use. On the right ear cup are the toggle switch you can use to playback audio as well as answer calls and the volume rocker. At the left ear cup, there is an inline omnidirectional microphone, micro USB port, and a 3.5 mm input.

There are also two recessed buttons located at the left ear cup – the power button and the long one is for bass boost. At just about 280 grams, the Sony XB950BT Wireless Over the Ear Headphones is lightweight and easy to carry around with you.


The only accessory that comes with the headphones is a 1.3-meter x 3.5-mm cable for wired use and a micro USB cable for charging.

While the Sony XB950BT is wireless over the ear headphone, it doesn’t come with a quite useful USB Bluetooth dongle you can connect to a computer.

Sound Quality

The Sony SB95BT wireless headphones can provide excellent sound quality. It can give plenty of sound detail as well as an extremely spacious soundscape which makes it ideal for use when playing video games or watching videos and movies.

The headphones also come with a pair of deep ear pads which when combined with the closed back build design of the headphones can guarantee that you won’t get disturbed by the noise and chaos from the background.

The built-in mic of the Sony XB950BT headphone also helps in both hands-free phone calls as well as in muting unwanted noise from the environment. As is, the Sony XB950BT headphones can already give you top-notch sound quality, but with its bass boost functionality on, it can give you even more. This function is built with the primary purpose of substituting the equalizer you have on your smartphone.

The main idea is that you can optimize this dedicated bass boost function to match the headphone’s sound signature. With that optimization, you’ll get the best sound performance possible.


You can use the Sony XB950BT headphone in both passive and active mode. In passive mode, you only need to connect the headphones to your mobile phone, laptop, or computer through with the 3.5 mm cable.

Inactive mode or the wireless mode, you need to connect it to your device through Bluetooth. When connecting it to a computer, you’ll need to purchase a separate Bluetooth dongle for your PC. In active mode, you will be able to make use if the bass boost feature. In terms of headphones specification, the Sony XB950BT has some to offer.

It has tested the frequency response of 3 to 28,000 Hz, sensitivity of 106 dB/mW, and an impedance of 40 Ohm at 1 KHz. The headphones also come with a 40 mm dynamic driver in dome type.

The battery life of the Sony XB950BT headphone is also quite impressive which can last for as much as 15 hours at full charge. The only thing that is missing in this overall design and specs is active noise canceling technology – if you are into that.

However, the perfect yet still comfortable fit of the cup on your ears does a quite close job of muting the background noise and letting you enjoy your music. Its snug fit also ensures that there is little to no audio leaking from the headphone which means you can listen to music as loud as you want without disturbing other people. The primary selling factor of the Sony XB950BT headphone is its bass boost function, but it hasn’t compromised the rest of the spectrum.

Whether you listen to hip-hop songs or modern pop music, you’ll get the clearest possible sound. However, there’s a single catch.

The soundstage of the XB950BT is not very wide, and when you play in higher frequency ranges, the sound can lack some of its clarity. Of course, this is already testing the limit of the headphones.


With the built-in controls that the Sony XB950BT headphones come with, you can easily control what you are listening to through its volume button, power button, and even the playback button. It has a micro USB port for charging, and the 3.5 mm input allows you to use the headphones in a wired mode. Another great thing is that the toggle switch of the headphones is also something you can use to answer calls and that’s a function for extreme convenient.

More than that, the existing functions of the headphones can even do a lot more. The pause, fast forward, and the rewind button located at the right ear cup can also automatically open the Windows Media Player.

It allows you to cycle through your music without needing a keyboard or a mouse, and you only have to flick the FF/RW button of the headphones.

Since the Sony XB950BT wireless headphone doesn’t come with a Bluetooth dongle, you’ll have to purchase one if you are going to use the headphones with your computer or laptop.

Value for Money

There are a lot of affordable but good quality headphones, but wireless ones tend to be a bit more expensive compared to wired headphones.

With that said and the price of the Sony XB950BT headphone, it is quite a great catch given all its features and functions. For a Bluetooth wireless headphone with an excellent sound quality plus an added bass boost functionality, the Sony XB950BT is a brilliant choice and offers great value for your money.

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Who Should Buy Sony XB950BT Wireless?

If you are looking for a Bluetooth wireless headphone that doesn’t compromise the sound quality and performance, as well as something that won’t be too much for your wallet, the Sony XB950BT is highly recommended.

While it doesn’t have active noise canceling technology, its design can be very helpful in blocking out background noise. With that, it can be a perfect alternative for a noise canceling headphone if you tend to travel in busy and noisy public transportation.

You can also use to mute a noisy environment when you have to work or study, and you don’t even have to play music to do that. The closed back design and snug fit of the headphone can do great isolation all on its own.


The Sony XB950BT headphone is simply one of the better headsets you can find in the market and even from its Sony XB headphones line in terms of sound quality. In addition, you can even improve its already impressive sound quality with just a flick on its bass boost button. A lot of audiophiles pay for a lot more to have these functions in their gear.

That being said, in all the matters when choosing a headphone from comfortability, battery life, and durability, you can do a lot worse than the Sony XB950BT Wireless Over the Ear Headphones.




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