Review: OPPO PM-1 Headphones

A Review Of The Exclusive OPPO PM-1 Headphones

Oppo has for a long time been specializing in high-end Blu-ray players. It has indeed carved a solid market for itself. With its entry into the top level headphones market, every player both listening and manufacturing had to stand aside with a bated breath. True to their name and fame, the Oppo PM-1 which was launched has proved to be a true revolutionary headphone.

What to find inside the box


Oppo has definitely invested in the box which happens to the trend with major American manufacturers. The box which holds the PM-1 is more of a treasure box than a headphone case. Inside the box, you will find the all spectacular headphones which have been carefully wrapped with aluminum ribbons.

Inside the box, you will also find oversized ear cups which are black in color. They are covered with high-quality but very soft leather. Admittedly, the headphones are quite heavy but a little bit lighter than some in the same class. Most of the head gear is made from tough plastics which make the headphone solid. Peruse more inside the box and you will find a pair of ear pads silky to the touch and another pair which is covered in fine leather which matches the headband.

The manufacturer has also included a 3-foot cable which has a ¼ inch adapter and whose diameter is 3.5mm. This cable which will conveniently connect to your mobile device is rather short especially when put side by side other cables of the high-caliber headphones. Though a 4-pin is not available, you can acquire it at an extra charge. Of course, true to Oppo’s reputation, there is an extra denim bag to help you carry this valuable cabinet.

OPPO PM-1 Planar Magnetic Headphones
OPPO PM-1 Planar Magnetic Headphones
The Oppo PM-1 features

For starters, the Oppo PM-1 is planar magnet which suitably places it abreast the other high-end headphones. The ear cups are more like rectangular companions which are designed to ensure that no beat of the music gets wasted.

The manufacturer has come up with a conductor circuit which encompasses the drum head. This, it has further placed within a magnetic field which makes the driver deliver even the most of subtle music tones. In return, acute accuracy of each and every sound and beat in song is achieved. Further to all these components Oppo has boldly put a 7-layer membrane which has a spiraling framework of flat conductors put on both sides. There is little doubt as to the Oppo M-1 planar magnetic genius. This headphone can fetch music at as low a frequency as 10Hz and as high as 50 kHz. A 32 Ohm impedance rating is one of the features too. It is such that, you will easily power your headphone with an iPod or another mobile device.


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The comfort of the Oppo PM-1 Headphones

Like a majority of the high-end headphones, this piece is a bit heavy to the hand. However, the headband which is carefully cushioned with a pad makes the weight less noticeable even with long hours of listening. The comfort of this headphone is further enhanced by the leather padding of the ear cups.

The ear pieces have an easy ergonomic design which can rotate flat and which make it easier for you to share the headphone. Moreover, you can take a break from music by just swiveling the ear pieces. As for the ear-pads the leather used is extra comfortable. These velour pads guarantee you a luxurious experience listening to your music.


OPPO PM-1 Planar Magnetic Headphones
OPPO PM-1 Planar Magnetic Headphones
The performance of the headphones

The Oppo PM-1 is the perfect gadget to help you get an exquisite detail of each and every song you are listening to. As you’d expect, with these headphones, you will get the deepest and explicit tonality for every musical instrument used. Moreover, every strum beat or breath of the singer will be so much real that you will be mistaken to think you are in a production room.

The Oppo PM-1 is uniquely designed to deliver the highest quality bass and with every other mobile device. You will reap the best sound at whatever volume and with nil audibility distortion.


  • Rich quality on low-end volume
  • Unbelievable yet accurate treble delivery
  • No distortion for sound
  • The styling and design is top-notch
  • Immaculate detail and sound definition


  • Quite pricey
  • The 3-foot cable is flimsy
  • They are heavy

OPPO PM-1 Planar Magnetic Headphones
OPPO PM-1 Planar Magnetic Headphones

The one headphone in the high-end category that has been able to deliver spectacularly in all levels happens to be Oppo PM-1. The compatibility of this headphone with any mobile device makes it an ideal traveling companion. Oppo is definitely going to etch a permanent mark in the high-end headphones’ market.

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