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    Sennheiser HD650
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  • Sennheiser HD650

The Sennheiser HD650: My Thorough Rundown

Throughout the years, I have attempted to take numerous steps to improve my overall gaming experience. I purchased a ton of different accessories, in hopes of improving my room’s environment. Obviously, I set up a comprehensive stereo system, which could provide me with total surround sound. Still, I have never been happy with the arrangement. Eventually, I read some Sennheiser HD650 reviews and discovered that many people preferred the Sennheiser HD650 to a surround sound system. Obviously, I was a little surprised with this information and a little concerned with the Sennheiser HD650 price. Still, I decided to make the purchase. Below, you will find a thorough rundown of my experience with the HD650 Sennheiser headphones.


Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones

With the HD 650, audiophiles will experience truly unique natural sound. With sound-this great concerts in the comfort of your home are a guarantee, so the HD 650 also sets standards in benefit and relaxation. The HD 650 is a genuine masterpiece, which will meet even the most demanding listener. HD 650 the Reference Class. 1. Balanced & clear sound 2. Refined titanium- silver finish 3. Optimized for hi-resolution recordings 4. Produced in Ireland

$299.00 & FREE Shipping


The Specifications

In order to give you more insight into the debate regarding Sennheiser HD650 vs Beats, it is helpful to acknowledge the particular specifications of this product. Below, you will be able to find out the specific features that make the Sennheiser HD650 so spectacular. Once you get an understanding of these features, you will see that the price shouldn’t be a factor. Save your money and you will reap the benefits, once you put these headphones on and flip on your favorite music or game!

• Totally lightweight and comfortable at 9 ounces
• Capable of delivering the highest of quality sound
• Cool and stylish silver finish with a tinge of titanium
• A 2-year warranty adds to the overall value of the headphones
• Audio produced is accurate and natural
• Noise-Cancelling to ensure awesome sound regardless of environmental noise

With the features mentioned above, you can rest assured that the Sennheiser HD650 amp is capable of delivering astounding sound that will never falter. If you’re worried about the price of the product, you shouldn’t, since you will find that the Sennheiser HD650 sale price is a steal! Regardless of your console, you’ll find that these headphones are more than capable of delivering an awesome hair rising experience!

My Experience and Conclusions

At the end of the day, I have experienced an array of different headphones. With the Sennheiser HD650, I can certainly tell you that the product is one of the best on the market. They’re extremely comfortable, awesomely stylish and can deliver heart pounding sound, regardless of platform, console or device. It is certainly true that some people will be concerned about the Sennheiser HD650 price, but the features and quality of the headphones are well worth it. If I had to choose between these headphones and Dr. Dre’s Beats, I would most certainly stick with the HD650 Sennheiser. As someone, who has experimented with both, I can sincerely say that I’ve always experienced better sound and more comfort with the Sennheiser.

My Recommendation?

Although you may want to take the time to read several Sennheiser HD650 reviews, you will eventually come to the same conclusion as me. Suffice to say, if you haven’t noticed yet, I have been totally blown away by the overall quality of the Sennheiser HD650. If you’re a gamer or music lover and want to experience the best sound quality possible, you will definitely want to give the HD650 Sennheiser a chance!

5 Total Score



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