Senniheiser Momentum Headphone

  • Senniheiser Momentum Headphone
  • Senniheiser Momentum Headphone
  • Senniheiser Momentum Headphone

Senniheiser Momentum Headphone Review

If you are a music lover and prefer to keep your favorite tunes to yourself, by utilizing headphones, then you need to read this Sennheiser Momentum over ear review. You will be able to decide for yourself, whether or not these headphones are suitable for your needs and preferences. The aesthetic design is extraordinarily eye appealing, so you will never have to worry about sticking out like a sore thumb, when you are wearing the Sennheiser Momentum m2.

Ergonomically Comfortable

The Sennheiser wireless Momentum ear cuffs are designed with much technology, as they are constructed with superior leather. The stainless steel headband allows breathability for extended wear, without the concern for perspiring and moistness. This is definitely a common occurrence with other brands, which can cause heat rash, as well. The Sennheiser on ear Momentum can also be adjusted, so that you can easily acquire the perfect fit, without worry of them falling off, when you get remotely excited. If you are concerned about the weight, you should not be, since they only weigh 6.7 ounces, which will allow you unrestricted movement and long wearing use.

Bass Output

The Sennheiser Momentum over ear headphones works perfectly to intercept exterior noise, before it has the opportunity to reach your ears. With 16-22,000 Hz frequency response delivery, you will receive a clarifying and clean bass even with an increase in volume. Sennheiser momentum wireless is also capable of power handling a 200 mW capacity, but do not be afraid to put them to the test. I did and discovered that the headset could stand up to my high powered receiver, without any difficulties. These are perfect for rap, classic, pop, and hard rock music, because the bass is solid.

Sennheiser Momentum Headphone
Sennheiser Momentum Headphone

MOMENTUM is a about a closed back -the-ear headphone specially created for music fans needing an iconic, classy look, luxurious wearing comfort and rich, detailed sound that is stereo. The headphone boasts a stainless steel ear-cup slider, alloy ear cups along with soft breathable leather ear cushions supplying maximum durability and a custom-fit. Completing the package are interchangeable cables-one with an integrated smart remote with in-line mic, and also the other a standard connection cable for outstanding connectivity and ease of use.

$173.63 & FREE Shipping



I decided to take the time to write this head-fi Momentum Sennheiser review, because these are by far the best in so many ways. The headphones are capable of working with all Apple products including the iPod and iPad. You can also plug the ¼” adapter into your MP3 player and android devices, as well, so that you can listen to your favorite tunes, while on the go. Many individuals may hesitate to purchase this product, because of the Sennheiser Momentum price, but just know that you will receive a two year warranty, which is very extensive.

  • Free Case
  • Three Color Options
  • Two Device Cables
  • Stereo Adapter

These are extras that you will receive with your purchase.

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In my Sennheiser Momentum review, you will have found much informative data that is based on facts. Of course, you may find my review, as bias, but I must say that these headphones have functioned diligently for me. I have gone through a lot of headphones, in my lifetime, so I have lots of experience with innumerable brands. I wear these nearly 12 hours a day and there are many times that I have forgotten about them, because they are so lightweight and comfortable. I am able to listen to my tunes, without the interference of exterior sounds and the worry of intruding on others that are sitting right next to me. If you love your headphones, as I do, then you definitely should compose your own Sennheiser Momentum review.



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