5 of the Best Samsung Bluetooth Headphones: A Complete Buying Guide

samsung bluetooth headphonesSmartphones are getting better and bigger. They come with more features and they are capable of performing even the more demanding tasks. Still, the most important task is conversation and music from your smartphone. In both cases, headphones are an important accessory. People who still use standard headphones should consider the upgrade. This brings us to Samsung Bluetooth headphones.

Headphones made by this manufacturer have a lot to offer, so we believe they are some of the best to make. They are useful and practical in the same way. Before everything, you should choose which style of headset you prefer. In ear are smaller, but more practical.

Over the ear are much bigger, but deliver better sound. In essence, the type of headphones depends on you.

Samsung wireless headphones can be used for receiving and answering calls. You can use them in any way as standard headphones, except for one big difference.

There are no annoying cables. Some manufacturer even offers gadgets that will keep your headphones tidy (their cables), but what is the point when you can have a wireless headset.

Try to remember that headphones are more important than you may believe.

They can help you pass the time while traveling, they allow you to listen to the music where normally you can’t and they help you get a better concentration, due to the music you listen to.

Bluetooth headphones: Basics and the most important features
We already mentioned that before everything, you should choose the size of your headphones. But, this is the breaking point and it determines which models you will even take into consideration. Once you get an idea about the size, the sound is the next best thing.

Best Samsung Headphones

Sound quality is still slightly lower than corded headphones have. However, latest Samsung wireless headphones have been upgraded, so they deliver a much better sound quality than you would expect. This aspect is important, no matter are you looking for headphones for music, TV or for conversation. Each model is different, so stay focused. A related feature is the environmental noise reduction. This means that the headphones will eliminate the amount of noise coming inside your ear canal. Those with high environmental noise reduction are the best.

How well headphones fit you? Over the ear models usually fit perfectly to most individuals, but in-ear models don’t. Luckily, almost all of them are paired with additional elements, known as silicone ear tips. They can be fitted on a headphone in order to make it fit better in the ear canal. It also eliminates the environmental noise.

Practicality is important as well. The latest models come with magnetic elements that are used to hold headphones in place when they are not in use. This is an extremely important addition that makes a huge difference. Magnetic earpads are just one example, there are a lot of other alternatives.

All Samsung Bluetooth headphones come with batteries. It is used to power the headphones, simply because they don’t have any cables. Now, the size of the battery is important. The best compromise is by finding headphones with a battery that can last long but isn’t too heavy. Usually, you should get around 10 hours of use. Standby mode is much longer and it can reach 500 hours.

This kind of headphones also comes with controls. They are placed on the headphones themselves. Models with the simplest controls are the best. They can be used without looking at the controls and they are far more useful.

Headphones should support the app or in this case the Samsung Level app. It is used to control advanced features of the headphones and to allow for the user’s simpler use. It is definitely something that can make a difference.

Looking for a new Samsung Bluetooth Headphone that can be complicated, thanks to all new models on the market. That’s why we did instead of you. Here you will see the best models for 2017.

# 1.

Samsung Level U Bluetooth Wireless In-ear Headphones –

Samsung level U wireless headphones are a very popular alternative right now. They are modern, they look interesting and they have a lot to offer. Just look at them. You can see that they are not ordinary headphones. They are also highly rated Samsung level headphones as such, we must say that they are exceptional.

There are several reasons why this model is in the first place. The design is modern, the features are advanced and the quality is great. An interesting fact is that the price is affordable as well. They may be a perfect choice for you, especially if you like listening to the music for a long period of time.


The speaker units have a diameter of 12 mm. They are paired with interesting and one-of-a-kind ear tips. Together, they deliver a high-quality sound which will meet the expectations of even the most demanding users. Samsung level U headphones are fully equipped with Echo Cancellation and Noise reduction. In essence, this makes them more pleasant to use when you are outside or surrounded with people. People you talk with will hear you much better than with conventional headphones. Definitely, a feature to thank for.

Ear buds are equipped with tiny magnets. When not in the use, they can be easily stored and secured. This feature was reserved for more expensive models, but now it is a real pleasure to have it on this, affordable unit. When used, headphones will stay perfectly as you want them to stay.

The battery fitted into these headphones is a masterpiece as well. It can last for 500 hours in standby mode, you can talk 11 hours or you can listen to the music for 10 hours. Samsung level U charging is fast and it requires a few times. You will use a mini USB cable to recharge a battery.

The design

During our Samsung level U wireless headphones review, we felt like we are wearing a fashion accessory. The headphones are perfectly balanced between something useful and something that can make you look more interesting. The fact they are available in black, gold and blue colors simply confirm the claim. A lot of products on the market look perfect, but they are not very useful. The Samsung level U wireless Bluetooth headphones are able to maintain the functionality, besides amazing design.

Are you going to like them?

Yes. They are a great choice and we highly recommend them. The design, the sound quality, and the features are all at the highest level.

# 2.

Samsung Gear Circle a Bluetooth Headset for Android Smartphones –

Samsung Gear Circle is something you are going to like it. In a matter of fact, every single person who saw them were stunned by their look. However, Samsung Gear Circle headphones are designed to be used, not to be looked. As such, you get a lot of needed features and extreme practicality (mandatory for wireless headphones).


Samsung Gear Circle Bluetooth headphones are rated as a more advanced model, so they come with some, more advanced features. One of them is the exceptional battery. They provide 11 hours of talk time, 9 hours of listening to the music and 300 hours of standby time. In addition, the battery in this model is the latest generation.

The controls are based on the touch style. You get those to control the music and to answer your calls. All of that, and one feature mode. Samsung Gear Circle sweat resistant Bluetooth headphones with mic are very durable. They can work while training or jogging and they will stay in place, no matter where you are. Even while running, the HD sound is available.

Keep in mind that these headphones are compatible with Gear Manager app. Thanks to the use of the new components, pairing them is easier than ever. You literally need a few seconds.

The design

Samsung Gear Circle sweat resistant Bluetooth headphones can be used as a fashion accessory. They look like no other headphones and they can be worn paired with all kinds of clothes. Even better, they are available in 6 different colors, including black, white, red, blue and etc.

If you take a closer look, you will notice that the ear buds are one of a kind. They are simply beautiful. More importantly, they will stay in your ear no matter what you do. Even Samsung claims that these ear buds are extremely good.

Are you going to like them?

Superior practicality, Gear Circle neck band replacement,and touch controls are usually enough to make owners smile. If we add the fact they are avoidable in different colors, they are lightweight and they are easy to use, we can confirm that you are going to like them.

There is no reason why not to like or use these headphones. They have a lot to offer, but still, they are affordable.

# 3.

Samsung Level On Wireless headphones – 

All of you who are thinking of getting over-the-ear headphones, should consider new Samsung Level On Wireless headphones. Compared to other models, they are massive. They even look slightly different. In simple words, they borrowed some features from the more expensive models, so it is a real pleasure being able to get them from headphones from this class.


Samsung Level On wireless noise canceling headphones can be used for music listening and phone calls. They have an excellent mic built-in. An interesting fact is connectivity. A user can connect them via Bluetooth or via 3.5 mm connector. In essence, they allow for you to use them as you want, whenever you want. In both situations, the sound quality is more than just good. It is high above average and it can be compared only to more expensive models.

An additional feature includes a completely new circuit. It is used to provide the same quality sound even when the Noise Cancellation system is turned off. We tried it, and it actually works. You can feel the difference.

All controls are touch-based. Moving your finger up and down will increase/decrease the volume, left or right is used to change the song and etc. Very simple to use and convenient. Additional customization possibilities are available through the Samsung Level app. It supports most Samsung Bluetooth headphones and it comes with some, really amazing features.

The design

During the Samsung Level On wireless headphones review, we paid a special attention to the look of them. In general, they will be perfect for individuals who want an elegant and stylish headphones, but they don’t want to lose any of the practicality, nor features. Samsung Level On ear wireless noise cancelling headphones are the latest model that offers a lot, but doesn’t sacrifice any of the capabilities.

Samsung Level On Bluetooth headphones come with amazing ear pads. They are soft and they are comfortable, even when they are worn for a longer period of rime. The situation is the same with the headband. It is comfortable, but keeps the headphones strongly in place. The Samsung Level On wireless price is still affordable, despite the fact they are practical and highly comfortable.

The available colors are: red, blue, white and black. This Bluetooth headsets Samsung color-scheme is standard.

Are you going to like them?

They will be more than just appealing to you. They have a lot to offer and they are comfortable. If you are looking for headphones that are big, look great and feature-rich, this is the model you should buy.

# 4.

Samsung Level Over Wireless Over-Ear Headphones –

Samsung Level Over Wireless Over-Ear Headphones are big in two ways. The first one stands for the actual size. As you can see, these are over-ear headphones. They cover the entire ear and deliver the sound that reminds of the one from the loudspeakers. On the other side, we have the feature-big point. Level over wireless over ear headphones are loaded with the latest technologies and design features, so they are all, except average headphones.


Samsung Level over wireless over ear headphones supports the latest Active Noise Cancelation system. They can be connected via the Bluetooth or 3.5 mm jack and they are easy to connect. Obviously, they support the Samsung Level app.

Touch controls have been upgraded as well. Now, they are easier to use and they offer more possibilities. The S – voice feature is available as well. All of this mean that you can use them anywhere you want, as long as you want, and you won’t spend any time on looking for controls.

On the Samsung Level over ear Bluetooth headphone review, we achieved 15 hours of listening and talking time. Compared to other, rival models, this is a great time. Keep in mind that they are massive, they have large drivers and they require more electricity to run.

The design

The design is actually very simple to explain. They are big, comfortable and they come in black color. All the elements are much bigger than you may know. Samsung Bluetooth over ear headphones are a high-end model, so the design is just astonishing.

Are you going to like them?

Of all wireless over the ear headphones on the market right now, these are the most suitable for advanced audiophiles. The sound is simply perfect and the design is advanced, so they are great in any way.

# 5.

Samsung Gear IconX – 

Samsung Gear IconX is one of the unique headphones on the market right now. They are highly advanced and they are designed to be the best. Samsung IconX price isn’t high, despite the fact they come with amazing features.


Samsung gear IconX true wireless headset comes with a small case, designed to store earbuds and to recharge their battery when not in use. This is needed if we take into account that they are completely wireless headphones. A more interesting feature is 4GB of memory when users can place up to 1.000 songs.

Heart rate monitor is implemented as well. We can say that Gear IconX best buy is easily achieved thanks to it. Users can monitor and share their results. In addition, the design is specially tweaked so they will fit perfectly to any ear, even when running or exercising.

Our Gear IconX review proved that these headphones are completely sweated and water resistant. This is mandatory for models that are workout-oriented. Another related feature is the fact they work with other, fitness, third-party apps. No special knowledge nor additions are needed to connect them.

Controlling these, comfortable earbuds is achieved through touch gestures. Hold your finger on them in order to get directions. Samsung gear IconX noise cancelling is constantly available, and it is one of the best we ever tried (in the ear buds range).

The design

These are good wireless earbuds that also look impressive. The design is futuristic and modern. This also applies to the storage case you get in the package. Three colors are available. Blue, white and black.

Due to the fact these Samsung wireless headphones are extremely small, they can easily be treated as a fashion accessory. Pair them with clothes and you are going to be noticed.

Are you going to like them?

On our Samsung gear review, we liked a lot of features and capabilities they had to offer. Obviously, you will be perfectly satisfied as well. There are no annoying issues, nor reasons to avoid them if you are looking for comfortable ear buds.



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