Brand: Sennheiser

Sennheiser: Analogous to Mercedes and BMW in the World of Microphone Technology


Sennheiser is present since more than 65 years but this presence is not merely for just identifying its products but for praising it. It is actually a top brand that makes innovative products featuring the microphone technology, especially those headphones for which it is always commended.

Headquartered in Wedemark in Germany, the company is also acknowledged for Radio Frequency (RF)-wireless and infrared transmission of sound, active noise cancellation, and transducer technology in headphones.

A German Company

This private German brand is popular for its trendy audio electronics, and has been in the market since 1945. Known for offering legendary Sennheiser sound with high-quality design, Sennheiser headphones come with an array of applications to cater to a range of needs. The Sennheiser headphone applications range from sports to aviation, travel, gaming, studio & monitoring, music and entertainment, audiometry, assistive listening, broadcast and home audio. Sennheiser headphones come in three wearing styles; on-ear, over-ear and in-ear.

Each Sennheiser headphone comes with a unique major specification such as noise cancellation, smart phone compatible, Bluetooth headphone and Sennheiser wireless headphones. The Sennheiser noise cancelling headphones use the “NoiseGard” technology that recognizes the noise and sends out an opposite signal by neutralizing the noise. The Sennheiser noise cancelling headphones also come with Bluetooth technology and in-built battery, and are travel-friendly.

The audio electronics brand also offers specific Sennheiser PC headsets that allow one to not just enjoy music and games, but also make easy telephone calls via its pro microphone and high speech intelligibility. The Sennheiser PC headsets come with and without in-line remote control, with a headband/neckband style. Similarly, Sennheiser’s wireless headphones come with an array of features that cater to different needs; such as, IR-stereo TV listening system, audiophile digital home system and luxurious Bluetooth travel headsets. Few of the best Sennheiser headphones include, the Game Zero, Urbanite, Momentum On-Ear 2 and Momentum 2.

A Historic Overview


Set up in 1945, Sennheiser was founded by Fritz Sennheiser along with his seven associative engineers of the University of Hannover. While its initial product was a voltmeter, microphones gained more popularity, which were developed in 1946.

By 1955, several products surfaced such as the Noise-Compensated microphone and small magnetic headphones. In 1968, the planet’s first open headphones came up, which emitted a more natural sound.

In 1980, the brand targeted the aviation field by providing headsets to Lufthansa. Two years later, it started producing wireless microphones. Since 1996, it has retained its custom of high quality audio transmission.

The years 1987, 1996, and 2013 marked the golden milestones in the history of this company. In these years, it received prestigious awards for its microphone and RF wireless technologies.

Types of Headphones Available

Many of us think that a headphone is used for several applications, such as for gaming, while traveling, and for listening to music. While this is possible, it does not always give a pleasant experience. This is why Sennheiser has come up with several specialty headphones.

  • DJ Headphones that block external noise, superior sound pressure, and comfortable wearing experience
  • Gaming Headsets that offer even the smallest audio details
  • High End Headphones that make you feel as the audio is coming from inside your body by routing music the ears
  • TV headphones that replicate clear and audible sound without the wires as well as with the freedom of movement
  • Portable Headphones for Music and Entertainment, which allow enjoying on-demand music while keeping outside noise away
  • Sports Headphones that are moisture resistant and sturdy

Sennheiser has partnered with Adidas for offering sports headphones that keep the muscles moving by supplying blood-pushing music to the ears.

The Salient Features for Which the Brand is So Famous

  • Travel Noise Cancelling: Keeps the annoying public chatter away from pleasant experience amidst the crowd. This is the result of the NoiseGuard technology. While the outside noise is kept away, the technology allows talking on the road with someone, via the embedded TalkThrough technology.
  • Assistive Listening: Offers hearing aids in headphones, which is really a rare combination. However, this does not compromise the superb audio quality and daily usage.
  • Internet Telephony and Multimedia: Gives comprehensible and clear audio and alleviates background noise.

Customer-approved Reasons to Choose Sennheiser

  • Generally, the brand ranks top for maximum comfort as compared to other brands or models. While its headphones appear big and bulky, they are quite light and have comfortable padding. Here are some more reasons why customers prefer this brand:
    • Cutting edge technology/Innovation
    • Service with warranty
    • Compatibility even with the office phone
    • Versatility, offering crystal clear sound through desk phone, computer, and a soft phone

Sennheiser is as popular and reliable as Mercedes or BMW. It’s only focus is on producing products for personal and professional use.



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