PDP Afterglow Kral PS4 Wireless Headset Review

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I had heard a lot of good things about Afterglow headsets from fellow gamer friends, so as soon as I managed to finally get my hands on a PS4, I decided to treat myself to a new headset to go with it. After a bit of searching, I settled on the PDP Afterglow Kral PS4 Wireless Headset. I’m not going to lie, the first thing that drew me to this particular Afterglow headset was the fact that it just looked so cool! The design is so smooth and the transparent lens on the outside of the ear pads is a really appealing touch. As a bit of a tech nerd, I love being able to see the circuit boards within the headset. But, since trying the product out, I definitely have a lot more to say about the quality of the Afterglow headset.

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  • All the buttons are places in one area on the left ear pad, so changing modes is really easy.
  • The set up on PS4 is really easy. Literally all I needed to do is plug the wireless transmitter one of the USB ports, turn everything on and go.
  • The transmitting range is great at 100 feet.
  • The instruction manual is really detailed and I feel really comfortable being able to solve any issues independently with the manual.
  • This Afterglow headset is also compatible with PC and mobile devices, and I set it up on my laptop within 2 minutes.
  • The battery life is possibly the best thing about this Afterglow headset. I can comfortable use the product for up to 10 hours, which is rare to find in rechargeable devices nowadays.


  • The retractable microphone can be quite difficult to put back in, and it does take a little extra time.
  • The headset is quite big and it does weigh quite a lot, which can put a bit of strain on the neck after a few hours of gameplay.
  • The sound quality on the higher tones can be a bit weak.
  • When using the headset on my laptop, the dongle stays active even when the headphones are turned off. This is a minor gripe, but having to disable the headphone driver every time I want to switch back to my normal laptop audio output is quite annoying.

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Overall, the Afterglow headset works brilliantly with PS4 and the audio quality is good. I feel that I have got what I paid for, and I’m generally happy with the performance of this product.

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