ME Audio M6 Pro 2nd Gen and Shure SE215 – A (2019) Comparison

Feb 15, 2020

I wanted to buy a new set of earphones. Unfortunately, I had a difficult time choosing which one to buy because there are so many choices in the market.

I ended up buying two: the ME Audio M6 Pro 2nd Gen and the Shure SE215.

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MEE audio M6 PRO 2nd Gen – The Most Affordable In-Ear Monitors on the Market Today

MEE audio M6 PRO Musicians’ In-Ear Monitors with...
  • 2nd-generation M6 Pro universal-fit noise-isolating in-ear monitors feature upgraded sound and build quality
  • The highly acclaimed sound of the M6 Pro gets further Refined for the second generation with a more accurate...
  • Engineered for real-world reliability with detachable, replaceable cables and a sweat-resistant design
  • All-day comfort with secure over-the-ear fit, flexible “memory wire” ear hooks, and seven pairs of...
  • Includes regular stereo cable, headset cable with mic/remote, protective carrying case, comply memory foam...

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MEE Audio updated its 1st generation model without changing its price. Thus, I was ecstatic that I got an improved version without shelling out more money. As such, the headphones are a great buy. Of course, it is not just the price that I like.


Build and Comfort

The 2nd generation has a rubbery texture and the kind of springiness that prevents tangling. It is more resistant to tangles and kinks. Also, the cable has a silver braided sheath. The housing is long, and it is less thick than the 1st generation model. Thus, the 2nd Gen is less noticeable when worn.

I like lying down on my side while listening to my favorite tracks. Thus, I find the housing design comfortable because it does not put pressure on my ear. Overall, I like the 2nd Gen because I do not even feel I am wearing it. The package contains different ear tips sizes, so I found the perfect fit for me.

What I also like about the housing is that I can personalize it. The faceplate can accommodate an extra custom faceplate. I ordered my customized faceplate for an additional cost, of course. Moreover, I got a few freebies inside the box.

The package contains a no-frills stereo cable and an inline mic and remote cable. Also, it has different sizes of ear tips since our ear canals come in different sizes and shapes too. The box also contains the conventional ¼” adapter. It is available in bright and smoke colors. Sweat protection is perfect when I work out and exercise, or when I am on stage under the warm and bright lights.

The Y split, connectors, and strain reliefs have robust, textured rubber as reinforcements. The earphones are bulky, but they have more protection against cable damage or failure. I also like that it comes with a one-year warranty and Lifetime Replacement Program, which means that I can buy a replacement of it at half the price.

Sound Quality

The 2nd Generation is a perfect improvement to the original. Its sound signature is well balanced with an overall smoother and more refined character, unlike the 1st Gen. However, the bass bleeds into the mids slightly. It means that there is slight masking in the mids, which results in a few missing details. However, because of its super low price, the flaw is acceptable.

The headphones provide excellent sound quality. I can even hear the singer’s breaths in some of my favorite work out tracks. The frequency distribution range is accurate, even, and MEE Audio M6 PRO 2nd Generationwithout clutter in the bass and treble.

Certainly, the M6 Pro is for sound engineers and musicians who perform on stage. Whenever they play instruments or sing, it is crucial that they get the most precise and isolated audio.

The headphone provides clear sound with a powerful tight and fast bass. The upper frequencies highlight the bass. The headset has impressive control over the problematic and sonically rich soundtracks. However, the sound signature is not referenced grade. It is clean and bright. I can notice the small details, but its featured high frequencies and strong bass impact do not make this a neutral earphone.


The ear tips of the 2nd generation headphones look like the earplugs used at shows. It means that they can drown out the ambient noise in the environment. Whenever I use it, I only hear the audio of the track I am playing. I cannot even understand the sound of people talking around me.

The Comply T-Series ear tips provide a comfortable fit. They can isolate the sound entirely. However, they are stiffer than the usual ear tips because they offer a snug fit. If ever you lose one of your favorite tips, you can purchase them easily from stores.

The internal build of the headphones provides real sound isolation and quality. In particular, the drivers are the latest you can find in the market. They offer precise movement that creates better audio balance and delivery within the frequency range. I do not experience fatigue even if I wear it for hours.


I like these headphones because they provide the perfect fit. I do not fear that any of the earbuds will pop up unexpectedly. MEE Audio offers excellent ear tips with a locked-in feature consisting of memory wire. This wire molds around my ear as soon as I get it into place. As such, I am confident that the earbuds will not fall any time.

Shure SE215 – The Most Popular All-Around Headphones (Even for In-Ear Monitor)

Shure SE215-CL Professional Sound Isolating Earphones with...
  • “-CL” designates the product’s color variation (clear).
  • Evolved from personal monitor technology that's been road-tested by pro musicians, the SE215 offers detailed...
  • Comfortable sound isolating sleeves block up to 37 dB of ambient noise. Sound isolation technology prevents...
  • Lightweight, low-profile shape with optimized nozzle angle is designed to rest comfortably in the ear.
  • Durable reinforced cable allows easy replacement or customization. Formable wire ensures secure placement, and...
  • Fit Kit includes three sizes (S, M, L) of the flex and black foam sleeves. Experiment with the size and style...
  • A soft-zip, compact carrying case is included to provide a convenient, tangle-free solution to store and...
  • Wireless SE215 earphones (with a Bluetooth communication cable) are also available. Sold separately in 4...

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The in-ear earphone is perfect for people who are always on the move. It is portable and often comes with impressive performance. However, most people still use the earbuds provided by their smartphone companies. Fortunately, I ditched them and tried something better. I bought the SE215 earphones.


Build and Comfort

The SE215 is an earphone and not an earbud. The in-ear headphone offers various meaningful adjustments in the design to accommodate extra hardware inside. On the other hand, an earbud achieves minimal noise isolation without the rich sound performance. This earphone provides almost perfect noise isolation once it slips inside the ear.

The plastic, translucent grey parts of the earpieces fit into the ear’s large cavity found on the exterior of the ear canal. These modules sit in the outer ear comfortably while the earpiece is inside the ear. The detachable cables make it easier to repair them if needed. They surround the ear and orient upward.

Unfortunately, Shure SE215 does not have in-line controls. I cannot control my device from these earphones. However, for an additional cost, I was able to avail of Shure’s cable with built-in microphone and in-line controls.

I also like that the earphones do not make my ears sweat even if I use them for hours. The thin ear hook does not touch most parts of my ears. Moreover, the earbuds can fit in my pocket or bag, although Shure provides a decent soft carrying case.

Even with its case, I can squeeze them into tight spaces. However, the soft case cannot protect the earphones from water damage.

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Sound Quality

Shure provides fantastic drivers to offer excellent audio performance. SE215 has a neutral sound signature. However, its versatility can give warmth and coolness to audio that needs it. The treble is not brazen on pop and rock genres, and the bass provides an ample amount of “oomph.”

Shure SE215 offers an average sound quality with excellent, consistent, and deep bass. The mid-range is well balanced, and the treble is average. However, these qualities tend to muddy and clutter the sound in the lower mid-range and upper bass levels. Due to these flaws, the vocals sound too thick and lack presence and detail in the treble range.

Overall, this set of earphones is a decent choice for bass-heavy audio. It is not ideal for vocal-centric audio. However, compared to expensive models, it does have a balanced sound quality.

Since these earphones are in-ear, they provide a poor soundstage. The in-ears design bypasses the outer ear where resonances are activated. As such, it does not offer the speaker-like and Shure SE215out-of-the-head soundstage. Furthermore, the closed-back feature of the headphone makes it impossible for the soundstage to be open.


The SE215 is better in isolating noise passively. As such, it is perfect for loud and noisy environments. I often use it when I am travelling and commuting because the sound does not leak. Therefore, it is also suitable for use in the office or at home.


What I like about SE215 is that it comes with ear tips of different sizes. So, I get to choose the ones that best fit my ears. I picked the smallest ones. Also, the package contains a zip-up case so I can store the earphones when not in use.

Summary of Features

Build and Comfort

The M6 Pro 2nd Gen has silver-braided sheath cables that are more resistant to kinks and tangles. Its housing design makes it comfortable for me to lie down on my side without feeling any pressure on my ear. For people who want their earphones personalized, it is a perfect choice because they can order their customized faceplate for an extra cost.

The earphones are sweat resistant, so they are perfect for use even for long hours. Although they are bulky, the reinforced connectors, strain reliefs, and Y split protect the earphones from cable failure or damage. The unit comes with a Lifetime Replacement Program and a one-year warranty.

The SE215, on the other hand, offers excellent noise isolation because the earpieces fit perfectly inside the ear. The cables are detachable and have an upward orientation. However, these SE215 Wireless Reviewearphones do not provide in-line controls. I had to purchase them at an extra cost. Like the 2nd Gen, the SE215 is sweat resistant.

Sound Quality

The 2nd Generation provides a well-balanced sound signature with a refined and smooth character. I do not like it because of the bass masks the mids that cause some lost details. However, considering the low price, I can accept the flaw.

The SE215, on the other hand, provides an excellent, thick, and consistent bass, an average treble, and a reliable mid-range. However, these features muddy and clutter the sound in the upper bass and lower mid-levels. Vocals sound extremely thick. These earphones are perfect for people who are into a heavy bass.


The 2nd Gen and SE215 both blocks ambient noise. I use them in my daily commute and travels. At times, when I want to concentrate on my tasks, I wear them even when I do not listen to music.


Both earphones provide a perfect fit because they come with different sizes of ear tips.


M6 Pro 2nd Generation provides high-quality sound with zero embellishments. It is perfect for musicians, but it is also an excellent choice for casual music listeners. On the other hand, the Shure SE215 is ideal for people who are into critical listening. It provides a better-balanced sound with isolation.

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