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SADES SA708 Review – A (2019) Buying Guide

The Sades brand is known for it’s rare and user-friendly products. Read the SADES SA-708 REVIEW, which is sure to draw your attention towards it. The product lets you enjoy the sound of top-notch quality at an affordable price. The design may not be that attractive but the comfort that the headset offers is commendable. The best part about this gaming headset is, it lets you enjoy nonstop gaming for six hours without any sort of discomfort. The head cushion is just right.

The sound quality decides the fate of a headset in the market. If you talk about the SADES SA-708 then this headset justifies its price. The bass is a little low and there is slight distortion when music is played at a high volume. However, that is not really a concern if you compare its performance with its price.

The SADES SA-708 is a product of value

Stereo Gaming Headphone, SADES SA708GT PS4 Gaming Headphone...
  • EMI/RFI Shielding to prevent electromagnetic/radio-frequency interference, ensuring you a good mood when...
  • Unique, well shaped and designed gaming headset, with foldable hidden microphone
  • Premier SADES-AFV volume control with extra Mic-muted function
  • Soft PU leather cushion ear-pad and head-pad, very comfortable to wear
  • SADES is the official Partner of WCG(World Cyber Games) China 2013. It can work on Xbox One, PS4, PC,...

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To buy a headset for gaming, you should not just focus on the sound of the headset but compare it with its price. It is also important to check the customer service that the brand offers. To enjoy a gaming experience the headphone should come with features of top-quality and be able to offer high-quality sounds.

If you play games professionally, then the SADES SA-708 may not be the right product for you. However, if you are a gamer who has to get his broken headset replaced then the SADES SA-708 is a smart choice. The main advantage of the headset is that it is priced just right for your day to day gaming use. Also, the mic of the headset is positioned just right so that it does not even pick up the sound of your breathing.

When you look at the SADES SA-708 it will stand out because if it unique shape and the microphone hidden in it that gives it a display that is stylish. It has a volume control that also comes with a mic-muted function. The headphone comes with a headpad and an ear pad that is made up of soft cushion which lets you enjoy additional comfort.

To use this headset just wear it on your head. The headphone is made of plastic that fits comfortably. The quality of sound is also at par.

Product review of SADES SA-708


I wanted a gaming headset for my kids. The earlier ones that I had purchased were not only expensive but also broke off easily. My children used to take the headset out often and pull and drop them. The headset thus could not function even for a few weeks. This is when I came across the SADES SA-708 REVIEW. The headphone stands out in terms of quality, durability, and price.

Kotion Each GS500 Over-Ear Gaming Headphones for PC is another product in this category of gaming headphones. The weight of this headphone is a concern, which makes it difficult to wear it for long. SADES SA-708, on the other hand, is lightweight which makes it easy to wear it for prolonged hours.


The SADES SA-708 headset is durable and it will last for long. It comes with a 3.5mm gold jack with a cord. The volume controller is attached to the cord that lets you turn it up or down. It lets you take calls when you are playing the game. The microphone is designed uniquely and it moves only up and down.

The headset comes in two different colours. This makes it stylish. If you want to buy it for two kids at home then you can buy headsets of different colours to avoid any confusion. The headset offers cool design and one gets to listen to great music. The headphone is crafted impeccably and this draws many buyers to it.

The weight of the headset is only 12 ounce, which makes it the perfect size to use. The material is dense and reliable and if you take care then this will last for many years to come.

The frequency ranges from 20 to 20000HZ and the impedance is 32 ohms. This offers a blast. The headphone lets you enjoy the audio of dynamic quality and it lets you equalize the sound as per your preference.

The 40mm drives will augment the sound. Make sure that you control the volume level. The headset is designed to play computer games and it is compatible with many other devices. The gaming effect that this headphone offers is comparable to many other branded headsets.

The box comes with a user’s manual.

Stereo Gaming Headphone, SADES SA708GT PS4 Gaming Headphone...
Unique, well shaped and designed gaming headset, with foldable hidden microphone; Premier SADES-AFV volume control with extra Mic-muted function

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The SADES SA-708 come with many features and the design is such that it makes the headset compatible with many devices. The headset can be used to play for long hours. Enjoy great sound quality with this sturdy headset. It feels comfortable to wear this headset for prolonged hours.

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