Brand: Rock Jaw

Rock Jaw: Innovative Solution Provider for the Audiophiles


Rock Jaw Audio is a new name that is not more than four years old in the world of headphones and earphones. However, it seems that this new brand is attracting a lot of positivity. This is because it focuses more on the need for good sounding earphones without significantly reducing the bank balance.

Aiming to design creative solutions for audiophiles, the brand is currently admired for its British made earphones featuring the tuning filters. The brand describes itself as being a quality sound maker, regardless of the type of task such as watching a movie or listening to music.

Through such an endeavor, you get the most pleasant experience possible. After all, it is the superb sound delivery that uplifts your experience, enjoyment, and excitement.

A Historic Brief

Rock Jaw was established in June 2012 in East Midlands in the United Kingdom with an aim to allow experiencing the highest sound quality without high cost. Its mission is to exceed expectations of the customers in every aspect of its business.

The Present Strategy – The Most Unique One

In order to get the sound reproduction of best quality, one needs high quality headphones or earphones. While this is true, the company does not believe the old adage of ‘you get what you pay for’.

The team at Rock Jaw believes in exploring what is really possible. As a result, it takes a long development time to finalize the products, without compromising even a single bit on build or sound quality.

The team has realized that a few things are neglected since many years and at times, just building simple is the best strategy. It does not believe that great innovations like noise cancelling improve the overall listening experience.

It actually believes that the best quality materials at its given price range ensures the best experience for money. So, after all designing and testing, the product is sent to a panel of autonomous testers, ranging from seniors to teens who examine it within 8-12 weeks by using and abusing it in the real world.


This process helps in identifying any weaknesses that are then handled to add to the strength or durability factor. After all, the testers are true end users who use the product and frankly say what they like or dislike.

In fact, the product does not go on sale until all disliked are removed or all suggestions are implemented. Further testing is also conducted wherein the DJ’s recording artists, and music producers aid in fine tuning the sound.

Headphones from Rock Jaw

Right now, the brand is offering just two to three lightweight earphones. However, one of them is highly advanced with three interchangeable tuning filters. Through these filters, you can activate neutral, high range, and enhanced bass modes.

This gives you three unique sound signatures along with your preferred sound stage but at the price of one! The high-tech products are just affordable! Currently, it is in gossip for introducing the world’s first open and closed back model of a headphone.

Customer-approved Reasons to Choose AKG

  • Good design
  • Sturdy construction
  • Inexpensive

Consider this brand’s products if you love to have the trinity of lightweight, affordability, and innovation.



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