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It is a fact that Oppo’s universal, high performing Blu-Ray players are the best sellers even today. However, its smartphones, high-end headphones, and associated amps are also stealing the crown. OPPO Electronics Corporation is a well-known manufacturer of electronic devices.

According to Oppo, the headphones are innate extension of their electronic line into the audio field. Several users of Blu-ray players are using the headphone output to gain great results.

In this way, it seems that the mix of Oppo Blu-ray player, headphone, and its amplifier to cater to the needs of listeners all nuances. With a keen sense of knowing what is to be done, the brand has headphones featuring the planar magnetic design just as the HiFiMan and with the amp encompassing all bases such as DSD playback and USB asynchronous.

A Historic Overview

Although Oppo was globally registered in 2001, it was founded in 2004 in Dongguan, Guangdong, China. In 2005, it released its first MP3 player. Its first MP4 player made entry into the market in 2006.

In 2008, it came up with its first smartphone. Until today, it has released many thinner smartphones than the thin models of other brands.

In 2014, Oppo released a series of high end headphones together with their amplifiers. These were planar magnetic models that came out due to the several years of R & D done by a team of keen acoustic and audio engineers, audiophiles, and material and chemical scientists.

In 2015, it released the portable version of amplifier. The brand is incessantly striving to capture the young hearts with superb experience, stylish trendsetting design, quality service, customer-oriented development, and an attitude of persistent chase of perfection.

Headphones from Oppo


The manufacturer of smartphones and Blu-ray players introduced its own technologically advanced family of planar magnetic, closed back headphones, which offer exceptional performance. The headphones offer the original planar magnetic driver featuring an FEM-optimized high energy magnet and 7-layer diaphragm.

The diaphragm comes with a spiraling model of flat conductors, while the double-sided design takes double conductors into the magnetic field for higher drive force, consistent power, sensitivity, and better damping.

The mix also ensures lowest distortion as well as highly dynamic and transparent sound with well-balanced tonal aspects. The headphones from this brand are over-the-ear/circumaural with open back design offering the ultimate in terms of comfort and sound quality.

The high sensitivity and low weight also allow the headphones to be used freely with portable devices without requiring additional amplification. The construction material is also of the finest quality to add to best performance, comfort, and reliability.

Some headphones with the planar magnetic technology are also available at affordable rates from this brand. The benefit is that the performance is quite similar even at lower cost. This is because the headphones have the same driver, tuning techniques, and the same acoustic model.

In fact, these models feature some improved metal parts, which otherwise need several hours of machining time and yet yield low. Even comfort and durability factors are improved.

Oppo’s headphones are for those who want both technological innovation and portability together. They are ideal for audiophiles on the go, who do not like intervention from outside sound.



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