PDP Afterglow Dolby Prismatic Wireless Headset Review

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I had been shopping around for quite a while when I came across this Afterglow headset. Even though the product description seemed to be a good fit for what I needed, I was still undecided as I have never used an Afterglow headset before and didn’t know much about the company. I ended up biting the bullet and purchasing the product anyway and I couldn’t be happier about it. Previously, I have used a clip on Bluetooth headset and I found the quality terrible and the fit was so uncomfortable that I stopped using it all together. With this Afterglow headset the quality is great and the fit is fantastic. I can actually wear this headset for hours without it becoming uncomfortable because the ear cups are so large and soft. Comfort is a big pro for me, and set this Afterglow headset up as a winner, but here is my more detailed pro and con breakdown.

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  • Incredibly easy setup for Xbox 360
  • The surround sound is very nice and the sound quality is high
  • The rechargeable battery is a real benefit
  • Although personally using for Xbox 360, the product does come with lots of different cable combinations, so it’s nice to have the option of using the headset with other consoles.
  • The separate sound dials make it easy to get rid of the annoying chat sounds and still keep the game play sounds.
  • I first tested this Afterglow headset with Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The bass boost sound mode makes the game so much more exciting because big sounds like gunfire and explosions are so rich.


  • There is a minor fuzzing sound when I first speak into the microphone
  • The LED light at the tip of the mic can be quite annoying because I can see it out the corner of my eye.
  • The optical cord is quite short which can make connecting to the console a bit annoying.
  • After having such great results using this product with my Xbox 360, I wanted to use it with my PC, but there were next to no instructions provided for the setup, and the manual just referred me back to the 360 instructions even though only a couple of points applied.

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Finally, this Afterglow headset is solidly built and provides beautiful sound. There are a lot of impressive tips and tricks and I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a good quality headset.

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