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5 Of The Best Motorcycle Earbuds (NEW 2021 REVIEW)

For motorcycle enthusiasts, absolutely nothing beats being out on the open road and absorbing the sense of freedom that comes with being on such a dynamic piece of tech. The thrill of speed and power is even thought by pros to take the rider to an elevated state of consciousness.

And what could take that state even higher? Surely it’s being able to listen to some incredible music. Not only that, but the ability to stay in touch with other riders and non-riders alike with the use of phone calls serves as a vital safety feature.

We’ve done the hard work for you, motorcyclists, by rounding up the best motorcycle earbuds currently on the market and looking at the pros and cons, so that you can decide for yourself on the right earbuds for motorcycle riding perfection.

For a Sound Experience Triumph

It’s worth mentioning that different states have different laws when it comes to wearing headphones while riding a motorcycle. To be on the safe side, always check your own state law regarding motorcycle headphones.

Let’s get to it.

Oh if you are in a hurry here is our top 5 list:


1. Anker Soundcore Life Dot 2 True Wireless Earbuds (Best For Long, long rides on the open road)

Snug comfort and insanely good battery life make these a contender straight out of the gate. The battery case that comes with these Bluetooth earbuds is the trick: it has 400% more battery capacity than some of the other Bluetooth headphones out there. With such great battery life, you’ll be halfway across the country by the time you need to recharge. One for the pros column, without question.

Bluetooth 5.0 means stable connection, so you can listen to your favorite music without interruption, and the sleek design means that you should experience zero issues when listening through these headphones with a helmet on. The silicone conforms to your ear canal for maximum comfort even with a helmet.

One thing we really loved was the single earbud mode, which might be the only legal way to listen in some states (more on that later). It means listening to music and taking calls hands free is so easy and safe at the same time. We couldn’t ask for much more.

What we Loved a Lot:

  • Superior battery in the charging case means being on the road doesn’t mean having to worry about music listening time
  • Single earbud mode keeps the wearer connected and aware of their surroundings at the same time
  • Snug phones for the perfect fit even with a helmet with no discomfort to the ears
  • Great price for the quality of the experience

What we Loved Less:

  • Be aware that the charging case IS awesome, but it’s HUGE.
  • No noise isolation technology so the experience isn’t completely immersive, but we’re being picky.

2. TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.0 (Best For Excellent Listening Experience in an Accessible Price Range)

If you’re looking for motorcycle earbuds that pack a real bass punch while at the same time being kind to your pocket, then look no further than the TOZO T10s.

We were incredibly impressed by the sound quality found in this mini bluetooth earbud and we found that not only was the level of audio excellent, but the range was stellar, too. When filling up at the gas station, and leaving the phone on the bike (yes, it was dumb but fortunately only a momentary lapse) we lost no sound signal when we went inside the store.

This is thanks to the wireless Bluetooth 5.0 technology and what we particularly appreciated was the ease of pairing. Once they’re out of the case, the Bluetooth enabled earbuds find each other immediately and then the phone finds them both together for you to pair with, then you’re away on your riding experience.

If you’re a worshipper at the church of “bang for your buck”, you’ll love these motorcycle headphones. To be honest, even if you’re willing to step out of the lower level price range, chances are you’ll still be happy to come back to these, and you’ll be joining tens of thousands of others who rate these as the best motorcycle earbuds.

What we Loved a Lot:

  • Very impressive sound quality in an insanely affordable price range
  • Waterproof case means dropping in up to a meter of water for 30 minutes won’t affect the earbuds inside
  • No time wasting with pairing, so motorcyclists can insert and go
  • Range of earbud size options to get the perfect fit for you
  • Bluetooth 5.0 means up-to-date technology keeps pace with your devices without lag

What we Loved Less:

  • No microphone features, so won’t work for phone calls
  • Has trouble maintaining good connection with Apple products, for some reason

3. MEE audio M6 PRO Musicians’ In-Ear Monitors (Best For Noise Isolation and that Personalized Touch)

If you’re here because you’re looking for the best motorcycle earbuds, then chances are that you’re an outdoorsy kind of person who needs a quality pair of headphones for their active lifestyle. You can certainly do worse than the MEE M6. The design features of these headphones have been carefully thought out in order to appeal to active wearers.

For a start, they have detachable cables and we loved this idea. It can be so annoying to have one damaged cable on a pair of headphones that renders the entire set useless but this way, replacement for parts becomes easy and affordable. Not only that, but the custom-engraved faceplates mean you can truly personalize your listening experience.

Now, it might be off putting for some motorcyclists that these aren’t wireless earbuds, and we hear you. But as much as we know how well wireless Bluetooth is improving all the time, wired earbuds still deliver superior sound, and this is why audio pros continue to stick with wired options.

Audio quality is superb, ear tips comfortable for all-day use, and they’ll never need charging. Noise isolation earbuds mean blocking out background noise including wind noise, so as long as you’re still happy to be connected to your phone via a wire when riding your motorcycle, then you’re unlikely to get better sound quality in this price range.

What we Loved a Lot:

  • Noise isolation earbuds for an improved listening experience
  • Sound quality excellent, giving accurate detail without exaggerating either bass or treble
  • Customizable plates a truly personal feature
  • Comes with plenty of accessories to ensure the ear canal fit is spot-on for you
  • Detachable cables ensure durability and longer-lasting wear
  • Very comfortable under a motorcycle helmet

What we Loved Less

  • Wires are annoying, especially for motorcycle riders who don’t need the extra distraction
  • Echo noise on phone calls reported by many users

4. Bose Sport Earbuds – True Wireless Earphones (Best For: Superior Music Quality and Crystal Clear Call Clarity)

Sometimes, you simply shouldn’t have to make the choice between your motorcycle and your earbuds. All too often, you have to decide whether you’re going to have the best motorcycle experience you can, or the best audio experience you can.

With this Bose pair of earbuds, you can finally have it all. We’ve come to expect marvellous things from Bose when we’re listening to music, and they’ve delivered once more with these true wireless earphones.

The silicone earbuds make them extremely comfortable earbuds for motorcycle riding and they form a seal that ensures that while they don’t have a noise cancellation feature, they do block out engine and wind noise very effectively.

Now, a lot of motorcycle riders have noted that the design is too bulky for use with a helmet and for that reason they wouldn’t consider the Bose one of the best earbuds for motorcycle use but it all depends on each rider’s personal preference. Some motorcycle helmets are designed to leave a little room around the ear for headphones and if this is the case, you won’t get better than the Bose for sheer superior sound quality.

The lack of noise cancelling technology is what will put a lot of wearers off; after all, they can instead plump for the Bose Quietcomfort noise canceling earbuds and completely remove all background noise, but we feel the Bose Sport mean an altogether safer experience for the motorcycle rider.

What we Loved a Lot:

  • The sound quality is second to none, right down to the deepest bass with zero distortion
  • Calls are as clear as you could possibly want from Bluetooth earbuds loved by the pros
  • The silicone ear tips mean a snug and comfortable fit so you can listen to music for hours, no matter what you’re doing
  • Exceptional for those looking for high quality motorcycle Bluetooth connection reliability
  • While there’s no active noise canceling the noise isolation and noise reduction features are still stellar, thanks to the snug ear canal design

What we Loved Less

  • The price is pretty steep but that’s because the sound quality is seriously on another level
  • The battery life is relatively poor given that there’s no active noise cancellation feature

5. THOKWOK Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset (Best For: The Overall Motorcycle Road Trip Experience)

There’s good reason for motorcycle enthusiasts to rate the THOKWOK as the best earbuds for motorcycle users. They’re basically a seven-features-in-one piece of kit in a price so pocket-friendly that even if you’re only thinking about buying a motorcycle, it’s worth putting these in your online shopping basket as an essential motorcycle accessory.

The motorcycle earbuds reviews don’t lie. We’re pretty sure that these headphones aren’t just for music enjoyment but could even save your life, thanks to some of the features, which we’ve had to bullet-point so you can really appreciate them:

  • Intercom capability even when your fellow riding companion is up to 1,000 meters away
  • Group chat ability for up to three riders at once. Road trip, anyone?
  • Noise cancellation and echo cancellation so nothing is missed in the group chat
  • FM radio. That’s not just for biking to some great tunes but will also alert you to local traffic or weather disturbances.
  • GPS. This is what we meant by being a life-saving device. Even if all the extra features are just nice-to-haves, your family and friends will feel much better waving you off knowing you can’t get lost.

The designers for the THOKWOK have truly aimed for the best motorcycle experience all around, by producing not just motorcycle earbuds for listening to music (radio or otherwise) while you’re living your best Easy Rider fantasy, but allowing for practical features like a big button for use with gloves, and use as helmet speakers that are compatible with practically every kind of helmet.

What we Loved a Lot:

  • They’re essential as helmet speakers for every kind of motorcycle enthusiast, from newbies to pros
  • Riders can communicate with one another which is vital for collective road trips and convoys
  • Noise control technology means echo and noise reduction for crystal-clear communication
  • FM radio for not just music but vital travel updates
  • GPS location technology for extra peace of mind
  • For use in one ear rather than two, leaving the wearer fully aware of their surroundings

What we Loved Less

  • Bluetooth technology needs updating, as it’s only Bluetooth 3.0 and not 5.0
  • Not for the audiophile- music quality isn’t a priority here
  • Sound is clear but not always as loud as it should be, even with noise cancelling feature enabled

Choosing the Best Motorcycle Earbuds

Young couple with motorcycle

If you’re looking at a buying guide for regular earbuds, you’re really looking for things like battery life and sound quality. But motorcycle earbuds have to have extra features that not only take into account the regular features you’d expect, but things like whether the earbuds are even legal to use while riding.

Can You Wear Earbuds While Riding Motorcycle?

The answer is yes, absolutely, only you’ll have the find the right earbuds for you, and this can depend on several factors.

It’s not always safe to have two earbuds in at once, for example. Your primary goal while on your motorcycle should always be safety, so you might want to consider purchasing a pair of motorcycle earbuds that allow for use in one ear at a time.

One such earbud that works particularly well in this regard could be the Avantree Apico Mini Bluetooth earbud. It comes with one earbud only so you don’t get tempted to put two earbuds in, crank the volume to the max, and be on your way. The Avantree Apico Mini Bluetooth could be great for GPS and making phone calls as well as listening to podcasts or audiobooks but won’t distract you with loud music.

Wired or Wireless Earbuds?

True audiophiles will only ever swear by wired earbuds simply because the sound quality that they’re able to deliver still hasn’t yet been matched by Bluetooth. But if you’re looking for the best motorcycle earbuds, then you’re not going to want to deal with wires. You are going to want a hands free experience for safety alone, not just comfort.

When you’re on a motorcycle you don’t ever want to be distracted by unnecessary things and wires from earphones and headphones will just get in your way. For the cleanest, least fussy experience when motorcycle riding, it has to be wireless all the way.

Today’s wireless earbuds can still pack an incredible punch when it comes to audio quality so don’t let that put you off. It’s also important that they work with Bluetooth enabled devices that include not just your phone but GPS navigation systems, too.

If you’re worried about losing one or more of your earbuds from falling out of your ears, for example when removing a helmet, think about a pair of earphones such as the NRG 2.0 or the Snug Phones Wireless, with specially designed ear tips that stay in your ears at all times and don’t move.

Is it Illegal to Ride a Motorcycle with Earbuds?

When it comes to this question, it really depends on your location.

Rhode Island, for example, is a state that has completely outlawed any kind of hearing device, whether that’s in a motor vehicle or on a motorcycle. Other states such as Virginia and Louisiana will allow you to use helmet speakers as long as they’re built into the helmet itself.

And yet, if you’re in Arizona, you’re fine to use a pair of earbuds as long as you’re not operating any kind of transport that’s transporting children. Alaska, in the meantime, will allow you to use earbuds as long as you’re using them for navigation.

And here’s where we enter a gray area. After all, if you’re using bluetooth enabled devices in your ears while you’re on your motorcycle and you’re stopped by the authorities, can they prove either way that you were only using them for navigation?!

This is where discretion comes in. Know the laws of your state and use the right kind of judgement. It might be that instead of using earbuds in both ears, you just use one instead.

Do Noise Cancelling Headphones Work on a Motorcycle?

Absolutely. Noise cancellation is one of the best ways to remove wind noise and echo interference, when making calls, for example.

One problem is that noise cancellation technology is likely to drain your battery faster so the best earbuds for longer rides will be the kind where you can turn off the noise canceling feature so as not to run out of juice.

Noise canceling, particularly in headphones that use top of the range armature drivers, for example, can be a real thing of serenity. No more annoying background noise from the wind, or the engine. And yet, it’s not always a good thing if your headphones block everything out.

If you’re using motorcycle headphones, you don’t want them to be so good at blocking noise out that you’re missing vital noises you need to hear. These include other drivers’ engines or horns; sirens from emergency vehicles, or other noises that would alert you to danger or hazards.

And the Winner is…

Anker Soundcore Life Dot 2 True Wireless Earbuds

For this kind of price, we just couldn’t argue. When we were looking for the best motorcycle earbuds, there were things we had to consider that went far beyond the usual features that you’d normally search for in a buying guide, and the Anker delivers when it comes to the things we need.

The fact that you can choose to listen through a single earbud at a time means your other ear is free to stay connected with the open road, which is vital for safety. Insane battery life, and a silicone earbud that conforms to your ear shape mean you can wear these earbuds for hours.

Once you’re off the bike, though, the Anker is still a great pair of headphones for even if you’ve removed the helmet and you’re in the house or you’ve gone for a jog. It’s waterproof and sweat proof so is also great as a workout headphone.

We do have to give special props to the THOKWOK, though, and recommend every motorcycle rider adds this as a vital piece of kit anyway, because there’s just too much going for it.


Am I allowed to wear earbuds in my ears when riding?

Yes, but check the state laws concerning earbuds in your particular state. Some states allow one earbud only, for example.

Do I need the earbuds to be wireless?

Not necessarily, but for safety reasons, you might want to be less worried about wires dangling from your ears to your phone.

Do all wireless headphones allow me to make and receive calls?

No, so be sure that if this is a feature you require, you double-check your desired earbuds have a microphone for call ability.



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