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6 Best Motorcycle Earbuds of 2018 – 100% Motorbike Helmet-Friendly

fashion female biker girl with vintage custom motorcycle that loves her earbudsBeing a motorcyclist can be quite expensive but there is no price tag for the truly passionate.

There is no better sensation than the one of riding completely free towards nowhere on lonely highways with the wind behind you.

However, apart from the motorcycle itself, a true biker must also purchase specific protection equipment and additional accessories.

From the statement leather jacket to protection helmets, gloves, and special shoes, a biker must have at least one set of a complete uniform, including a killer set of the best motorcycle earbuds.

But finding the right set of earbuds can prove a quite challenging job, especially since they must fit the helmet.

Apart from that, The best motorcycle headphones must also endure extreme weather and noise conditions.

Luckily for you, we already took all these aspects into consideration and came up with a list of ‘best motorcycle earbuds for riding’, regardless of your budget.

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6 Of the Best Motorcycle Earbuds or Headphones (November 2018 Update)

The Driving Feeling when listening to music while riding your motorcycle is great ” Feeling Focused”

Image Product Recommendation Feature Price Check

1. Shure SE215-K



Ironhorsetrading recommendation

Award-Winning sound in a secure, over–the-ear design for long-lasting comfort and immersive audio CHECK PRICE

2. Westone W30 Triple-Driver


BEST IN QUALITY Triple-Driver with 3-Way Crossover CHECK PRICE

3. Shure SE425-V+BT1


BEST IN SOUNDS Premium Sound Isolation CHECK PRICE

4. Focuspower F10


BEST FIT Smallest Wireless Invisible Earbuds CHECK PRICE

5. Sena 20S EVO


BEST FOR COMMUNICATION Full onboard audio functionality directly into helmet CHECK PRICE

6. Sena 20S-01D



Ironhorsetrading recommendation

Communication System with HD Audio and Advanced Noise Control CHECK PRICE

Things to Consider in a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet and for the Best Headphones for Motorcycle

Motorcycling may be the cheapest form of transportation for some people, but in developed countries, it is a form of grandeur. People have different reasons for riding a motorcycle but whatever it may be, wearing a helmet is a necessity.

Communication is also essential while enjoying your trip and that’s why a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet and a motorcycle headphone are popular. Most riders purchase a Bluetooth helmet for various purposes such as protection, communication, music, GPS, and comfort, among others.

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Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Options

There are Bluetooth-capable devices designed for any motorcycle helmet, as well as helmets with built-in Bluetooth equipment. Bluetooth devices come with lithium batteries that are enduring and rechargeable.

Bilt Techno 2.0 Bluetooth Helmet

Bilt Techno 2.0 Bluetooth Helmet

Most preinstalled Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are expensive but they don’t have a complicated installation process, and they have a desirable appearance.

On the other hand, Bluetooth capable devices are also sometimes clipped on the side of the motorcycle helmet. Others must be installed thoroughly by screwing holes directly into the helmet.

This option is for people who still want to continue using their old helmets but with added functionality.

If safety from radiation is one of your priorities, do not worry because Bluetooth devices emit the same amount as a regular mobile phone. In addition, they are placed outside the helmet which is safer than when you are using your cell phone while it is directly touching your face.

Personal Area Network is another thing to consider. This is the area in which the Bluetooth helmet can still pick up the signal from another compatible device. The average span of a Bluetooth device ranges approximately from 11 to 767 yards.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

  • Is it waterproof?

This feature is very important to consider so you can avoid having your Bluetooth motorcycle helmet behave irregularly. The microphone and speakers are usually prone to moisture and condensation due to the humidity inside the helmet. This advantage of being waterproof provides long life to it.

  • Is it easy to manipulate?

Shuffling music, managing the volume, and switching between listening and speaking are the first few things you should have in mind if you love to listen to music while driving. Some helmets offer voice-prompt control, letting your hands stay on your bike’s hand grips. You can choose helmets without volume control if you don’t intend to listen to music.

  • What about its overall look?

If you are the meticulous type and you want the look of your helmet to last long, you need to check the materials and paint used on it. The quality of paint is essential not just for the design but most importantly, for the protection of your helmet.  Low-quality paint makes the helmet look old and prone to wear and tear.

Look for helmets painted with double lacquer and metallic paint.

  • What is its Bluetooth range and is it compatible with what I already have?

Compatibility is very important to evade all inconvenience in making the best motorcycle headphones work. It should be able to connect with all kinds of phones and devices, most especially the current one you are using.

Noise cancellation features and range count as well. Its range should at least reach 167 yards while still sounding crystal clear.

Other Benefits of a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcycle Rider who wears a bluetooth helmet with intercom

The main benefit we get from Bluetooth devices is the freedom it provides with hands-free communication. They also usually feature GPS navigation control which relays the directions to the Bluetooth helmet accurately and directly, so there’s no need to pull over to determine where you need to go.

Due to the Bluetooth technology, the problems commonly encountered by bikers when using traditional GPS systems such as environmental noise from traffic and the wind have been eliminated, too. In addition, a voice prompt is another feature which makes these helmets interactive and more efficient to use.

Being a passionate biker means enjoying those long rides on your bike in the city or the countryside. However, that also means ensuring that all your biking gears are of best quality and serve the purpose that they are made for.

Along with your jacket, gloves, helmet, and various other gears, The best headphones for motorcycle are also of utmost importance. Moreover, you have to be extra careful while purchasing them as they must fit the helmet as well.

Why should you go in for the best motorcycle headphones?

For those in doubt, these tiny, but important gadgets can do wonders for your biking experience. There are several advantages of wearing motorcycle earbuds.

  1. Block out the wind noise when driving at high speed – helping create a better experience.
  2. Listen to music or even talk with other riders. Make and receive audio calls as well.
  3. There are some more high tech earphones that activate voice commands as well, so you don’t have to use your hands to get the job done while you are enjoying your ride.
  4. There are custom molded earbuds designed especially according to your ear shape and size that seal your ears completely. They help cut down the wind noise and also makes the calls clearer and sharper.
  5. The s-shaped earbuds go deeper inside the ear canal and don’t protrude out of the ear, making it easy to put on your helmet or take it off.

What don’t you have to fret over?

  1. Most earbuds are mostly Bluetooth enabled, so you don’t have to worry about the wire being tugged and pulled. The competition is tough and the manufacturers make earphones that can provide good connectivity for long hours and long distances.
  2. They generally have intercom connectivity – enjoy your rides with your buddies.
  3. If you are listening to music while enjoying your ride, expect some clear sound. The external noise is minimized significantly.
  4. Using earbuds adds an extra audio capability to your existing helmet. On the other hand, buying a new helmet with inbuilt Bluetooth integrated lid can be very expensive.

Why should you go in for the best motorcycle headphones?

For those in doubt, these tiny, but important gadgets can do wonders for your biking experience. There are several advantages of wearing motorcycle earbuds.

  1. Block out the wind noise when driving at high speed – helping create a better experience.
  2. Listen to music or even talk with other riders. Make and receive audio calls as well.
  3. There are some more high tech earphones that activate voice commands as well, so you don’t have to use your hands to get the job done while you are enjoying your ride.
  4. There are custom molded earbuds designed especially according to your ear shape and size that seal your ears completely. They help cut down the wind noise and also makes the calls clearer and sharper.
  5. The s-shaped earbuds go deeper inside the ear canal and don’t protrude out of the ear, making it easy to put on your helmet or take it off.

What don’t you have to fret over?

  1. Most earbuds are mostly Bluetooth enabled, so you don’t have to worry about the wire being tugged and pulled. The competition is tough and the manufacturers make earphones that can provide good connectivity for long hours and long distances.
  2. They generally have intercom connectivity – enjoy your rides with your buddies.
  3. If you are listening to music while enjoying your ride, expect some clear sound. The external noise is minimized significantly.
  4. Using earbuds adds an extra audio capability to your existing helmet. On the other hand, buying a new helmet with inbuilt Bluetooth integrated lid can be very expensive.

Guide #1: A Summary of Choosing the Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset (September 15 2018 Update)

woman rides nice bike

If you love your motorcycle, then you must be always looking to improve its service. Best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets can help make your rides much easier and more convenient. You can stay connected to the world even when you are riding down the road at full speed.

These Bluetooth headsets are meant for motorcyclists who like to multitask. From answering calls to playing music, they allow you to do everything hands-free so that you do not get distracted. You can even use the headset to follow GPS directions.

You could even interact with other riders on the go. Plus, most of them do not need charge frequently and could go on a day easily without you need to plug it in again. Some even help you know the battery level easily.

Owning the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset will keep you safer which makes it a worthy investment.

However, choosing one from the endless variety available in the market is not an easy task. You have to do your research and find out which features appeal to you the most.

Getting the best motorcycle earbuds and headphones is more than just comfort, fit, and style; it means listening to good, quality music while you are driving to your destination.

However, the task of finding the perfect brand has always been a challenging task. Hopefully, my review can help you pick out the best motorcycle earbuds and headphones currently available in the market.


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What to Look for in Earbuds and Headphones

Comfort. This is a significant specification when you are up for extended hours of using earbuds and headphones. Always prefer bigger ear cups when picking Biker Having fun with his earbudscircumaural and closed-back headphones.

However, you must select smaller headphones when you intend to rest it on your ears for a long duration.

Always remember, you can only speak about comfort after wearing the earbuds or headphones for at least 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, you must also regard ‘weight’ as another vital factor to consider in buying your earbuds or earphones, especially since you are mobile — remember to wear light-weight headphones for utmost comfort.

Now, if you feel like listening to music for several hours, the best pick is the ‘super-light portable’ headphone.

Portability. This factor means defining the purpose and enclosing your personal preferences. You must first know the reason why you are using headphones or earbuds.

When you want to listen while you are driving or having physical activities, lightweight gears are for you. On the other hand, if you are into conventional studio work, you must buy large and closed circumaural phones.

Durability. Having the most durable earbuds and earphones means more than saving dollars — for it actually means the experiences of listening to premium sounds.  Unfortunately, durability comes in the heavier weight of earphones.

If you opt for a lightweight design, you can always compensate. Just provide a protective case for your ear buddies

Cables. It is easy to determine the best earbuds or earphones because they come in a shielded cable. The shielded cable is responsible for providing the best possible audio output, and it constitutes to the cancellation of noise.

Also, see to it that the wire of the earphone is not too long because it will induce interference and will affect the quality of sound.

Isolation. This pertains to the capability of earbuds and earphones to produce quality sound and cancel noise. In-earphones and earbuds are most preferred as they do well in sound seclusion.

Now, if you plan to buy over-the-ear stereo headphones, make sure to select closed headphones. Closed headphones tend to isolate noise better while refining the audio quality as it gets across in your rears.

Frequency Range. You must aim for a wider frequency for it means hearing quality music. The recommended frequency must be between 10 Hz to 25,000 Hz. Anything beyond that range literally does not sound well.

Impedance. This basically measures the electrical resistance and is quantified through Ohms. Higher impedance means more power is required to operate or drive the headphones.

For motorcycle riders and other mobile users, the lower impedance is recommended (below 32 Ohms is tolerable). Meanwhile, for high-end use, your earbuds or earphones must have at least 300 Ohms to produce better output.

Types of Earbuds and Headphones That Are Worth the Try

  • In-ear or Canal Headphones. This is also called as in-ear monitors and lies directly in the ear canal. In-ear headphones sit near the eardrum thus providing the best quality of sound. Since it fills the entrance of the ear entirely, this type is effective in sealing external noise and interference. Some of the pros of using this type of headphone include the production of crisp sound, noise rejection capability, portability, and comfort. Meanwhile, the cons of using the in-ear headphones: expensive, needs a complex signal path, and more complicated to use.
  • On-ear. The supra-aural headphone is another name for this breed that is capable of leading the sound directly to the ear canal. The only downside of the on-ear headphone is that it does not seal external noise. Some of the advantages of using this headphone are portability, comfort and style, and better noise cancellation capability.
  • Over-ear or Circumaural Headphones. This type will completely enclose your ear. Due to its big size, it brings capacity for a larger driver with high volume and better bass. Since the driver is placed far from the ear, it produces vast sound just like of the external speakers. Meanwhile, on its disadvantages, you will have issues of portability, and sound leakage.

6 Advantages of Wearing Earphones and Earbuds Daily

Brutal man sit on cafe racer custom motorbike.

Whether you are a rider or just a typical earphone or earbud user, you are very much aware of the lift it brings, not only to your ear but to your entire being. Here are just a few advantages to using earphones or earbuds on a day-to-day basis.

  • Productivity. Scientific studies have proven that listening to music, whether with earphones or without, greatly improves one’s creativity, efficiency, and productivity — at a moderate noise level that is. Not only that you are free to get in tune with your favorite tunes in pure HD sound, but you can also do other tasks and chores without the feeling of boredom.
  • Quality Sound. Earphones and earbuds produce a better sound so that you’ll enjoy listening for extended hours. Most of the brands also offer high-end and aerodynamic cuts that ensure comfort and satisfaction to every user.
  • Health. If you are using earphones in taking calls, chances are you will not be prone to muscle stress and tension. Several studies affirmed that using hands-free devices are more beneficial to health since it will reduce back, neck, and shoulder muscle’s strains.
  • Affordable. Unlike buying stereo speakers, the use of headsets is obviously cheaper. You can even purchase earbuds below $50. However, if you are eyeing quality sounds, you need to invest and buy high-end earphones or earbuds.
  • Comfortable. If you are wearing earphones instead of bringing Bluetooth speakers, you will definitely feel more comfortable. These earpieces have discreet built and profile that can easily be hidden under your shirt.
  • Fewer Distractions When Driving. When you cannot avoid talking to somebody when you are mobile, the use of earphones will spare your license from being revoked or suspended due to the anti-distracted driving act. Of course, be very particular about the range of sound. Make sure that you can still listen to the external noise so that you’re still focused on the road.

4 Ways to Spot Fake Earphones and Earbuds Suppliers Online

 White earphones

With the advent of the internet, it is inevitable not to take the leap and put your trust in online sellers. Now, if you are a rider and ready to tap the right earphones and earbuds supplier online, consider first the following points to avoid the pit of scammers.

  • Analyze Their Web Presence Assets. Before buying a new set of earphones, make sure that you assess the supplier first. Legitimate online suppliers must have a transparent website, social media accounts, and has tabs for online discussion or forum. Now, if you cannot find full access to these things, I highly advise that you skip this seller and look for another one.
  • Search Trade Forums and Google. When you want to know the background of the supplier, you can always check them on Google search. If you cannot see any reviews or articles about the company, these are sure-enough signs that you must head to another site.
  • Multiple Identities. If you find a website almost offering all the products that you need, make sure to do another thorough research. Most of the scammers tend to provide all the items in your bucket list to ensure clients. They are doing this through making dummy accounts with several product lists. Do not trust them because their deals are too good to be true.
  • Verify the Certifications. Fake suppliers would rarely indicate any badge or certificate in their favor. Well, in some cases, they will attempt to include such items, but when you cross-check, you will discover that these papers are all fraud.

The bottom line is, do not believe immediately merely on citations. You need to check the company’s integrity with different links; otherwise, you’ll be in a complete mess.

Wireless VS Wired Headphones: Which is Best for Riding?

You can also find a lot of wireless headphones on the market, but before you choose your wired ear gear, make sure to know first which is the best to use.

To impartially determine which of these two is better, I will use the audio quality, portability, battery life, compatibility, and price as the criteria.

sad biker number

  • Audio Quality. Generally, the wireless headphones produce poor quality sound as compared to the wired headphones. Wired headphones also cut the risk of possible signal interference which is common to wireless devices. So, even if you are driving, you don’t need to worry about sudden audio interloping.
  • Portability. Both the wired and wireless headphones are portable depending on their respective purposes. For example, wireless headphones are best to use when you have a workout. Meanwhile, if you are working as a disc jockey, you will prefer to use the wired headphones to maximize your play.
  • Battery Life. Most of the wired headphones does not have a built-in power supply. This means that you can use wired headphones anytime by just inserting them into a device. However, if you want to have a powerful security feature, you can also avail of wireless headphones powered by rechargeable batteries.
  • Compatibility. Before buying a headphone, make sure that it is compatible with most of the devices. Most of the wired headphones use a 3.5mm cable to connect to the audio source or device. Meanwhile, if you want the wireless connectivity for your headphones, make sure to check that your device has a Bluetooth function. No need to worry if your smartphone has the latest Bluetooth version because most of the headphones today are compatible with the new releases of Bluetooth.
  • Price. The price range of wired and wireless headphones is from $1-$5,000 (depending on the model). Now, in terms of selecting the perfect headphone partner for you ride, consider your character, style, and monetary stance.

With this information, you can now determine which is the best headphone to buy for your next ride.

Guide #2: We go Deep in Choosing the Best Headphone for Motorcycling

“I don’t like wearing earplugs or a headphone for motorcycling. Motorcycling will not be enjoyable at all without the sounds of the wind blowing onto your face or the “broom” noise of the motor engine. When I am not hearing those noises, what’s the point of being a biker?”

That is the common statement of motorcyclists who do not want to wear earplugs and headphones. Although they are aware of the detrimental effects of those sounds in their ears, they still choose not to wear any ear protection because they don’t want to miss the experience of the ride.

However, if you choose not to wear them now, you might regret it in the future.

Finding the best headphone for motorcycling is as important as the emergency savings fund reserved for buying a hearing aid in the future.

The ears are crucial parts of the body. As for me, I would rather miss the experience of hearing the loud noises of the wind and motorcycle engines than missing the sound of the voices of my loved ones for the reason that I can’t hear them anymore.

Please Open Each Section to Read Guide #2: 

3 Reasons Why You Need a Headphone or Earplugs

1. Loud noises are harmful to the ears.

Noisy BusI know that this reason is obvious and overrated, but isn’t it funny that still there are a lot of people ignoring this fact?

As a motorcyclist, you are exposed to high levels of decibels that are beyond tolerable than what an average human being can handle. The sound of the gushing wind is the main culprit in addition to the sound of the engine.

Your speed is directly proportional to the levels of decibels. Fun riding on the road with a speed of 70 mph will already expose you to 105 dB of noise.

If you increase your speed a little bit to 150 mph, then you will be exposing yourself already to the ear-wracking noise that can reach up to 115 dB.

Humans can only tolerate this 115 dB noise for only up to 15 minutes. Over than that, you are causing an irreversible damage to your ears. If you are up for a long ride on the road, frequent stopping for every 15 minutes will be inconvenient for you. I also bet that you will never go for a stop that frequently.

2. You can still enjoy biking with a headphone or earplugs in your ears.

Although you have your ears plugged, you can use the other senses of your body to enjoy the experience. You can feel the wind on your face and observe the scenery of your surroundings and a lot more.

These experiences are gems; and you, as a motorcyclist, are the only one who can experience them. Other motorists do not have the chance to feel the wind directly blowing on their skin.

3. Hear the other bikers.

Unless you are biking alone, there is a chance that you are traveling with other guys. As a pack, communication is important, or some of you will go astray.

To communicate with the others, there are hand signals, gestures, and words used. If you are not wearing any ear protection, you might miss out on what the other biker is saying, likewise when you are not wearing the best motorcycle headphones.

For this reason, choosing the right kind of ear protection is important. The headphone’s or earplugs’ features and types are important considerations because they can affect your levels of comfort, riding experience, and communication with the other bikers.

15 Steps For Choosing the Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Whether you are running on a budget or preparing to splurge, follow these easy steps to make the selection process easier.

Step 1 – Decide Your Budget:

Whats your Earbuds BudgetDo not fret when you find out that you cannot afford the branded and most expensive headphone for motorcycling on the market. Yes, it is true that the price of the headphone quite goes along with its features.

However, remember that you are using the headphone or earplugs for ear protection. Listening to music is just a secondary reason and should be avoided as much as possible.

A good ear protection is an investment, but it does not mean that you have to spend more than two-digit bucks just to get it. There are low-budget headphones or earplugs out there that have all the necessary features that you need as a motorcyclist.

To find the well-suited one for you, it is best to go to the store, find the products that you can afford, and try them on.

Once you finalize the budget, you will find it much easier to narrow down your options. The Best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets will cost you some because they do not compromise on their features. You might want to buy the cheapest option because your budget is running tight, but that might not be the best investment.

Low-quality products will only require more maintenance and you have to spend a lot on repairs.

Since you will be using this gadget on the go, and any problem will easily distract you, it is best that you opt for a premium headset that will also last you for more than two years.

Step 2 – Search Up Reviews:

Before you visit the store or order the product online, We from Ironhorsetrading advice that you need to conduct an independent research about it. While the companies attach a description box where they mention technical specificities, you should also search for user reviews which will be more realistic and honest.

It is very easy to get other people’s opinions in the virtual world.

There are forums and customer review sections where you can learn about both the pros and cons of the headset you like. You can only get an idea about factors like durability through real-life user experience.

Take recommendations from a friend who has bought a Bluetooth headset before as this will help you create a list of potential purchases.

The thing to note about the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset you are looking to buy is to check the experience of other users. Look at sites like Amazon or eBay and you would know just about all the issues others have experienced.

It would also let you know about anything you may have to be wary about.

Additionally, you could also read up product reviews online quickly.

review before buying

Step 3 – Learn the different features of a headphone.

Marketing is powerful. Good marketers will make you feel that you need things that are not actually valuable to you. To prevent those good salespeople from brainwashing you, know the techy features and design of the headphone, like in-ear, over-ear,

Bluetooth, and noise cancellation. You do not need to buy the techiest one. What you need is a headphone for motorcycling that is enough to protect your ears and make you feel comfortable wearing it.

Step 4 – Know the difference between noise-cancelling and noise reduction technology.

It is recommended to wear an ear protection when riding your motorcycle, but it does not mean that you want to get rid of the important ambient sounds. You want to get rid of the loud noise of the wind and the engine, but you do not want to get rid of the sound of the nearby cars, sirens, and honks. Your life will be at stake when you get rid of these important sounds.

For this reason, it is important to know the difference between the noise-cancelling and the noise reduction technology. You do not need a high-end noise cancelling headphone on your trip unless you are on the couch of your home idly listening to music.

What you need is a headphone for motorcycling that can eliminate the loud noises that are painful to the ears but still lets you hear the vital sounds.

Step 5 – Know your state’s views about wearing earplugs or headphone while driving.

places where wearing a earbuds/headphones are alrightThe different states in the USA have different positions and views about the legalities of wearing earplugs or headphones while on a vehicle.

In most states, wearing earphones and earplugs is allowed. However, some consider it as illegal. The others add some conditions for wearing earplugs or headphone for motorcycling.

In Washington, wearing a headphone is illegal if it is connected to an electronic device that is capable of producing radio sounds or music unless you will use it as a wireless communication device. In some states, wearing the headphone in both ears is illegal.

For this reason, even if you need the earplugs to block out those ear-piercing noises, the state’s law will still prevail, and you do not need to buy a headphone for motorcycling purpose at all.

Step 6 – Consider usability.

Whether the headphone is corded or wireless, the choice is up to you which one to choose. What is important is to know which one will make you feel comfortable. Some riders still prefer the wired one which they have become accustomed to, while the others are not afraid to experiment on what the new technology has to offer.

Also, consider that there are some countries or states where you are allowed to wear only wireless headphone for motorcycling. The reason is that the cord might tangle up and distract you while you are on your ride.

A wireless headphone for motorcycling runs or even the best headphones for kids which batteries are really important and even for a long ride. After charging, expect that it can run up to 10 hours before it runs out of battery. For this reason, I personally recommend that you should buy the wireless headset with a portable cable. This kind of headphone motorcycling is quite expensive, but you have the best of both worlds.

Step 7 – Know that there are different types of earplugs.

Earplugs are cheaper than a headphone, especially the disposable ones. However, some bikers complain that there are no earplugs that can fit their ears or that the earplugs always fall off during their ride.

Remember that people have different ear structures, so what you think that is not working for you might work for other people and vice versa. Take note of the possible reasons that you are wearing them improperly.

When you wear disposable earplugs, make sure that it is properly inserted into your ear canal’s entrance. However, if you tried to wear them properly and still do not fit, buy the customized ones.

Yes, they are more expensive, but their quality is incomparable to the low-cost alternatives. Some riders who use customized earplugs claim that this ear device perfectly snugs into their ears and can last for more than 10 years. For this reason, the customized earplugs are the real investment.

Step 8 –  Know the different types of headphone.

Know the difference

You might already know and have observed that there are various types of headphone for motorcycling on the market. Those different designs are not just for aesthetic but also for scientific purposes. The common types of headphones are over-ear, in-ear, and on-ear. Additionally, there is a unique headphone type which is the open-ear.

Each type provides different features and purposes to the user. For example, the over-ear headphone for motorcycling is best suited for people with a large head size because it is heavy. However, this type of headphones is great for getting rid of the ambient noise. Moreover, they don’t just easily fall off your ears.

On-ear headphones are lighter compared to the over-ear. That’s why they are recommended for people with small head and ear size. The noise-cancelling feature of the on-ear headphone for motorcycling is not as good as the over-ear, but they are easier to wear.

Meanwhile, the in-ear headphones are the most portable ones.

Step 9 – There’s a need for a headset with a built-in microphone.

Typically, the more features a headset has, the more expensive it is going to be. If you are a lonesome rider, you do not need to spend extra bucks for a headset with added features. In fact, disposable earplugs can do the job.

However, if you are riding in a pack or if you have to communicate with someone, you need a headset with a built-in microphone to receive a hands-free call.

Step 10 – Know that the material the product is made from can affect its usability.

A headphone for motorcycling with silicone ear pads offers a better passive noise-cancelling feature. A headphone made from titanium is better than the one that is made from rubber because the former offers more flexibility and secure fit due to its stiffness.

Also, titanium is durable, affordable, and easy to fit. If in case your headset for motorcycling gets damaged, you can easily replace them with titanium.

Step 11 – Consider headphones with water resistance

Buying a water-resistant or waterproof headphone is advisable. Remember that you are riding under different kinds of weather. You might be sweating because of too much heat from the sun, or you might be biking in the rain.

Your headphone for motorcycling is with you in every type of weather. It is important to prolong its life by buying a waterproof or sweat-resistant headphone for motorcycling.

Step 12 – Look for Good Warranty Deals:

Good WarrantyWhen you are investing a hefty amount of money in a technical gadget, it is comforting to know that the product comes with an extended warranty. Warranty applies in all situations except if you damage the device due to carelessness.

Having a warranty on your device means that you will be able to take the headset to the manufacturer in case it starts showing defects and have it taken care of without spending a penny yourself.

Until the warranty expires, the company is in charge of keeping the product in proper working condition.

Step 13 – Do not Forget About a Good Range:

When you are using a wireless Bluetooth device, it is essential that you check the range offered by the product before buying it. The range is the area within which the headset will be in working condition.

You will find the details mentioned in the technical specifications provided by the company. You need to be able to hear the emitted sound with utmost clarity from where you are sitting.

Step 14 – Shortlist Headsets That Accept Voice Commands:

Voice CommandsThe concept behind the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset is that you do not have to use your hands when attending to calls or changing the music.

You can keep your hands on the handlebar and ride safely while the headset functions based on your voice commands.

If you buy a headset that does not accept voice commands, then it will defeat the purpose of a wireless Bluetooth headset.

You will have to operate your phone manually which can potentially endanger your life.

Step 15 – Do not Settle for Anything but the Best Sound Quality:

This is the most important parameter that you should consider when choosing the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset. The sound should be crystal clear or else it will drown in the sound of the traffic or the bike itself.

The whooshing sound of the wind as you ride is sure to worsen the overall audio quality.

The headset you choose should have a noise suppression technology that will cut off the background noise so you can have listened to music or answer calls with ease.

Here is a Video on Why Earbuds is a Must in RIding Your Motorcycle

best bluetooth headphones for motorcycle riding

10 Reasons Why Motorcycle Riders Love to Wear an Intercom System

riders who loves their perfect intercom system

A bike ride is always the perfect remedy to get away from the complexities of life. You get a different sense of independence.

The wide roads, blowing wind and relaxed mind make you want it even more. However you may need to keep communicating with your fellow passenger, members of your biking group or also need to keep track of your business calls.

Stopping to handle a phone call or talk to your buddies ruins merely the joy of long drives.

A motorcycle intercom system comes in handy here. These are available as wired or wireless system.

These days wireless is most common. In fact, the wired intercom system has gone out of vogue; you don’t need to worry about those tangled wires anymore!

The Reasons:

If you have always wondered how the bikers communicate while driving, then an intercom system is your answer.

Ask any die-hard biker, they will swear by these multi-purpose gadgets. Let us see what makes them so unique.

I am sure this is still a long article, Don’t Give Up! Let’s Keep Reading!

1. Communicating with co-passenger:

If you have ever been on a bike ride, you would understand the problems that co-passengers face. You can’t talk with the loud rustle of wind. Even for some emergency conversation, the rider needs to stop. Now imagine the ease that you get when you can talk comfortably just with a headphone and microphone.

The motorcycle intercom system involves an advanced set of headset and microphone that efficiently cancels the ambient noise.

You can easily communicate with your co-passenger

2. Communicating with fellow riders of the group:

a married couple who wears a quality earbuds for great communicationsBike riders are well known to venture out in groups. The same problem of communication is also here. The scenario is even worse. Proper coordination among the group members is necessary to avoid getting lost and also for enjoying the group trip to the fullest. An intercom system allows group members to talk with each other. If any member gets into any trouble, he/she can call for help quickly.

3. Handling traffic snarls:

If a group member spots any traffic delays at one point, he/she can inform the other members about changing the route. A bikers’ group can use an intercom system in multiple ways to handle the traffic. This allows them to efficiently utilize their time without getting it wasted in slow traffics.

4. Listening to music Is Lot More Exciting than You Think

Who can deny the joy of music with a long drive? When you out exploring the great lengths, an excellent collection of music is all you need to enjoy. An intercom system carries only a single headset. You can enjoy music while keeping an eye on the road – only when you don’t have a lot of traffic to take care of.

5. For navigation:

These days, most of the intercom systems are Bluetooth powered. You pair them up with your smart device. Now, you get the navigation notifications via google map or navigator without having to see your phone screen. Doesn’t that make your journey safer and better? You get a better-navigated ride. And that is all a rider needs! A hassle-free ride with perfect navigation.

a racer that rides with his love for music6. For coaching newbies:

If you are a motorcycle coach, you understand that teaching a new-rider can be complicated as you need to follow them alongside. What if you can guide them from a distance or take them along with you for a live session? For this, you need to communicate with them regularly.

An intercom system is of great help here. These give you a perfect balance of independence and control. You can guide your student while giving them the autonomy to not look up to you. In fact, a new rider learns faster when allowed to ride independently. Your proper guidance helps them learn tits-bits of the traffic.

7. Handling phone calls:

Riders do need to keep in touch with their family and sometimes with their workplace too. You cannot use your phone while driving. In fact, it is now illegal in most of the US states. The modern intercom systems allow them to transfer the phone call to their intercom headset. They are able to comfortably keep a perfect balance of bike life and work life!

8. Helmet-friendly:

These days, the intercoms are designed to fit with the bike helmets perfectly. Bikers don’t get the constant nag feel of headphone or microphone. Both provide in such a way that the rider is comfortable. Safety and comfort get a perfect match!

9. Safety reasons:

a motorcycle riderWhen in the group, safety is of utmost importance. Especially if you are traveling in harsh terrains like mountains, you would need one. After all, an intercom system allows bikers to keep track of each other in such journeys. If someone gets in trouble, they can stop and reach for help.

10. Great standby time:

The modern intercom systems run on batteries that have got long standby time of 16-20 hours! Bikers don’t need to worry about running out of battery.

A bike ride is always enjoyable when done with the right accessories. An intercom system allows bikers to have control over their journey and better plan it.

No wonder, these gadgets top their priority list

10 Amazing Benefits of Listening to Music on a Motorcycle Ride

Bikers on the road

Most people will suggest you not to listen to music when riding a bike for all the security reasons. And they are entirely right. But then you can enjoy music while keeping your safety in mind by opting for single-ear earphones or merely using only one headset.

This will allow you to keep yourself connected to the traffic while enjoying your favorite track. Just be sure not to tune up the volume more than 60db. This limit ensures that you don’t get distracted by the music beats on the road.

1. More enjoyable ride:

A musical journey is the best memory you can have. Tune in to your favorite playlist and let the music take the better part of your trip. When you have the music as a companion, you don’t need anyone else.

Your ride becomes very enjoyable, and you do begin to appreciate the beauty of nature.

You can make a playlist according to the area you are visiting. Like you can listen to rock music when visiting some harsh terrains. They keep your spirits up and help in covering even those terrains.

2. Lesser distraction:

BikerRegular bikers admit to getting distracted by the happenings around the road. But when you are busy with your music, you get distracted lesser. You do take note of the distress situations but not of the casual fights between the inhabitants of that area.

Many times, you pass through areas that are prone to mugging. When you are busy with your music, you tend to ignore the subtle disguise hints of muggers and ride your way without stopping by them. This, in fact, saves you of your valuables and sometimes even life!

3. Elevates mood:

Getting irked on the road isn’t uncommon. Most drivers get stressed out. The longer you drive, the more the stress level would be. And nothing works better to destress you than a good old headphone with your favorite music.

When on the road, you tend to meet all sorts of drivers. Some are fine ones, but some rogue drivers can make you angry and irritate you. When you listen to music, your mood calms down, and you can concentrate better on riding your bike. You feel happier and tend to enjoy the journey more when in a good feeling.

4. Stops you from falling asleep:

Many bike riders who prefer to hit the roads in nights state that listening to music helps them in not falling asleep. The beat changes and the high tempo of songs keep your mind alert, and you are better focused on the roads. Headphones allow the music to reach your ears without you having to worry about it getting loose.

5. Keeps you motivated:

3d red Valentine heart with headphonesWhen you are exploring the harsh terrains or get bored of the monotony of the journey, the music keeps you motivated. All you need to do is get an updated playlist and your headphone. The new headphones even carry a remote sometimes using which you can change the tracks.

6. Keeps you concentrated:

The lorry drivers use music to distract themselves from the constant honks on the road and also sometimes form the conversations of fellow drivers. This helps them to concentrate better on the driver. The biker riders use headphones and music for the same reason.

This allows the bike riders to keep themselves focused. Many riders prefer smooth and soothing music while others prefer the high-beat music. In both the cases, the purpose is to keep oneself concentrated.

7. Keeps you relaxed:

A road journey can get pretty exhaustive if you have to deal with traffic jams or bad roads. This makes your tires. But if you have a long way to go, you cannot stop to relax. A headphone comes to your rescue here.

You can rest yourselves while listening to the music and ride the bike at the same time. Many researchers have shown that the musical notes stimulate the release of dopamine hormone from the brain. This hormone is responsible for making you feel relaxed.

So, next time, when you are planning to hit the road for a really long journey, get yourself a headphone and a good playlist. Trust us, you will not feel even a bit tired at the end of the trip.

8. Stops you from getting bored:

A bike ride is not always enjoyable. There are times when you have to travel for work. And, there are times, when despite being in the vacation mode, you get bored of riding a bike. Music keeps the environment exciting.

Music is always the best thing to make things interesting. Even the best surround sound headphones that allows you to keep your journey enjoyable by providing you with good music.

9. Makes you appreciate the terrain:

This part is primarily for the songs that focus on the beauties of a particular territory. For example, if you are going to a snowy area, you make a playlist of songs that glorify snow. The lyrics make even more sense, and you begin to notice even the minutest of details.

10. Offers you the freedom you need

Want to take a nap or just relax after a long bike ride? Just turn on the noise cancellation in your headphone and be ready to welcome yourself to the ‘me’ world, without anybody to disturb you.

Even if you don’t want to get yourself a noise cancellation one, you can quickly go in for a noise isolation one. It doesn’t work as high when it comes to keeping noises or but is better than a standard headphone.

Two motorbikes driving in the nature


Top 5 Headphones for Motorcycle Product Reviews (September 15, 2018 Update)

1.  Shure SE215-CL (The Best Motorcycle Earbuds This 2018)

Shure SE215-K

[amazon fields=”B004PO10E2″ value=”button”]

Since it is vital only to pick the top-notch earphones and earbuds, I listed the following reviews on the top 5 performing earbuds and earphones today.

This review will mainly talk on the product’s level of comfort, portability, durability, cables, price, functionality, and isolation.

Comfort. The Shure SE215-CL is considered as a fit-all In-ear Monitor (IEM) thus it will sit comfortably in your ears. This brand is engineered to produce a good and stable sound and is also effective in the isolation of interference.

From the first time I wore this earphone, I could already feel that it has one of the most flexible ear pieces. The shape of the earphones is ergonomically designed for all users, and the unobtrusive nozzle is just so amazing in sustaining a comfortable fit.

Portability. This model comes in a wired and wireless design with assured Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity. You don’t have to worry about the battery span since it is tested to last up to 8 hours of continued use. The wireless range of SE215-CL stretches to 10 meters (30 feet).

Durability. Regarding the durability, this item is one of the robust brands. Due to its certified strength, suppliers of Shure SE215-CL offer a 2-year warranty with full-payback once the product fails client’s expectations.

Cables. The SE215-CL has a gold-plated 3.5mm connector that provides broader compatibility in a variety of device, including MO3 players, laptops, and CD players.

Isolation. This product is equipped with sound-isolating locks that ensure good quality audio output. This model is also capable of filtering interference and blocks external noise.

2.  Westone W30 Triple-Driver

Westone W30

[amazon fields=”B00GB2V1XG” value=”button”]

This earphone is famous for its 3-way crossover audio system which produces sophisticated sound.

You can also make a quick configuration on the audio output, such as managing the balanced lows, mid-range, or high beats without compromising the quality of sound.

Comfort. Since it comes from the 60-year expertise of the Westone Company, the Westone W30 Triple-Driver uses the most advanced engineering for human ears. The W30 is made for extended hours of use, and as you wear it for a long period, it will become lighter to the ears. This model is made from Westone’s breed of silicone, and it is also packed with comfort-foam ear heads that enhance the quality of sound.

Portability. Undoubtedly, this earphone model is one of the handy-dandy earphone models today. This brand utilizes the MMCX Audio Twisted cable which is responsible for the light-weight built of the Westone W30.

Durability. Once you buy this earphone, expect using it for several years. It has a sturdy built and is enclosed by a hard protective shell case. For every order of this item, you get five patented Westone silicone and five sizes of foam ear tips.

Cables. The W30 is equipped with the MMCX Audio Cable plus additional MFI 3 button cable for android and apple devices. Also, it utilized the replaceable EPIC cable technology; so, no need to worry about cable patching.

Isolation. Since this earphone uses the silicon and foam ear tips, expect to have a flawless registry of sound. Its MMCX Audio Cable is twisted to ensure reduction of noise.

3.  Shure SE425-V+BT1 (The Best Wireless Headphones For Motorcycle Helmet)

Shure SE425

[amazon fields=”B07CH68LSB” value=”button”]

This is another sound-isolating earphone equipped with Bluetooth and wired auxiliary cable generally used by vocalists, musicians, and sound engineers.

This brand of the earphone is classified as intra-aural and is made to produce longer frequency response, improved cancellation of noise, and easy integration to mobile devices.

Comfort. You will indeed find comfort with this earphone to the tee because it has secure, over-the-ear built that ensures stability once inserted in the ears. Even if I used it for hours, I experienced utmost comfort.

Portability. Regarding portability, this model is also the best pick. Its inline microphone and remote functions give seamless management over voice commands, phone calls, and it has also quick access to music playback and volume interfaces.

Durability. Thanks to its secured over-the-ear design, this model will definitely last for a long period. It also has well-seamed layout cables that will keep the audio channel intact despite too much stress

Cables. This earphone has 4.1 Bluetooth communication cable and 3.5 mm high-end universal communication cable that will give you only the finest sound of your tracks even if you are mobile.

Isolation. Meanwhile, on its isolation property, this is one of the must-haves. It is furnished with sound-isolating built with a complete kit for customization of sleeves. It has customized blocks of up to 37 Db of external noise intended for immersive listening of audio.

4.  Sena 20S EVO (The Best Motorcycle Headphone)

Sena 20S

[amazon fields=”B0736N8PMD” value=”button”]

This model is fit for all mobile users due to its Bluetooth functionality

Comfort. This product is engineered by the leader of the Bluetooth technology System, the Sena 20S. This is a robust audio feeder with a shark fin built-in antenna ensuring a maximum reach of 1.2-mile range.

Portability. Its aerodynamic design offers versatility flex that is suited for all busy riders. This product is also geared to have the fastest Bluetooth pairing capability, and intuitive voice commands to make the user feel more satisfied while listening to HD crystal clear audio.

Durability. This model is also one of the strongest built-in Bluetooth intercoms.  It is complete with an all-in-one helmet lock to ensure a static position in the driver’s ears.

Cables. Since this earphone is Bluetooth driven, the best audio fell will rely on its hands-free connectivity. This model belongs to the second generation of two-way module Bluetooth communication interfaces. This means that it has improved flexibility specs, including audio performance upgrades.

Another advantage of using this earphone is that users can do simultaneous tracking of communication through running multiple applications such as GPS, mobile phone, intercom, and music.

Isolation. The isolation faculty of this model is also top-notch as compared to its competitors. It does not only offer complete external noise cancellation, but it is also capable of filtering finest nodes such as wind and motion blare.

5.  Sena 20S-01D

Sena 20S-01D

[amazon fields=”B00KJGPMZI” value=”button”]

This another offering from Sena 20S that believed to be the leader in motorcycle Bluetooth communication technology.

This model is fit for all mobile users due to its Bluetooth functionality

Comfort. Since this is tagged as the only intercom that employs state-of-the-art technology, expect nothing but the optimum satisfaction when using this model. Its aerodynamic and sleek design will not only make driving fun but will also make your look even more appealing.

Portability. This earphone is designed to give riders more time to focus on their driving than setting up their audio device which poses great danger. It is a two-way Bluetooth intercom module that is capable of producing crystal clear and HD sound.

It is also compatible with Android and iPhone OS making it one of the most flexible hands-free devices in the market today.

Durability. This model follows the standards of the Sena20S as its materials are of top quality. Also, this unit is water-resistant, so there’s no need to worry if you drive on wet terrain.

Cables. Instead of investing in wires, this model has cemented its services through two-way Bluetooth intercommunication modules. It has an assured intercom range of up to 1.2 miles or 2 km stretch in open ground.

Isolation. With its advanced external noise and wind cancellation protocol, this earphone will give you the best possible audio output.

These are what I think are the five best motorcycle earbuds and headphones.

Check out which among them works for you by trying them out at your nearest store, taking the time to listen, and then deciding which one works for you.

I am sure you will be satisfied with what we have recommended! Feel Free to share this article with love!

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