How to Reset a Samsung Bluetooth Headset – 2019 FIX GUIDE

How to Reset a Samsung Bluetooth Headset

A Samsung Bluetooth headset is a wireless apparatus placed over the ear. It’s connected to cell phones to enable the user while keeping the hands free to talk. Bluetooth headsets are, manufactured by several firms, like Samsung. No matter the brand, all Bluetooth headsets can be reset. If there are problems connecting with your telephone sound quality cans enhance and restore Bluetooth abilities.

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samsung bluetooth headset



  • Turn off the Samsung Bluetooth device.
  • Press and hold the volume key. Press and hold the power key. Simultaneously hold both buttons for five seconds.
  • Release both buttons.
  • Press the power button to turn on the Samsung Bluetooth device.

Video on how to reset your samsung wireless headset (click video to play)

Resetting a Samsung Bluetooth Headset Trick 2

how to reset samsung bluetooth headsetResetting your Samsung Bluetooth headset wipes out all of your headset’s saved connections and restores the apparatus to its default settings. This is perfect if you are having issues with your headset, as resetting it can work out link issues and some system troubles with the apparatus to which it is linked. Also, if you are contemplating selling your headset or loaning it to someone else briefly, resetting it ensures the man you are loaning or selling the headset to won’t unable to use any of your connections that are saved. You can reset your Samsung Bluetooth by holding down a special button blend and then inputting Matching way.



Step 1

Hold down the “Talk” button on the Samsung Bluetooth headset until that button is solid and not flashing, which should take roughly three seconds. This places your headset in Pairing mode.

Step 2

Hold down both of the volume buttons on the Samsung Bluetooth headset.

Step 3

Hold down the “Talk” button while still holding down both volume buttons for three seconds. The headset will turn off briefly before turning back on.



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