Tips on How to Make Headphones More Comfortable

Feb 12, 2020

Good music needs even greater audio quality in order to be appreciated. Listening to some great music is often an integral part of our life. Because of this, owning high-quality audio gear has become a necessity instead of just being a luxury. But, not just any audio gear or headphone is enough. The best-sounding one is always the ideal choice.

Headphones come in a broad variety of styles, shapes, contours, and other unique details and variations. Everything about it, from the design to its functions, makes the difference. And it is not something that fits all.

But aside from its design, one of the important things to consider when using headphones is its level of comfort. When you listen to music, you get to relax and it often lets you pass the time. No one wants to get a headache after listening to music for some time because of uncomfortable headphones.

Whether you are still planning to buy a new pair of headphones or if you already have one, here are some of the useful tips on how you can make sure that you can get comfortable when listening to music with your headphones.

Headphone Buying Guide for Comfort

The best way to ensure that your headphones are comfortable is to buy something that is already comfortable in the first place. While a unique design would probably make it look cool than plain ones, choosing a headphone is more than just looking at its design.

A visual inspection is not enough when you are looking for comfortable headphones. This means that you should always try them on before you purchase them. Here are some of the important factors you have to consider when trying on a pair of prospective headphones.

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  1. Choose a Headphone with Ear Cups that Fit You

No one wants to have soreness in their ears after an hour of using their headphones. This is why when buying a pair of headphones, you should choose something that fits.

Headphones are not something that is made to fit all. Aside from different styles and designs, it also comes in various sizes, especially with its ear cups. Pick a pair of headphones that have the cups centered over your ears without having to extend the headband entirely.

Headphone with Ear Cups that Fit You


  1. Don’t Forget to Inspect its Cushioning and Headbands

One of the considerations you have to make when buying headphones are the quality of the cushioning for both the ear cups and the headband. Cushions make things more comfortable, and headphones are the same as other devices.

The right cushioning material will make a significant difference on how comfortable a pair of headphones can be. If you want to be specific, memory foam for the headband and ear cups cushions will probably give the breathability and supple softness that you need for maximum comfort.

Inspect its Cushioning and Headbands

  1. Consider a Headphone’s Clamping Force

Consider a Headphone’s Clamping ForceThe clamping force is the degree of how snug a headphone can be against your head. No matter how thick and soft the cushions are, if the headphones squeeze your head when you use it, that could be an uncomfortable experience.

However, too little clamping force will also make your headphones slip and fall off with the slightest turn of your head. Ideally, a pair of headphones should have an even amount of clamping force. It mostly depends on you, which is why trying on the headphones and gauging if it feels comfortable enough is necessary before buying it.

However, you also have to consider that headphones tend to be stiff right out from its packaging and needs time to be broken in. A little stretching would be required before you feel comfortable enough when using a new pair of headphones.

Tricks in Making an Old Headphone Comfortable

When you have already bought your headphones and you find out that they are not as comfortable as you thought they would be, there are still ways that you can make them fit better on you.

Here are some of the tips and tricks on how you can enjoy music with comfortable headphones without having to buy new ones.

  1. If There’s Not Enough Cushioning, Add More

Making an Old Headphone ComfortableAn extended use of headphones can often put a lot of pressure on top of your head or even on your ears. It is often caused by the poor cushioning on both the ear cups and the headband.

If this is the case and you don’t want to invest in yet another pair of headphones with better cushioning, you can always add a cushion to your old headphone. There are places where you can buy cushioning separate from a headphone. You can Velcro it on the ear cups and headband of your headphones to provide more comfort when using it.

However, if you can’t find separate cushioning, you can always try a dash of your creativity on your headphones. Adding some memory phone to the headband and the ear cushion might work just fine.

  1. If the Ear Pads are Too Hard, Replace it with Softer Ones

Another thing that makes a particular pair of headphones uncomfortable after some time is when the ear pads are rather hard. It can often make your ears feel hot after the extended use of your headphones. If you don’t want to buy more comfortable headphones and just want to do some innovation on your old pair, the next big thing that you can do is to replace the ear pads with softer ones.

However, finding extra ear pads is often hard to find, especially the ones that fit perfectly with your headphones. Changing ear pads can also make alterations with the sound of your headphones, which is why you should also be careful in choosing one.

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  1. If It Feels Tight on Your Head, Give It a Little Stretch

Again, a new headphone needs some breaking in when it’s a little tight. However, when it already borders on being painfully tight, breaking them in just by using it regularly wouldn’t be enough. For this, you might want to stretch them on their box or a set of books overnight. But make sure you stretch them on the same size as your head to avoid making them wider than necessary.


You wouldn’t want to feel that soreness on top of your head or your ears after some good music. The level of comfort in using headphones can come a long way, especially if you often take long periods listening to your commuting playlist. This is why aside from the style and design of a headphone, choosing something that fits you correctly and making sure that it is comfortable even for extended use is necessary.



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