Review: Shure KSE1500 Headphones

An In-Depth Review Of The Shure KSE1500 Headphones

Shure KSE1500 is one of the rare in-ear electrostatic headphones that will leave you breathless when you put them over your ears. Such is the quality of the music that you will willingly give the $3,000 the seller will ask of you. The pricing of this headphone can unsuccessfully be separated into $2,000 for the head piece and $1,000 for the amplifier. The KSE1500 has been designed to deliver unrivalled clarity and comfort which every other audiophile will be thrilled with.

Shure KSE1500
Shure KSE1500
What to find inside the box


Like most of the other high-end headphones, the Shure KSE1500 is presented in an amazing package. It will come to you in a double-decker black matte box which definitely helps you fall in love with the headphones even before you lay your eyes on it.

Inside the box, you will find the sparkling in-ear headphones nestled safely in thick foam. You will also find the high-quality Shure SHA900 amplifier. Upon removing these two, you will find the four types of ear tips of multiple sizes. Alongside, you will also find 3.5mm cables which are both short and long. There is a volume controller attachment as well as a 12V power supply as well as microUSB connectors for USB. The manufacturer has included a volume controller, some rubber bands and a comfy carrying case made from leather.

It is good to understand how the Shure KSE1500 electrostatic headphones work first. It happens to be the pioneer in sound isolation while using the electrostatic technology in the headphones category. The earphones are each installed with a diaphragm which is literally weightless and which is surrounded by an electrostatic field. The field is generated by the back plates which also control the charge oscillations. This is what gives the earphones unmatched detail delivery capacity.

The features of the Shure KES1500

The cables that are included in the package are nothing but breathtaking when it comes to sound delivery. They are the durable Kevlar™ cables which have deliberately been designed to withstand all manner of pressure and to also deliver the electrostatic sound accurately.

The manufacturer has painstakingly invested in the exclusive pairing of the earphones. Included in the package are the 6-pin LEMO connectors which are ideal at delivering in a bias way to the electrostatic drivers. Moreover, you will discover that the connectors are incredibly suited to work harmoniously with the all the other components.

As noted earlier, the manufacturer has included an amplifier which is of very reasonable size. It is easily portable as its size is comparable to that of your mobile device. As for the sound delivery, it will be hard to imagine how music would sound without this all-important gadget. The amplifier is of 24/96 ADC/DAC resolution. The tactile knob is easy to control. This additional component is compatible with your Android, Mac, PC, and iOS gadgets.

There is an interface which helps in the easy controlling of the music you are listening to. The interface which comes with five EQ standard presets is pretty easy to install. With this interface, you will achieve a cool and refined listening experience which comprises of low, boost, flat, vocal boost, and loudness presets.

shure kse 1500 pure sounds

Shure KSE1500
Shure KSE1500
The comfort of the Shure KES1500

These in-ear headphones are designed with every thought of giving you maximum comfort. The headphone fit perfectly in your ear and the earpieces are ideal at blocking out noise. They deliver an amazingly 37dB noise isolation. This helps in increasing the delivery of sound. The good thing with these earpieces is that whether you prefer to listen to your music at midrange or at a higher range, the delivery is exceedingly superior to any of the headphones you know.


The performance of the headphones

The headphones comfortably scoop sounds from as low as 10Hz all the way to a high of 50 kHz frequency. They will also give you a 113 dB SPL sound delivery which makes it one of the very best in the market especially given that they are almost weightless.

The music detail that these headphones are able to capture is such that you can easily tell when the singer is moving away from the microphone. With this piece, every audiophile no matter how pessimistic will love having them on a plane or even at the quietest of places.


  • Clarity in the separation of components
  • Expounds on the littlest of details
  • Ingenious passive noise isolation
  • Unrivalled clarity and with rich sonic color

The lows

  • They are not as good as the custom-made in-ears
  • They only perform well with an amplifier
  • Pricey

Shure KSE1500
Shure KSE1500
Bottom Line
Even a discerning music lover will definitely fall in love with these in-ear headphones. They are easy to use and give music you the perfect music clarity you so desire.



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