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KZ ZS5 Review (2019) – Great For Various Style Of Music & Professionals

flexibilityI am inspired to write this KZ ZS5 review because I love it and I want to share my experiences with the product with you.

I came across the KZ ZS5 when I was looking for an earphone that has a good bass or sub-bass sound at a cheap price.

I had to buy an earphone with these features because I am a band’s bassist and I was on a tight budget.

I found out a lot of good things about this product when I read other users’ reviews, so I decided to buy it.

Thankfully, the KZ ZS5 does not fail me.


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Things to Consider When Buying the Product

Know What You Are Looking For

KZ ZS5When buying an earphone, the first thing that you have to do is to know what you want. As for me, I decided to buy this product because I want an earphone that produces good bass and sub-bass sound that is still within the range of my budget. Thankfully, this earphone does not fail me.

However, if I had been looking for an earphone with a clear and crisp mids and highs, I might not have been satisfied with this product. For this reason, you should know what you are looking for in an earphone.

Know More About the Earphone That You Are Eyeing For

There are different earphones in the market, and each has its features to boast. Do not think that all earphones are the same. Before buying your product, you should learn more about it such as its strengths and weaknesses.

That is why you have made a good decision to look up a KZ ZS5 review to learn more about the product.

Know Some Jargons

As you may have noticed, there are several jargons that you see on the packaging labels about the product’s specs and features. For this reason, it will help you a lot if you know something about noise isolation, in-ear earphone, drivers, frequency response, and the like.

Presenting the Products

Fone In Ear Kz Zs5The KZ ZS5 in-ear headphone is just one of the products of Knowledge Zenith. This company is popular for its earphone product lines and has sold lots of them in various models. The KZ ZS5 is a hybrid earphone that is popular and unique in its way.

The company boasts its specs such as having double dynamic drivers, double balanced armatures, all purchasable, detachable cables, and quad drivers. Despite having high-end features, its price is among the most reasonable and affordable in the market.

Due to its specs, the product is capable of producing frequencies ranging from medium-high to high. It is also capable of reaching the lower section of the frequencies because of its dynamic drivers.  

The housing of the KZ ZS5 is not as good, but it is still durable and lightweight.

It has the ear cable that fits like the other KZ products. Just like the other KZ products in its generation, its cable has bluish-like color.


Features and Benefits

Bass and Sub-Bass

If you are a band bassist, then I think that you will appreciate this earphone, too. Although its output volume is slightly low, the KZ ZS5 is still capable of producing nice bass sound with a good punch and depth.

KZ ZS5You will not have to worry because any bass sound is audible in this earphone. Its bass response is almost the same as the other KZ products.


This earphone is lightweight and user-friendly. What I especially love about this earphone is its memory cable that improves the fitting of the earphone. I do not have any trouble wearing this earphone.

Highs and Treble

The KZ ZS5 is not good in this area. However, it is enough and advisable for average listeners. If you are one of them, then you can probably love it.

Since the KZ ZS5 uses balanced armature driver, the highs this earphone produces are clear and crisp. However, with an above the average pitch, the sound may become piercing, especially when you use an EQ. There is slight sibilance, too.  

Equalization Response

The KZ ZS5’s equalization response performance varies. At the bass or sub-bass, this earphone responded positively. It provides good sub-bass depth.

Meanwhile, as the frequency goes up, the response starts to become less desirable. The highs are slightly piercing and sibilant.

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Availability of Eartips in Various Sizes

There are two versions of KZ ZS5. I just do not know why the company has to sell it in two versions. The first one is the “Overseas” version, and the other one is the “Locals version.”

In the “Overseas” version, its packaging is almost the same as the other KZ products. Along with the earphone itself, it has a detachable cable and ear tips in three pairs.

In the “Local” version, the packaging is in a large, elegant box. Inside is the earphone, detachable cable, and six pairs of ear tips.

The availability of different ear tips is important to ensure that the earpiece can fit inside your ears.


Sound Leak

Detachable CableIf you are the type of person who worries that other people might hear you when you listen to your audio, then this earphone might work for you. Still, this earphone is not the best in this area, but the sound leaking is slightly inaudible, especially if you are in a quite noisy environment.

However, this earphone might not be for you if you are looking for something that completely seals the sound from your environment.

Mids and Vocals

For me, the mids are good enough for average listening. The sound of the lower vocals and mids are distant and seem like they lack energy. However, you cannot say that the mids or the vocals sound bad. It is just that the KZ ZS5 is not the best in this area.

If you are just a typical listener, then I think you will love the mids and vocals of the KZ ZS5.

Sound Isolation

The KZ ZS5 is pretty good in this area. I do not have a problem hearing the troubles in my environment while I am listening to my audio using this earphone.

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When I broke my previous earphone, I decided to look for an earphone with good bass and sub-bass because I am a bassist in a band. However, I was broke at that time and had a limited budget to buy an earphone. I browsed the Internet until I came across the KZ ZS5.

I can say that this earphone is not perfect, but it met my expectations. At the price it offers, I think I do not have anything to ask for. I believe that this product is more than good enough.

I hope that you enjoyed reading my KZ ZS5 review and this is enough to convince you to try these headphones out as well.




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