Westone UM Pro 10 vs. Shure SE215: 2019 Buyer’s Guide and Facts

Feb 15, 2020

Finding the perfect sound quality pair of in-ear monitors can be daunting. For musicians, having this gadget will help them to create beautiful music.

Regardless of whether you are playing live or recording in a studio, the click tracks and the sounds of other instruments may be difficult to hear. Since electronic musical instruments do not have built-in audio sound, it is essential to keep track of them to create beautiful music.

There are two famous brands when it comes to in-ear monitors, namely Westone and Shure earphones. But the most in-demand in-ear phones today are se215 vs Westone. Let’s compare these two monitoring gadgets and find out which one is better.


What Is an In-Ear Monitor?

In-Ear Monitors (IEMs) are a pair of ear(ear canal) monitoring gadgets with earbuds that inform you of what is happening on the stage while performing. The primary purpose of this equipment is to reduce the sound of the stage.

In-Ear MonitorThat way, the performer can have a spotless act on the stage regardless of his or her position.

However, since IEMs use sound-isolating technology, users must rely on what they hear from their wireless headphones. It may sound strange since you are beside your bandmates, or you are playing an instrument.

However, once the earphones are in your ear canal, you will not have any idea about the reaction of the crowd and even the kind of sound that you made.

Fortunately, you can quickly solve this issue by setting up room mics for room tones or by removing one of the in-ear monitors in your ears.

In-ear monitors are available in wired and wireless forms. However, many manufacturers create the wireless device because of their mobility.

In this type of IEM, users can create music in other ways due to the system that they use.

From the mixer, you get the same feed that you send to stage monitors by just plugging it into a cordless monitor transmitter. The transmitter then transmits the feed to the receiver belt pack where your earphones are connected.

Comparison Table

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Experts Advise

Benefits of In-Ear Monitors

Expert advice: In addition to reducing stage sounds, IEMs offer the following benefits:

1. Create Amazing Sounds at All Times

In-ear monitors have micro-speakers in your ears. The purpose of these components is to let you hear every note, subtlety, and nuances of your music with power, clarity, and fidelity.

By wearing these ear monitors, you can rock your performance without losing your mix.

Amazing Sounds at All Times

2. Reduced Vocal Strain

If you are the vocalist of the band, getting your voice strained is quite common. You need to make sure that your listeners will hear what you are singing, especially during a live performance.

However, if you have in-ear monitors in your ears, you can avoid straining your voice. The reason is that you can hear the sounds. You do not need to force your voice just to be heard by everyone.

Therefore, you will not mess up your performance.

Reduced Vocal Strain

3. Give More Space and Visual Consistency

Since the in-ear monitors are handy, you can move around the stage while performing. You can dance with the songs that you’re playing or even jump around.

With this monitoring tool, you can give the crowd the best live performance that they have ever seen!

Visual Consistency

4. For Ear Protection

Ear ProtectionProlonged high sound exposure may damage your hearing. Although some performers wear earplugs to protect their ears, they still can’t give the protection that your ears need. Earplugs like the Phaiser BHS 960 can change the frequency response, which can cause hearing damage.

With IEMs, you can protect your ears from damage, thanks to small loudspeakers in the plugs. This feature protects your ears from high sounds without changing the frequency feedback.

Meanwhile, monitoring level lets you control the music volume in your ears. If it is too loud, you just need to turn down the volume and vice versa.

Also, in-ear monitors have an onboard timer that prevents high-level transients, which can cause hearing damage.

Audiophile Headphones

Tips for Buying In-Ear Monitors

As mentioned earlier, finding a perfect pair of in-ear headphones can be a daunting task. Relying on ads on the internet can be tricky as they all claim that they are the best. To ensure that you get the right pair of IEMs, you need to answer the following questions:

1. How many drivers do I need?

Drivers give better sounds so you can hear the notes and instruments. The more drivers that the in-ear monitors have, the clearer the sounds they produce. But, of course, this does not mean that IEMs with multi-drivers will be better than single, triple, or dual driver modes. It still relies on your preferences and your needs.

Personally, having two drivers is enough. However, if you are a bass player, you should get a pair with three drivers. Although, six drivers can make a significant difference in the definition of mids and highs.

2. What is the sound quality?

Some people are blinded by the specs of the gadget. If it sounds hi-tech, people will most likely get the device. When choosing a good pair of in-ear monitors, you should not focus on specifications alone. Instead, focus on the sound quality of the device.

A good pair of in-ear monitors must have a good sound definition. It should cancel out all the noises so that you can focus on your music.

Ask someone you know or a stranger about the sound performance of the product. You can also read reviews online, so you will have the idea of how these earphone devices work.

3. General fit or custom molds?

In-ear monitors have two fit styles: general fit and custom mold. General fits are affordable in-ear monitors. These are perfect for beginners because they have all the necessary features that you need for sound monitoring.

However, if you want a pair of earphones that fit correctly, then you should opt for the custom mold. As the name implies, this sound monitoring device can be adjusted according to the size of your ears. That way, your earphones will not fall while performing.

4. What do I need for my job?

You can only answer this question. When getting a new pair of in-ear monitors, you need to consider the following aspects:

  • Can I get some money from these?
  • How long or how many times a week will I spend playing my instruments
  • Will it help me improve my performance if I can hear myself?

If you are a volunteer musician or a choir member in a church, you probably don’t need to buy this gadget. However, if the music is your way to earning a living, buying in-ear monitors should be on your priority list.

5. What is my budget?

Like any other product on the market, this gadget is available in different price ranges. Some in-ear monitors are relatively expensive while others are quite affordable. It is okay to buy affordable in-ear monitors if you are on a tight budget. However, it is best if you purchase the more expensive brands because you can assure their quality and longevity.

Users often look for active noise-canceling or passive noise-canceling earphones. This feature allows them to listen to music like having a seamless surround sound system streaming without the disturbance of unnecessary background sounds.

This feature is a deal breaker for most customers since a lot of listeners use earphones on a daily basis and have the issue of dealing with a lot of noise. This is best for the music lovers who are on the go and use their earphones during when traveling or exercising.  In this review, we will compare the Westone UM Pro 10 vs. Shure SE215 earphones on their noise isolating capacity.

The Key Features to Look For in Wired Earphones

Noise Isolation or Noise Cancellation

Both products in this review feature a noise cancellation system for on the go music buffs out there. Noise from conversations sounds from vehicles on your daily commute, or any other external sound can still be heard when using ordinary headphones. These are noises that the Westone UM Pro 10 and Shure SE215 earphones aim to cancel.

There are two kinds of noise-canceling features. One is active noise cancellation, which uses an additional sound to drown any external noise. The other is passive noise cancellation, which is focused more on the design of the headphones. This type of headphones is designed to fit the earcups and prevent any noise from coming in.

Both the Westone UM Pro 10 and Shure SE215 are designed with only a passive noise cancellation feature. The noise reduction depends on the size and fit of the ear tips. Still, it is important to note that there is still no noise cancellation technology that can completely zero out the feedback from noise in your surroundings.

In-ear vs. Over-the-ear

Earbuds or in-ear headphones fit in the ear canal while an over-ear design is termed for headphones placed just above the outer ears.

In-ear headphones are more effective in canceling noise because it blocks outside noise with the silicone or foam ear tips that follow the shape of your ear canal. Unfortunately, manufacturers often create ear tips in standard sizes. It would still be best to know your size and find the right ear tips to fit your ears for better comfort and satisfaction.

Sound Quality

The earphones must deliver a clear and crisp sound in its playback. A loud bass that does not overpower or hurt your ears is also a good quality to look for in earphones.

When it comes to sound quality, both the Westone UM Pro 10 and Shure SE215 have apparent differences. It would all depend on your purpose in using earphones and the specific sound quality you may be looking for.

Comfortable Design

Headphones can be heavy in the head and bulky when carried around. The good thing about earphones is its lightweight feature. It is far lighter than the standard headphones. It can be easily stored, and it is portable enough to bring with you anywhere. There is also ease of use if you wear your earphones when running or engaging in other forms of exercise.

The ear tips’ design will help secure the earphones and prevent it from falling off from any physical activity. The silicone or foam ear tips must be soft enough to give you comfort through long hours of use.


Wired earphones are prone to breakage when used regularly. Wires that easily tangle up and constant pulling contribute to the product’s deterioration. Some earphones have tangle-free wires, while there are also some that have lightweight but less durable designs. You may also look for headsets that include cases or pouches. This can help you store the product in your bag and avoid further tangles.

The Real Deal

Comparing SE215 and UM Pro 10 Bluetooth headphones

As mentioned earlier, Shure SE215 and Westone UM Pro 10 are two of the most in-demand in-ear monitors today. These are both made by reputable audio system companies – but which is the better choice? Let’s find out.

Westone UM Pro 10

Westone UM Pro10 High Performance Single Driver...
  • WESTONE SOUND FOR THE ASPIRING MUSICIAN: The UM Pro 10 features a proprietary, single balanced-armature...
  • TWISTED MMCX AUDIO CABLE: Westone’s professional-quality MMCX Audio Twisted Cable is manufactured using...
  • TECHNICAL SPECS: The Westone UM Pro 10 features a full-range, single balanced-armature driver with 114 dB @...
  • IN THE BOX: Purchase includes; 1 pair Westone UM Pro 10 In-Ear Monitors, MMCX Audio Twisted Cable, 5 pair...

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The Westone UM Pro 10 is designed with a noise isolation technology with its ear tips design. However, it does not completely drown out other loud background noises. Some users may have different reviews since passive noise cancellation depends on the form and fit of the earbuds. Having specially designed noise-canceling earbuds with form-fitting ear tips will do best for the overall function of the earphones.

This product has a single balanced-armature driver. This creates a balanced cool sound for a dynamic soundstage quality. The Westone UM Pro 10 ear tips provide a good fit for standard-sized ears.

In purchasing this product, you can also choose from silicone or foam ear tips. Larger or smaller sized ears may have discomfort because of the lack of size choices. However, the flexible ear tips and high-flex cable still makes it comfortable to wear.

  • The ear tips are form-fitting and comfortable to wear
  • The product consists of five pairs of patented STAR silicone ear tips and another five pairs of True-Fit comfort foam ear tips
  • The Westone UM Pro 10 has a flexible fiber wire that can withstand constant tangling and tug from everyday use.
  • The cable can be easily placed behind the ears with its high-flex cable.

  • Noise cancellation technology can only isolate soft ambient noise
  • The extra pairs of ear tips do not have size variations for different ear sizes. Thus, the comfort level may vary from different users
  • Its capacity to provide high-quality bass sounds is not noticeable and not suitable for music with high bass sounds.

Shure SE215

Shure SE215-CL Professional Sound Isolating Earphones with...
  • “-CL” designates the product’s color variation (clear).
  • Evolved from personal monitor technology that's been road-tested by pro musicians, the SE215 offers detailed...
  • Comfortable sound isolating sleeves block up to 37 dB of ambient noise. Sound isolation technology prevents...
  • Lightweight, low-profile shape with optimized nozzle angle is designed to rest comfortably in the ear.
  • Durable reinforced cable allows easy replacement or customization. Formable wire ensures secure placement, and...
  • Fit Kit includes three sizes (S, M, L) of the flex and black foam sleeves. Experiment with the size and style...
  • A soft-zip, compact carrying case is included to provide a convenient, tangle-free solution to store and...
  • Wireless SE215 earphones (with a Bluetooth communication cable) are also available. Sold separately in 4...

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The Shure SE215 provides a dedicated noise isolating feature with its isolating sleeves that can prevent up to 37 dB of ambient noise. This is an excellent feature if you are looking for dedicated noise-canceling earphones. It has a slightly larger in-ear design. However, the earbuds have a variety of sizes (small, medium, large).

The Shure SE215 has a crisp and detailed sound that is ideal for any genre of music you play. Its enhanced bass system makes for a good surround sound experience. The Shure SE215 may be the best choice for users who want a deep bass and treble-rich music system.

  • Noise isolating sleeves gives optimum ambient noise cancellation feature
  • Strong and well-balanced bass system
  • The product provides ear tips size options ranging from small, medium, to large. This variety caters to users who may have difficulty finding the perfect fit of earbuds
  • It has a gold-plated durable MMCX Connector with a lock-snap technology for 360-degree rotation.
  • For additional protection, the Shure SE215 includes a compact case for storage.

  • Earbuds can easily loosen or fall off when not the right size or when performing rigid physical activity
  • The ear tips are larger than the Westone UM Pro 10
  • The Shure SE215 has a sturdier cable but is not flexible enough to be twisted or draped behind the ears.

Size and Comfort

The SE215 is handy and lightweight. It measures 3” x 2” x 2” and weighs about 5.6 ounces. These earpieces also have some foam tips so you can adjust the size. The earbuds’ nozzles are comfortable to wear no matter how long you have been using them. In addition,, it has a detachable cable, which lets you strum your instrument without any interruption. However, if you choose to use the cable, you can wear the over-the-ear fit to ensure that the wire is in place.

Meanwhile, Westone UM Pro 10s are heavier and more massive than SE215 Shure models. It has a size of 4.2” x 2.2” x 7.2” and a weight of 1 pound. Nonetheless, they are still comfortable to wear. The package has different sizes of ear tips, allowing you to adjust the fit of the earphones in addition to the incredible noise isolation. Additionally, it has over-the-ear fit that keeps the cable in place every time you play.

Size and Comfort Winner: Westone UM Pro 10

Although both have the adjustable fits and over-the-counter wear, the Westone um1 earphones have won this round. What makes Westone UM Pro 10 better is the ambient noise, which everyone seeks when it comes to earpieces.

Performance: (Shure se215 vs Westone um)

For musicians, especially drummers, the most important features that you should look for are noise reduction and the audio quality made by the earphones. The Westone UM Pro 10 has received positive feedback from professional players because of the two drivers found on the in-ear monitors. This means that the earphones produce frequencies from two separate drivers. As a result, it creates a smoother and crisper sound.


Moreover, the wire used by the Westone UM Pro 10 is made of premium materials. Therefore, you are guaranteed that the cables will last for a long time. However, you have to use it with caution as it may damage the audio quality.

Furthermore, it offers a two-year warranty period and a cleaning pack for maintenance purposes. This is to ensure that the in-ear monitors work at their best.

The SE215 by Shure, on the other hand, is made of top-quality, rugged materials to ensure longevity, even if you use it roughly or frequently. They also come in three colors and are backed by a one-year warranty.

Performance Winner: Draw

Both earphone models get these rounds because of their strengths and weaknesses. For instance, Westone earpieces have a more extended warranty period than Shure. These are also made of high-quality materials to ensure longevity.

However, With regards the se215 vs Westone um pro and when it comes to usage, Shure has a better edge. While Westone in-ear monitors have two drivers for better audio quality, they are more susceptible to breaking. Rough usage is not recommended for Westone UM Pro 10 because it can affect the surround sound of the earphones.

Meanwhile, the SE215 by Shure can be used roughly, making it perfect for drummers and vocalists who move all the time as they perform.


SoundWestone um pro10 delivers excellent sound. The two drivers in the earbud allow you to play music like a pro. These drivers produce sharp, clean, and crisp audio range, allowing you to hear every note that you play.

It simply means that you will hear a big bass, significant treble, and clear highs and mids. Due to their excellent noise cancellation, this pair of in-ear monitors is perfect for loud musical types like heavy metal and hard rock.

Likewise, the SE215 provides clear trebles and rich bass, which makes it suitable for listening and monitoring. It also has a noise canceling feature so that you can only hear the music that you play.

Sound Winner: Westone UM Pro 10

Undoubtedly, the Westone UM Pro 10 won this round. The noise cancellation is excellent as well as the sound that it produces. No wonder why it is the most recommended in-ear monitors by many professional players.

Final Verdict

If your concern is durability, Shure SE215 is what you’re looking for– but when it comes to audio quality, the Westone UM Pro 10 is the best one for you. The highs and mids of the Westone earpieces are more pronounced than the Shure model. Moreover, the treble is less dense, but the sound is undoubtedly good. So, even if you are playing metal or hard rock music genre, it is still pleasing to your ears.

Based on the comparisons of the Westone UM Pro 10 and Shure SE215 above, the Shure SE215 does the job of canceling noise better than the Westone UM Pro 10. The isolating sleeves of its earbuds fit well near the ear canal. However, the ear tips may fall off with rigid physical activity like running or working out.

The Westone UM Pro 10 can only isolate white or ambient noise, but not louder sounds. The size range of the ear tips can work better with physical activity.

When it comes to sound quality, the Shure SE215 is the better choice if you want a rich bass sound with a balanced mix of mid-tones and treble. The bass is not too overpowering, but it is strong enough to provide a full, lively sound system.

The Westone UM Pro 10 lacks in bass strength. Furthermore, it is not suitable for music lovers who are very specific when it comes to sound equalizers.  

Users may feel more comfortable with the Shure SE215’s available size range for ear tips as opposed to the Westone UM Pro 10 which only provides standard sizes.

As a bonus, the Shure SE215 gives you a stylish compact case for you to carry around the earphones in your bag. The Westone UM Pro 10, unfortunately, does not provide any case or pouch in the product package.

Overall, the Westone UM Pro 10 headset is the winner of this comparison review.

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