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Phaiser BHS 930: 2019’s Legend of Phaiser Headphones

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The Bluetooth has quickly become the device that most people use when they purchase a headphone to use with their phone or tablet.

It is a great device that offers you a lot of freedom of movement as well as a great deal of functionality on the remote controls on the headset itself. It is truly remarkable.

With a great Bluetooth headset, a gamer should also take notice of this before purchasing the best gaming headsets, Since a wireless gadget is likely important this day since you can move freely without messing around a cord.

However, the quality you will find on every one of these headphone devices is not the same. While some brands are known for great quality in terms of sound, the functionality is not as good.

Fortunately, Phaiser is one that is dedicated to both and this is what you will find in the Phaiser BHS-930 headphones.

Phaiser BHS 930 Preview
What is it about the BHS 930?

Sound Quality

With a 10 mm speaker combination that uses Bluetooth 4.1 technology, you can be sure that the quality of sound that you receive will be something you will truly love to listen to. You with not get that tingly sound you get with many smaller sized earbud sets like this and the quality of sound that comes across from the device is fantastic.

The foam tips keep out external noise, so you can enjoy the music or your conversation without noise from the outside ruining your enjoyment. You will also love the powerful bass sound that these headphones provide.

Comfort and Fit

Many of the Bluetooth headsets, you will find these days are going with this look, where the frame wraps around the neck and the earbuds are connected to the frame by a small cable. This allows you to not have pressure on your head from a rigid headpiece, and still enjoy great sound quality through the earbuds.

The earbuds fit easily into your ears, with changeable tips that make the comfort even more comfortable.

You will love the sweat resistant technology that keeps the headphones from becoming loose while you listen to music or talk on the phone.

Build Quality and Design

The design is exceptional for convenience, and you will love how easy it is to control the remote on the phone. The mic is located in a great place for conversations, and the remote gives you the options to control the tracks and volume, as well as answer calls and turn on and off the audio.

This is also a sturdy device that is meant to last. The frame is a durable plastic that can take a beating.


This is a great purchase for sure. The sweat-proof technology makes it easy to keep in your ears and enjoy, and it is resistant to damage from water. The battery life is about 18 hours, more than most similar headsets you will find out there, and the sound quality is fantastic.


This style of headset seems to the most common out there these days, especially in terms of the higher end devices. This is a great headset at a price that is significantly cheaper than what you will find in most these days.

You can’t go wrong with the Phaiser BHS-930 Bluetooth as this is the best in ear headphones around the market today with a lifetime warranty against water damage tells you that they stand behind their product.



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