Review: Sennheiser HE 1 (Orpheus)

A Look Into The Elegant And Expensive Sennheiser HE 1 (Orpheus) Headphones

For a majority of people who proudly say that ‘money is not an issue’, they probably have never heard of Sennheiser HE 1 headphones. For the ardent audiophiles, the epitome of headphones undoubtedly lies with these headphones. Even if you can afford the €50,000 price, Sennheiser only makes 250 of these per year hence making them exceedingly hard to lay your hands on a pair. Still, you will wonder what these extremely pricey headphones have to offer other than the obvious prestige.


The box contains

In the package you will receive earphones and a big marble which holds a pre-amp as well as a power amp. The thing with these headphones is that they are electrostatic headphones hence can’t be used alone remotely. You will need to the ‘exciter’ box which comes with them. This is why you will need to connect your Smartphone to the box and the headphones for that studio-like music experience.

The mere opening of the case is moving if not monumental for the user. As you open the amp section which is made with real marble, the control knobs, as well as, the valves will silently but surely open up in sequence. Unlike the headphones you are used to where you just pop the lid open, with the Sennheiser HE 1, the lid is motorized. Indeed, the mad price starts to make sense.


The features in the Sennheiser HE 1 headphones

The manufacturer has used leather alongside microfiber in making the ear pads. This ingenious mixing of these materials ensures that the leather components of the ear pads don’t get to touch your ears. The obvious benefit that this feature comes with is that you will not sweat into your ear pads.

The ear cups or shells are crafted using aluminum. However, the way they are textured makes them smooth and look a tad softer. Indeed, these shells will also make you feel why the headphones might warrant the pricing. As for the overall headphones, they are a bit heavy just like it is the case with all the electrostatic headphones.

It is easy to assume that anyone who can afford Sennheiser HE 1 headphones can definitely afford a home that is palatial and which doesn’t have noise as a bother. It is probably due to this reasoning that these headphones come with little noise isolation capability.


Comfort of the headphones

For starters, consider the ear pads which as said earlier are made by mixing microfiber and leather. This makes them extremely soft and cozy to the ears. In addition, they will help at the prevention of sweat which apparently is a live-with issue when you buy cheaper headphones.

The weight is something that you will definitely notice especially if you are used to the low-end headphones. However, with the extra weight that Sennheiser adds on your neck, there is some exquisite padding which makes the head-hugging equipment fit perfectly well and almost effortlessly makes weight a nonexistent issue.


The performance of the Sennheiser HE 1

You would expect to be swept off your feet by the bass of the headphones. However, they are so expertly designed and made such that the bass and the treble explode in your ears in an effortless and precise manner. It is as if extreme caution was taken in designing the sound will be delivered but not so much as to forget the other components of the gadget.

The separation of the instruments is something that has become some sort of a trend with the high-end headphone makers and Sennheiser has scored a high. The separation of the instruments here will definitely captivate you from the start. Moreover, this will help at delivering the HD range sonic that Sennheiser is meant to. With the sample music included, you can easily tell the theater airiness and accuracy that the manufacturer has achieved even at the lower range levels.


  • Real and crisp sounding music
  • The crispness and the detail of the music are simply unrivaled
  • Very well padded ear pads
  • Headband well padded
  • The frequency is well distributed


  • Extremely expensive
  • A bit heavy
  • Sophisticated instrumentation

Bottom Line

In the fairest of opinions, The Orpheus utterly crumbles all prestige and love you had for any other high-end headphones. Unlike with other headphones which you sort of get used to, these headphones will keep on making you awe at every song you listen to. The impact of the music becomes all realistic and jolly when you set the equipment at a low.



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