Review: STAX SR-009 Headphones

A Review Of The High Performance STAX SR-009 Headphones

Stax has been renowned for top quality electrostatic headphones all over the world. After a long time shoving shoulders with the competition, Stax finally decided that it wants to be at the front line once and for all. It is then that it released the Stax SR-009 headphones. These electrostatic headphones cost a cool $5,250. Before you start screaming that they are very expensive, read below and find out what the manufacturer has included in the package. You might actually be persuaded to cut down on your other expenses to buy these headphones.

If a technology is not suitable for music, you should not adopt it even if it is a high-tech.

$3,506.99 & FREE Shipping
What to find in the box

stax-sr-009-reviewLike the other leading planar magnetic and electrostatic headphone manufacturers, Stax has invested quite some time and money to ensure that the box that encases these special headphones is a phenomenon. The box is made of paulownia wood. This is a special kind of wood which has long-term wood preservation characteristics. You will learn all about the amazing features of this wood which has been used to make the box from the pamphlet that the manufacturer has included inside.

Also in the box, you will find actual headphone which is made of extraordinary high-quality materials. The headband of the headphones which has been designed using a new technology boasts of 10-clicke slider mechanism which enhances comfort and optimal wear. The cables included are silver plated and are of high-purity copper.  As for the ear pads, they are thick, comfortable and a symmetrical for perfect fitting.

The features of these headphones

The optimal performance of these headphones is made possible by the precision and the control which is dedicated towards the surface of the drivers. The surface of the moving driver gets to be under the direct control of the audio signal always which then makes the headphones deliver optimally. With the use of an electrostatic driver, the headphones get to shed some weight.

For the perfect performance of the headphones, you will need to use some specialized amplifiers. Rather than the conventional headphones amplifiers, you will need to use dedicated amps which are sourced from the Stax or other specialized amp producers. Beware that with electrostatic headphones come with extra high voltage. With the Stax headphones, it is possible to get 580V.

The 2 microns thick diaphragm is another feature which makes these headphones stand out. Stax states that the diaphragm is made using ‘high polymer ultra-thin film’ material. Unlike the normal plastics, this material is ultra thin hence making it possible for the manufacturer to deliver extremely thin but effective diaphragm.

The Stax SR-009 headphones do come with electrodes which are MLER (Multi Layered ElectRodes) and which are newly introduced in the market. The making of these electrodes is meant to ensure that music detail and crispness is delivered at all times. In fact, the manufacturer employs so much effort in the task of electrode making so as to ensure that the thinness of the electrode, the non-resonant qualities and the stiffness of the same are achieved without compromising on the final product.

STAX SR-009 Headphones

If a technology is not suitable for music, you should not adopt it even if it is a high-tech.

$3,506.99 & FREE Shipping
Comfort of the headphones

The weight of these headphones is 1.3 pounds when you are wearing them. This makes them marginally lighter than a majority of planar magnetic as well as some electrostatic headphones in the market. While being shipped, the weight is a whopping 6.6 pounds. This is made possible because of the instrumentations. Still, the comfort that you stand to enjoy with these lighter headphones is definitely unrivaled. Moreover, the velour used in the ear pads is such that your ears will be extremely comfortable even when you decide to listen to music for long hours.


The performance of the headphones

The sound of the Stax SR-009 headphones is definitely astounding especially because of the decision to overhaul the driver. You will love the pink noise emphasis which is received especially at upper, mid and even low range. As for the bass texture, you will find it hefty but the extension is exceedingly cool. There is the bass slam which will make you stand up even when the music is at the lowest of octaves. Don’t forget the midrange and the treble where every detail of music comes fore and you get to appreciate the use of high-end headphones.


  • Comes with an ideal frequency range
  • Lighter than most high-end headphones
  • Exceptional power handling
  • Real reproduction of studio music or live performance


  • Very expensive
  • Frequency range not as wide as competition

If a technology is not suitable for music, you should not adopt it even if it is a high-tech.

$3,506.99 & FREE Shipping
Bottom Line
The Stax SR-009 headphones are definitely what you will need if you want high-end music companions. They will not in any bit disappoint you. Moreover, they offer you liquid warmth and an exuberant happy feeling.



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