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Monster NTUNE Review – a (2019) Buying Guide

(A good news for all the gaming enthusiasts. This cheap yet powerful headphone is popular because it lets you experience top-notch sound quality when playing your favorite game.)

If you are one of those who like to enjoy bassy sounds, and at the same time wants to flaunt a stylish look then do check out the MONSTER N TUNES REVIEW. The headphones are affordable and have a punch. It comes from the Monster brand, which very well indicates the quality of these headphones. You may be a music lover or a gaming enthusiast; it is for sure that the MONSTER N TUNES will not fail to impress you.

You get to choose from a wide variety of colours and listen to your favorite music in style. The design of the headphone is slick and the bass effect takes the music quality to a new level altogether. The Monster N Tunes headphone can rightly be described as an affordable luxury. The headphone emphasizes on the beats and the bass. You get to play the music loud without any sort of distortion.

The Monster N Tune is a complete value for money product

Monster N Tune


If you are going on a holiday then the Monster N Tune headphones should be a part of your shopping list. The headphones are trendy, compact and are ideal for someone who loves to listen to pop music. Made of plastic, the headphone is sturdy but lightweight. They are pretty solid and this means that you do not have to worry about it breaking when on a holiday.

There is one thing clear about the Monster N Tune headphones. Its outward appearance does tempt you to look in further. There is nothing that is off about this product’s design and you are sure to find something of your liking. They are durable and will last for long.

The advantage of the ControlTalk remote that is built into the headphone lets you control the music and phone that allows pausing and resuming the music or taking phone calls. The stylish headphone is lightweight and comes with cables that do not get tangled. A perfect blend of great music, smart looks, and price, the Monster N Tunes does stand out as a value for money purchase.

Monster N Tunes- Product review

I was looking for a lightweight headphone, which offers good adjustability. This is when I came across the Monster N Tunes review. The headphone is a-one-size that fits all. It allows adjusting on the sidebar that is extendable. The earcups, however, are swiveling, which ensures that the headphone will fit nicely. The earcups also come with a good amount of padding.

Compared to the Monster ROC Sport Over-Ear Headphones the Monster N Tunes is priced pretty low.

You may want to compare the Monster N Tunes headphone to the Beats Solo, which is the popular one in this class of headphones. The N Tunes also feature an on-ear style and it comes in the plastic of bright colours. The sound quality is great and is perfect for those looking to enjoy pop music. However, if you want some studio style and flat response then these headphones may not be the best choice for you.

Detachable cable

The headphone comes with a cable that is detachable. This cable has a straight connector on one of its end and a 90-degree connector on the other end. You also get some booklets, a sticker that is N credible and a polishing cloth made of microfiber. This is to keep the headphone smudge free and shiny.

The headphone comes with a cable that is tangle free. It also comes with a smartphone and inline audio controls. This can be removed and plugged into the jack in either cup. The headphone is not wireless but at the same time, it does not have cables jutting out. The cable is detachable. The option to detach the cable means that the headphone does not fly off when the cables are tangled somewhere. All that you have to do is to detach it. Also, it is much cheaper to change the cable than to buy a totally new headphone.

Plastic frames

The headphone is perfect to enjoy bass and bright sound. The plastic frames used in the headphone are solid enough which makes it durable. The black version, however, may attract your fingerprints. The product is light and the earcups are padded, however, adjustability is somewhat limited. Those who have big heads may not find this a great headphone to use. The benefit of the snug fit is that it ignores the passive noise being played in the background.

Sound quality

The sound quality of the Monster N Tunes is great and this is what lets it have an edge over its competitors. It comes with sound drivers of 40 mm that allows better separation of the instrument and it is heavy on the bass. It makes the headphone excellent to play games and to listen to modern forms of music. Distortion and leakage are totally negligible in the Monster N Tunes headphone.

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Monster N Tunes is very cost-efficient which makes it the best budget headphone in this category. The finish of the headphone, it’s detailing, and the bass prominence clearly points out that the Monster N Tunes is targeted towards the youths.

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