Samsung H1300 Bluetooth Headset



The Samsung HM1300 mono Bluetooth headset provides an ideal mix of fashion, function and value for customers seeking a hands free apparatus that is not difficult to work with and easy to configure. The HM1300 features Matching technology that is Straightforward, mechanically pairing with the Bluetooth-enabled device. Just turn in your smart phone on the Bluetooth feature, then choose the HM1300 and you are linked; no pass-code needed. With Multipoint Technology that is built-in, you can match the headset to two devices at once across apparatus. This attribute is indispensable for online players who want to play on several platforms, or users who take both a business telephone and a private phone.




Speed. Relaxation. Compatibility

it’s compatible with all blue tooth-enabled devices, including taking a Chance on Love and the Samsung Smartphones.

Fit that is customized

the headset boats with three interchangeable soft gel strategies for a personalized fit and the ultra-light weight design helps to ensure the apparatus stays comfortable and safe when worn for extended durations.

Battery Life that is special

the rechargeable battery that is inline boasts up to 300 hrs. Of standby-time per charge cycle and 8 hours of talk-time, and using a separate on/off switch it is not difficult till you want it, to preserve electricity.




  • Dimensions (W x H x D)

    47L x 19W x 12 H (mm)

  • Weight


  • Bluetooth Profiles


  • Talk Time

    Up to 8 Hrs

  • Standby Time

    Up to 300 hrs

  • Package Contents

    micro USB charger, 2 earhooks, 3 ear gels



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