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Phaiser BHS 750 Review: 2019’s Better Headphones for Running

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While many headphones can get quite fancy in the way that they look, the Phaiser BHS-750 gives you a great headset that is made to give you a quality sound with an easy use. The design is simple and easy to use, and you will love how firm it stays in your ears and lets you enjoy the music without having to battle to try to get your device connected or to keep them secure to your ears.

Are you in search of better experience while doing workouts?  Listening to music while jogging or doing routine exercise is fun. Sometimes, listening to music also helps to motivate you and helps you to achieve success in your daily routine. In the fast-moving life, technology role is immense.  With the increased advancement in the personalization products, technology will definitely help to lower down your work and stress with tech gadgets.

There are Bluetooth headphones which have been designed to provide the user with an improved and better experience. One among them is Phaiser BHS-750 –Bluetooth Sports Earphones.  Apart from hearing music, you can even talk to people easier with Phaiser BHS-750, a Bluetooth trendy headphone.

SADLY Phaiser BHS-750 is phaseout already. So we are recommending their latest BHS-790

Phaiser BHS-790


Are you facing trouble in handling your Bluetooth headphone?  Phaiser BHS-750 is sleek in design and you can feel more comfortable while wearing it and also while performing your physical workouts. It was designed by a Swiss Audio designer to unveil HD quality sound.  You can hear better even while running or jogging.

Some headphones may look fancy and attractive but fail to arrest the noise around.  This Phaiser BHS-750 designed in such a way that it cancels the noise even when you are in the noisy street or in the gym.  It enables the calling feature much easier with the help of smart microphone embedded in it.


Phaiser BHS-750 is quite simple in design and the earbuds fit perfectly into the ears. Few people may feel hard to find the headphone and often search their headphone either in the pockets or in the bag. Now, it is easy to handle your Phaiser BHS 750 as you can stow this magnetic earbud around your neck.  Whenever you need, you can instantly access these earphones without much trouble.


It has 8mm speakers which aid in precision HD sound quality.  You can enjoy an extraordinary experience with this Phaiser BHS 750, where there are no chances for leakage of sound.  One of the biggest advantages of this headphone is that you don’t have any distortion or disturbances even at the higher frequencies.  The audio performance of this headphone is good since there is a perfect balance between the treble and bass.


The earbuds are softer and you can even wear this headphone continuously more than an hour.  It will not hurt your ears and you can enjoy music for a longer duration since it has a foam coating which avoids irritation.  The headphones are lightweight and it fits into the ears even when you are stationary or even while running.  It is pretty comfortable when compared with the previous predecessors of Phaiser series.


It is more durable and last for a longer period of time.    Along with the earphones, there is a carry case in which you can easily port these earphones wherever you go.  Whatever the products may be, handling of things meant a lot, especially in the shelf life.  Things will last for longer if you try to maintain it with appropriate techniques.

Battery life

It requires around 2 hours of charging and the battery life of this earphone is quite good.  It has 2 lithium-ion batteries in which standby time of this earphone is 250 hours, a pretty high standby time when compared with the other headphones.  If you are in search of long playback time, this earphone offers around 8 hours.  However, there is there are chances of reduced battery life after a few months of usage.

Noise segregation

Noise segregation is one of the added advantages of this earphone in which it completely arrests the noise as it is designed for those who involve in a jog or run continuously.  Even when you are in the office or in any noisy area, it is ideal to use.  In fact, I was facing the same problem as there are a few disturbances in my present headphone.  After changing my headphone into this Phaiser BHS-750, it did the job of arresting the noise in an excellent way.  While listening to music, if there is any kind of distortion or noise; it is arrested by this headphone and provides a unique experience in listening to music as well. Later, I had an amazing experience of listening to music with this earphone.  Even, it is easy for me to switch over from the calls to music with the help of easy operable buttons.


While doing rigorous workouts, it is quite natural to sweat.  If you are in search of sweat resistant headphone, this Phaiser will serve you the need as it is Sweat-proof.  It is protected by Liquipel Nano coating that helps to withstand sweaty workouts too.  You can be stress-free as the coating is water-resistant.


The microphone looks like a small pinhole built into an inline controller in which you can easily answer your calls and resume your music without removing it.  A smart microphone embedded in the headphone helps to starts and stops the music automatically while receiving the calls.

A comparison between Phaiser BHS-750 and Phaiser BHS-730

Phaiser BHS-750 and Phaiser BHS-730 are more or less similar in few aspects like sound quality, ergonomics, etc., but still, Bluetooth option and battery standby time are better in Phaiser BHS-750.  In fact, this advanced version has extra 90 hours of standby time when compared to 730 which is an added advantage.  The Bluetooth range is high in Phaiser BHS-750 than 730.  Overall, when compared to Phaiser BHS-730 features, this 750 model is the better version.

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This Phaiser BHS-750 is a quite trendy and perfect mix of design, comfort and sound quality.  When compared to other predecessors of Phaiser, this Phaiser BHS 750 is special and unique with its features.  If you are unsatisfied with the current earphones, this Phaiser BHS 750 will be the right option for you.



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