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Shure: Surely for the Studio Applications!

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Shure as an American company is a worldwide famous brand for its audio products. It is a manufacturer of professional and consumer of audio electronics such as microphones, wireless microphone systems, earphones, headphones, mixers, phonograph cartridges, and personal monitor techniques.

Originally providing radio part, Shure is today a legendary brand in the world of microphones and professional headsets. Its accomplishments encompass a big presence in different microphone markets including military and several patents.

Shure headphones are standard in several studios across the globe. This is due to finest accuracy, infallible reliability, and comfort even during the Olympics monitoring situation.

In a studio, the mix’s quality is dependent on the monitoring accuracy. Shure headphones are invaluable studio monitors, as there is no hype, due to which there is minimal listening fatigue.

From prized sound isolating earphones to DI/Professional Studio headphones and mobile phone stereo headsets, Shure’s products are designed on professional roots.

A Historic Overview


Shure was established in 1925 in Chicago by Sidney N. Shure as a supplier of radio parts. It was aimed to offer radio parts kits. By 1929, the company grew to have more than 300 employees and became the elite US distributor of a small microphone firm.

In 1931, Shure with his associate engineer introduced the first Shure microphone followed by two-button carbon microphone in the following year. This made Shure one of the only four US manufacturers of microphones.

In the same decade, Shure introduced the first condenser microphone, microphone suspension support, and crystal microphone. In 1941, Shure agreed to offer microphones to the U.S. armed forces during the World War II and to the navy and army. Shure’s headsets were also in use by these official groups.

In 1953, Shure came up with its first wireless microphone system for artists and performers. In 2009, the brand launched its around-ear headsets. Since then, it has been offering a variety of models to cater to the needs of a basic listener to an audiophiler.

In October 2014, Shure introduced its on-ear, portable headphones with closed back and semi-open back designs. The closed one is available with a remote to control iOS gadgets and an inline microphone.

Headphones from Shure

Although Shure is more popular for vocal and wireless microphones featuring natural audio and perfect stability, its award-winning headphones are actually changing the overall listening experience.

At present, it is offering in-ear monitor-style earphones and headphones. The earphones can be an independent device or a part of a personal monitor package, as they are for listening on portable audio devices.


Headphones are available in three different categories namely, Premium/Audiophile, Professional/Studio, and Portable. You can choose from semi-open back and closed back designs and from circumaural and supra-aural designs.

In short, with Shure headphones, you can enjoy listening to your top tunes or have critical listening without any outside noise.

In Shure’s headsets collection, you will surely find a pair as per your needs and budget. Most of them are for professional use although you will find some good models for home use as well. The collection takes up the listening experience of portable players and sound systems.
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