monster dna headphone review

Monster DNA Headphone Review

Monster DNA On Ear Headphones

Your tracks. Your Sound. Your Style. Your DNA.

monster dna in ear review

The first ever been created! Monster DNA Wireless Headphones, comes the latest in headset Monster DNA, technology. Hear every detail, feel every beat, and express a bold, iconic, new appearance.


  1. Innovative noise-isolating design reduces ambient sound
  2. Ear pillows for comfort during extended listening sessions
  3. Dual sound input jacks allow you to share the sound and link your MusicShare cans
  4. Permanent ultra light stuff resist constant and traveling use
  5. Customize your appearance with various skins (sold individually)

These are really the best sounding headphones I Have heard in some time. An excellent pair of sennheisers attempted and thought they seemed excellent, but did not enjoy the way they looked or felt. Subsequently I located Monster DNA’s and understood these were the ones. It is really an all in one bundle: the sound amazing, seem hella sweet of DNA, and they are comfy as a tempurpedic pillow. And for all the people that rated this 1 star due to the cost.. you guys should relax. And the fashion that is white on black tuxedo is freakin hot. ‘Nuff said.

These ARE by FAR the best earphones I ‘ve ever used, they can be fashionable, comfy, audio & versitile excellent! What else is there? As I ‘d wager that if those who wrote negative reviews had paid a bit less…..afterward they’d be singing a different tune. Yes these are amazing…..they’re lightweight, yet produce heavy hitting sound, superb sound definition. They may be THE most comfortable pair I ‘ve ever worn….& felt so great when I 1st place them on I didn’t need to take them away. They’ve sound in plugs on either ear so no more wires across the throat…..fine. Additionally it comes with 2 plug in cables ensuring you have a plug in for all your needs. AND the cables are of a higher than normal quality, quite unobtrusive…love it 🙂 The earpieces are not so hard & cushy it’s like they can be made of marshmellows. I believe I could really fall asleep while wearing these. Additionally it includes a high quality carry bag for the headset…..which fold up into themselves for storage. The plug in cables have a carry pouch & miniature small velcro ties to keep things awesome….fine 🙂 Additionally….the colours are amazing….i got the cobolt blue. There ARE alot of substantially more affordable headset….yet thet AREN’T alot of considerably better earphones 😉

Despite what folks say the dna’s are a great pair of headphones. The pirice drops after waiting. It’s worth the 200 dollars. Unlike the beats they used to make, giant is focused on clarity rather then bass guitar. With the Dna’s you hear all the other parts and can hear every part of the tune and locate parts or instruments which you never heard initially. These earphones do a fantastic job with noise canceling and sound isolation. Because batteries are nt used by the dnas they dont compare to the Bose silent eases. But from the earphones that i’v attempted without batteries these are the greatest.

Pure Monster Sound

With DNA, you do not have to pick between lead crystal details or deep bass. These cans are tuned for a live music experience. Just like being there.

Pillow-Soft Noise Isolation

The pillow-soft Complex Sound Isolating pillows are comfortable for hours, keeping your music from disturbing others and keeping sound outside.

Share Your Music with MusicShare

DNA cans’ double sound input jacks allow you to share the sound and link your MusicShare cans. Plug in and experience pictures and music with your buddies

Made Solid

DNA cans’ durable yet ultra light fabrics help them resist whatever your life throws at them

Whats included in the BOX?
  1. DNA On-Ear folding headphones
  2. ControlTalk Cable for Apple
  3. 3.5 mm Mini-to-mini
  4. Two no-hassle, tangle-free cables
  5. Stylish carrying pouch
  6. Monster cleaning cloth
  7. No batteries needed



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