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Picking the best PS3 Bluetooth headset and PS4 Bluetooth Headset

If you’re looking for a quality Bluetooth headset to compliment your PS3 / PS4 gaming set-up there are quite a few on the market right now. As with any peripheral device though, quality ranges quite markedly between different brands.


PS3 Bluetooth headset

Original PlayStation Bluetooth Headsets

The highest quality headsets on the market are almost certainly the PlayStation Gold and Pulse range. These headsets are Sony originals so expect a quality that will match your PS3 / PS4. The only downside to original Sony headsets is the price. As always with OEM peripherals you’ll pay top dollar to take one home with you!

Other Manufacturers

Other good manufacturers to watch for are Turtle Beach. They are a US based outfit who dedicate themselves to the gaming market. They also offer good support for PS3 Bluetooth headset and have a busy user forum, handy if you’re trying to get your PS4 Bluetooth headset working! Like the original Sony headsets, Turtle Beach offer a superb quality product so you can still expect to pay at-least $80 for an entry level model.

Budget headsets

If you’re looking for towards the budget end of the market, Soundbot are a popular manufacturer. Price start from just $25 which opens the Bluetooth PS3 and PS4 market open to most players. Even though these headsets are of a slightly lower quality, they score quite highly in online reviews.

It’s worth mentioning that even a $30 headset with decent comfort muffs is always going to be better than the original Sony PS headset. So if you’re looking for a budget version don’t feel you’re missing out because you’ll still feel a step-up in comfort and sound / mic quality.

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Why swapping the original headset is a great idea

The original ear-bud headset that comes with the PS4 is okay, it works for low level gaming and those that only play for an hour or two. However, if you’re serious about gaming then you’ll find the original headset really uncomfortable and the sound quality poor.

A PlayStation Bluetooth headset cures this by offering better sound quality and improved comfort. Almost all aftermarket Bluetooth headsets are traditional muff type headphones, much better for your ears plus the actual casing of the headset is larger, allowing for a bigger driver. (The small speaker inside the headphone)
Some of the Turtle Beach headsets offers an amazing 40mm driver, pretty much the standard for quality headphone audio right now. However, even the cheaper brands will come with a 20 – 30mm driver, a massive leap forward from the standard ear-bud set Sony bundle with the PS4.

Always update your PS3 / PS4

Most Bluetooth headsets for PS3 / PS4 will work out of the box, just plug and play. However, sometimes you’ll get problems with virtual surround and with older PS4 machines you might need to get a firmware update to use some types of Sony Gold / Pulse headsets.


Before you plug in your new headset, run a quick check and download all updates just to make sure your Bluetooth is ready to rock.


PS3 Bluetooth Headset



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